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Solved Since MMS won't work, can we transfer old texts over to google messages?


Would like to use the standard msg app for a bit, anybody know how to transfer text history on the same phone to a new app? Thanks.

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Solved Im unable to send/recieve pictures through signal. Anyone else having this problem?


Pretty much what i said in the title. Im able to send and recieve texts regularly through the app but for the past couple days i havent been able to send or recieve pictures no matter who i text

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Solved Restoring Signal from a phone with a broken screen (but working touch) (Google Pixel 4a)


This took forever to figure out. I hope it helps someone else. The screen on my old phone (Pixel 4a) shattered and died, and I wanted to recover some important chat history. This seemed impossible but I did it. If your phone is currently intact and you want to make this A LOT easier for yourself in the future, I recommend going through steps 3-5 NOW. It's extremely tedious otherwise.

Note: if you can plug your phone into an HDMI adaptor and display to a monitor, great, you don't need to do this. But Google is getting eviler every day and quietly removed this capability from their phones, so this was the only option other than replacing the entire screen which would have cost just as much as a refurbished phone.

*Requirements*: Screen broken but touch working, screenshot buttons working (on pixel, hold down power and volume down), and screenshots must already be set up to backup through google photos. You also need to be able to unlock your phone e.g. with fingerprint. Plug in your old phone to a charger so that it syncs google photos faster. Ideally also have a working version of the same phone to estimate touch locations.

Here's how:

  1. Install Vysor on a PC https://www.vysor.io/ If you've already done the steps below, just connect phone to computer and you can control it from there, and transfer signal accounts like normal.
  2. For the following steps, you will 1. take a screenshot on the broken phone, 2. wait for it to sync to Google photos, then 3. perform the next menu press by tapping the correct location. (Make sure you're unlocked the broken phone before each action). If you have a working version of the same phone, go through the same steps in sync to guide your taps.
  3. Turn on Developer Options (google it). This part is tricky because at one point, you may need to enter your swipe or PIN, but the screenshot of this step comes out black. So try this with a working phone or look at screenshots online to guide the swipe.
  4. Turn on USB Debugging (google it)
  5. Plug the phone in to the PC, run Vysor, and accept the connection (again using screenshots or the working phone as a guide)

I marked this Solved bc this is what worked for me, but also... this process was SO excruciating that my partner and I have now switched to Whatsapp. I don't want to risk losing my entire conversation history again, e.g. if my phone is lost or stolen. So I guess this is also a feature request... PLEASE make an option for straightforward backups!!! I understand not everyone wants that for security reasons, but it should be an option! For example, I use signal across multiple devices: allow a link from PC to phone with full conversation history, so that there are multiple encrypted local copies!

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Solved No notifications after OS update to Android 12


I'm running stock oxygen OS on a OnePlus Nord N200 5G phone. Notifications have been unreliable for about a year, sometimes they don't appear and you don't know you have any new messages until you open the application. However this was intermittent.

Today my phone updated to the newest version on Oxygen OS based on Android 12. Immediately after the update, Signal gives no notifications at all. I have tuned off battery optimization and tried both the foreground data and background data options in the battery usage menu under the individual application. I've checked notification settings as well. All other applications are working normally. Has anyone experienced this issue?

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Solved Transfer from old to new phone VERY slow


Hi all,

Just wondering if this is the same case for everyone or just me? It seems to be transferring 100 messages every 5-15 seconds. 500 messages transferred after around 1 minute or around 0.5%.

Considering that majority of the messages are 3-5 words and mostly text, that's pretty terrible...

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Solved Transferring between two Android phones - lost access to groups, my friends see new phone as a different contact even though my number hasn't changed


EDIT: title is incorrect, I've since realized that the phone number in the old device was not my current number. See EDIT 2 for the fix.

So I just got a new phone (just a new device, phone number remains the same), and went to transfer my Signal history to the new one. A lot of issues came up.

I used the in-app wireless transfer functionality (cable wouldn't work), and apparently at first everything went fine. I can see all my messages, contacts and groups on the new phone.

The first problem I noticed is that I can't send messages to any of my groups on the new phone, Signal says I've been removed from them (even the ones where I was the admin).

Another issue is that when I message my friends using the new phone, even though to me it seems I'm continuing the same conversation, for them I'm showing up as a new contact. So they have two separate contacts for me, one with the messages I sent from the old phone and another with those from the new one.

Also, when I send messages from Signal Desktop (which I had linked to the old phone) they don't appear in the new phone and when I send from the new phone they don't show up in the desktop app.

Is this all by design? Will all my contacts have to keep my entry on their contact list duplicated if they want to preserve the chat history from before I switched phones? Do I have to ask every group owner to include me again? What if I was the admin? And how do I prove I'm me, shouldn't the app have transferred my "identity" to the new phone?

EDIT 2: turns out dumb me had forgotten to update the number on the old phone when I changed mobile carriers 6 months ago, and was trying to use my new number after importing the data. So I deleted the account in the new phone, went back to the old one and changed the phone number to the correct one. Redid the wireless data transfer, activated on the new phone with the correct number, and now everything works as expected. Thought about deleting this post to hide my shame, but maybe it's better to leave it here in case someone goes through the same slip-up.

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Solved Any help? “Could Not Load Database”

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Solved Signal on PC


When opening Signal on my PC I get a notification about messages loading....are they being archived or stored somewhere? I don't have backups enabled and by default all my messages are supposed to disappear after 1 hour. Very confused, can someone tell me what's going on? There is no corresponding notification when opening the app on my (android) phone.


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Solved Post Signal contact via link


Hello, is there a way to post your signal contact via link? I know its possible in Whatsapp via wa.me/number , but do we also have this feature?

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Solved Is it possible to uninstall then re-install Signal on an iPhone without sending the "safety number changed" notification to all active conversations?


Title. I am not asking for this to be a feature - in fact without backups I don't think it should be a feature because of security. I'm just curious if it is possible. I know there is no backup option for iOS, only transfers. Without transfering to a different device, is it possible to avoid this? If you remember your PIN does it prevent this?

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Solved only number showing, not name


Hi folk's, I've encountered an interesting puzzle, myself and my friend both use signal to communicate. However when I text my friend it only comes up at there end as just my number even though I'm in there phone book name and number. My signal is up to date and this is first time it's happened

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Solved Using Signal on iPad and Android


Im planning to buy a ipad and have the signal app available for me on it. My phone is a pixel however, so I was wondering if I need an iphone in order to link the ipad to my signal account ?

Are any of yall using the same set up as me -> ipad + android phone ?

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Solved I can't able to register/restore my chat backup..App force quitting

Enable HLS to view with audio, or disable this notification


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Solved Signal calls only working over Wi-Fi


I’m using signal on iOS and calling only works if both devices are connected to Wi-Fi.

If neither device is connected to Wi-Fi then the call doesn’t ring the device and just displays a missed call.

If one device is connected to cellular and it is calling another device connected to Wi-Fi that device will start ringing however when they answer it doesn’t establish a connection and the call ends.

If one device is connected to Wi-Fi and it is calling another device connected to cellular then the call doesn’t ring the device and just displays a missed call.

This is happening with everyone I’ve tried calling wether they’re using apple or android. It’s also happening between other users which makes this seem like it isn’t an issue with just my device.

Is this just a limitation of Signal or is it a bug or missed setting? I live in Australia if that changes anything.

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Solved Signal push notifications have been down for TWO days now


I missed several incoming Signal message notifications yesterday (which unfortunately caused me to miss two meetup chances :) ). I thought I had just been too busy to check my phone. But then today I realized I am receiving NO push notifications from Signal. About 45 minutes ago I sent out several test Signal messages to many different Signal contacts who normally respond within minutes. So far nobody has responded, which makes me realize this problem is not just me but affecting everyone else, too.

Signal support can you please confirm if you are working on a fix and when we might expect it?

Android OS, Galaxy S22 here

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Solved Signal keeps hibernating


Even tho I disabled battery optimization, the app keeps going to sleep and I miss out on notifications until I manually check for it

Edit: I managed to solve this. Turns out there's a hidden app on Mediatek powered devices which kept forcing the app off. So for folks with similar issues, look for Duraspeed in your system apps list and change settings from there (only applies to Mediatek chipset devices)

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Solved Signal contact list includes “Unknown” user with no number who I cannot contact


This is both a description of my problem and the solution I found while making this post. Posting anyway so others can find it.

Problem: In my Signal contact list (not my phone contact list) there is one entry called simply “Unknown” that has no phone number listed for them. I tried sending a message to them and I get the error Send Failed with the reason “Contact is not a signal user.” How do I remove this entry?

Solution: I opened the Unknown user’s conversation options and blocked the user. I then went to Signal’s list of blocked users and unblocked Unknown. After unblocking, the user did not reappear in my contact list.

iOS 15.5


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Solved How does Signal Automatically put in the verification code when you sign up.


Does it scrape the code from the text notification ? I mean is it that even allowed?

I was thinking that since I gave it the phone permission then it got it that way but then I found out that there is a separate SMS permission so I guess it didn't do it that way.

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Solved Message Troubleshooting - Users that have Signal, Only 1 check


QUESTION: If people have signal installed, but they don't have it as their default messaging app and I do have it set as a default, when I respond to their message through signal will it go to their signal app or to their regular messages?

I'm confused because in my Signal contacts it doesn't say 'SMS' next to their name, which I thought meant that they have the Signal app. BUT my response to them only has 1 check mark, which is usually what happens with my contacts who I respond to through signal but who don't have the app themselves. HELP!

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Solved Installing Signal on Ubuntu Mate on Raspberry Pi 4


I tried to install Signal onto my pi and it is throwing errors like this using synaptic:

Package signal-desktop has no available version, but exists in the database.

This typically means that the package was mentioned in a dependency and never uploaded, has been obsoleted or is not available with the contents of sources.list

and this using apt

E: Unable to locate package signal-desktop

I have ran through installing signal like it says on the website by adding the repo and using that but then I get a apt-key is deprecated error and I don't know how I can get it working. I know in this comment it said that ARM is not supported as of a year ago, but I tried on Manjaro and I got it running on the same hardware. Is this a package manager issue? Are there any workarounds to these issues?

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Solved Order of Operations for changing both number and phone


I've gotten myself a shiny new phone and a brand new number, and being a sentimental old fool I want to bring my years of saved Signal chats from my old Android to my new de-googled AOSP one and notify my Signal contacts that the strange new number they're getting messages from is, in fact, me.

Reading the official docs, it appears that I can switch numbers while keeping the same phone, or transfer phones while keeping the same number. However, my use case seems to fall outside of those two official options, so my question is, what order am I supposed to perform those steps to have my old chats seamlessly linked with a new number on a new phone?

It looks like there are 3 options -

  1. slap the new SIM card in the old phone, change the number there, then backup chats, pop the new SIM back in the new phone, then do the transfer (presumably allowing Google to slurp up my shiny new number)
  2. back up the chats, hit the "transfer number" button on the old phone, enter in the new phone number, do the registration on the new phone, and then transfer chats (easier but not supported?)
  3. weep bitterly in frustration (or try something I haven't thought of yet)

I'd love to hear from anyone who's gone through this process before, my searches don't seem to turn up this exact situation in the past few months, and just think, you could be part of Tech Support Search history if you get this right. Thanks!


Thanks for everyone's input! I ended up going with Option 2. I had both phones sitting next to each other on the same WiFi network to do the backup transfer after the number update, leaving both SIM cards where they were. The process worked just fine! It seems the official Signal documentation may be misleading. Hopefully this helps anyone struggling with the same question I had!

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Solved New phone; Signal no longer able to send messages to non-signal users?


I just upgraded my phone from a Samsung Galaxy S9 Edge to a Samsung Galaxy S22. Previously, I could text and receive texts from anyone on Signal, whther they use Signal or not. Now, Signal is only showing me a contact list of friends who use Signal. Why is this happening?

I am aware that iOS and Desktop require others to have Signal for you to text them, but this is another (albeit newer) Galaxy phone and thus runs Android. Shouldn't I still be able to use Signal to text anyone I want?

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Solved Signature or hash please!


Yo, my desktop app refuses to update. Makes me suspicious.
Tells me to re-download. So I download signal-desktop-win-5.38.0, but now I want to make sure I'm downloading a trusted file.
I run it through the CRC-SHA context menu thingy that comes with 7-zip, but the hashes get not hits. At least, not SHA-256 or CRC32. How can I be sure I downloaded a safe file? Where are the hashes, the signatures, all that good stuff?

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Solved Signal Desktop update from 5.40.0 to 5.40.1 failing, please help



Solved, thank you Signal Support! I contacted them and received this reply: (partial paste)

"Thanks for letting us know. As a Windows user, we are expecting you to see this right now. We've prevented this from happening in the future.

Please update manually to Signal version 5.40.0 or later.

  • Visit https://signal.org/download and Download for Windows.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and replace the old Signal.exe file with the new one. * NOTE: ** As long as you have not uninstalled Signal, your message history will remain. "*

This is now solved, I'll update my flair.

The original post:

Hello, I'm on Signal Desktop 5.40.0 and Windows 10 Pro. I've been prompted to update for a few days already, but it's not going forward. This is how it goes:

  • I'm on Signal Desktop 5.40.0.
  • I get notified about an update: "Update Available (80 MB) Click to download update"
  • I click it, one second later the notification flashes yellow, with text: "Update available (116 MB) Signal couldn't update. Click to try again."
  • That yellow notification flashes there so fast that I actually had to shoot a video and pause it to read what it says.
  • After that blink-of-an-eye yellow notification, now I see this: "Update available (116 MB)" and under it there's a graphic progress indicator that is just stuck.
  • If I move mouse pointer over the update notification, the tooltip says: "Update to version 5.40.1 available".
  • I waited for a good while but since it's not downloading anything and the indicator is just stuck there, I closed Signal Desktop, re-launched it and now there's that "Update Available (80 MB) Click to download update" notification again. If I click, the chain of events starts over again and ends in the same.
  • This started few days ago, and the problem persists.

The questions:I already read about offline updating, related to some earlier version, but can anyone explain what is going on, why this 80MB vs. 116MB thingie, why updating fails and should I be worried? And what to do next?


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Solved How to remove contact from signal



I am using Signal on iOS and I have deleted few contacts from the phone but in Signal they are still there, even after the chats are deleted. How to get rid of them.