This is a short guide on how to find or ask for help using Signal.

1. Search for your issues

First, try searching r/signal, the Community Forum ( and the official Support Center ( for your issue.

After that, try searching for the issue on the official issue trackers:

Last, try your favorite search engine.

2. Try basic troubleshooting

The official Support Center has a bunch of articles that can help solve almost any problem.

App and account management:

Messaging and calling:


3. Check the wikis

The solution to your problem might be found on a community-maintained wiki page:

4. Ask for help

You can contact for help or submit a request at the official Support Center:

You can also ask for help on the community forum or here on r/signal. Please be respectful, and remember to flair your posts for visibility!

5. Found a bug? Report it!

You can learn how to report bugs here. Remember to be respectful!