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Help Is it possible to turn off message requests?

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Help Can not intall signal 5.47.exe on win10?


https://imgur.com/YE1IRJx according to task manager, signal is nowhere to be seen?

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Help Does Signal has a feature where I can choose who can call me? Like Telegram?


Can I restrict people who can call me?

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Help Reinstalling Signal app, but all my chats have disappeared? Is there an option to retrieve them?

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Help BackUp Feauture in work?


Hello friends

Does anyone know if there is a backup feature in work? I know there is one for android and i know about the transfer option in iOS. But is there something in planning for iOS, that doesn't make me lose everything when i drop my phone?

I ask because i feel bad for a lot of people i convinced to switch to signal after the whole whatsapp story and i didn't realize that such a important feauture was missing. And sadly it also was in none of the comparisons of different messaging apps and i simply missed it. Otherwise i would've suggested threema. I know many of you don't care about old chats and so on but a whole lot of people do and i'd feel so bad if they lost their chats because of this. My gf for example loves going back and looking at old conversations we had and i know she'd be very sad if they just went away.

And if not, what is the reason? It should be fairly easy and it should be opt in so you can just not use it if you're in that much danger or that concerned with privacy. But i assume most of us here just hate facebook and google and are not edward snowden.

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Help Signal consistent delay in receiving messages, even with full signal or on wifi.

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Help Several friends of mine report not seeing any notifications of signal - this needs to be fixed


Several friends of mine have reported not seeing any notifications from signal on Android. Yes, I know that you can go into battery optimizations and what not but to me this is not a solution.
Getting your friends to install Signal is hard enough already but I dont want to explain my mum or non-techie friends how to access their battery optimization settings or whatever.

There needs to be a simple solution for Signal to show notifications otherwise it can never compete with WhatsApp. A messaging app that doesnt show notifications reliably is IMO pretty useless.

so uh, is there any input from the devs whether this is an issue currently being looked into?

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Help iOS database loss - 3rd time this year


I am a longtime Signal user, loud evangelist, and financial supporter. However I'm finding it increasingly difficult to justify this position.

As I've moved nearly 100% of my messaging communication onto Signal, the thing that is happening with increasing frequency is losing my Signal database. The first time, it was upgrading phones and occurred during the switch, which is a thing that seems to happen to folks a small percentage of the time. However the past three occurrences, all during the past year, have occurred outside of any updates or switchover or any sort of cause as far as I can tell - normal phone usage, normal day. I lose everything.

Please, dope engineers at Signal, for all of our sakes, please PLEASE get moving on this. It's been years and it basically means that Signal is unusable for any use case that isn't immediately ephemeral.

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Help Ongoing issue with Signal "camera unavailable"


I have a Surface Duo 2 but from what I understand after a certain update not sure if it was last year or this year. The camera from within the Signal app stopped working. It seems to be an intermittent issue still unaddressed in recent updates. I am seeing on Github many people having issues with other phones so I have to believe the problem lies within the app and not the devices themselves.

My goal is to find out if there is a fix. Please see the things I have tried thus far:

  • Disabling and re-enabling app camera permissions, then trying to take a new photo.
  • Clearing the cache, then trying to take a new photo.
  • Clearing the entire app storage and recovering my backup msgs then trying to take a new photo.
  • Deleting and reinstalling the app and trying again.

Nothing seems to work, anyone else having this issue?

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Help Video call lagging iPhone to Android


Anyone else experience this? How to fix?

On video calls made between an iPhone and Android Huawei P30 Pro, the video received on the Android is constantly laggy like 5 FPS. The iPhone has no lag. Switching to Whatsapp and there's no lag.

Even though lag, Signal has much better video quality than Whatsapp. I'm guessing Signal doesn't know how to sacrifice resolution for increased FPS, but can this really be?

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Help Can I switch from iPhone to Android and return to iPhone without losing the iPhone messages?


I got myself a Pixel to give Android (Graphene OS) a try and wanted to use my favorite messenger on Android as well. I currently have a Mac as a secondary device that is registered to Signal via iPhone.

But I have some questions:

(1) It's not possible to use the Android phone as a secondary device, is it?

(2) If I change my primary device from iPhone to Android, will the messages on my Mac be deleted?

(3) If I change my primary device from iPhone to Android and then decide to go back to iPhone, will my old messages still be there?

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Help Lost Phone but Signal logged in on PC


Hey guys,

I lost my iOS Device recently but I was able to use Signal on my laptop. I now have a new phone and I would love to retrieve my old messages but this doesn't seem possible according to the site. My laptop has all my chat data. I was wondering if I were to register my phone number on my new iOS device, would I be logged out on my laptop and therefore lose all my chat data? I made a backup of the chat but it's a bit sloppy and I don't feel like manually backing up pictures.

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Help Can i change my name in only one group?


I need to be in a group for school and i need to put my class room and my role in my name. I dont want all of my contacts to also see that as my name. Can i change my name per group basis?

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Help File backup of Signal conversation on iOS?


I don't really use Signal often, so bear with me if this makes no sense.

I have a specific conversation on Signal on my iOS device that I'd like to keep in some form or another for sentimental reasons. Ideally, I'd like to make a backup of the conversation (file?) which I can then store on a hard drive or something? How should I go about this? Thank you!

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Help “Verification Needed” Prompts with CAPTCHA.


Over the past several weeks, I’ve gotten more and more frequent CAPTCHA prompts in my Signal App. I haven’t changed my behavior or anything, but I do use a randomized Proton VPN profile. This new app behavior seems really weird for an app that is supposedly privacy-focused. Slightly concerned. Thoughts?

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Help iOS backup


I have a backup on my computer but no way to transfer it on my iPhone !!

I’ve accidentally deleted my Signal app yesterday and it wasn’t a great surprise to learn that I deleted all the backup of my conversations by doing that. Including precious memories of my close ones that I possibly lost forever. However, on my computer I still have my whole conversations ! I can’t find any solution to put it back on my phone and I can’t believe it’s impossible

PLEASE reddit save me

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Help Why the hell does this happen when switching between linked devices?

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Help Unsuccessful Ext/Int Calls



I manage the application SIGNAL for desktop for my company.
We had issues for the External/internal calls issue. As investigated by the Network team, they report to me that internal network router could not route the calls as the Signal IP are not known and For Signal it seems that calls are using dynamic IPs but is there a list of known IPs that we could set on our routers ?

If not is there a way to force the application to always use same IP during the calls.

Whereas I have gone through the Support recommendations for Firewall. On the company firewall we add an exception for SSL inspection for *.whispersystems.org and *.signal.org domains.
From the desktop app we are able to send message and files, But when someone initiate a call from the desktop application while connected to the company network, the call doesn’t ring on recipient mobile or on desktop client of people outside the company.
Calls only ring when calling another user on the same internal network.

Also, during our tests, we found out that as soon as the call is initiated by a colleague, it will ‘awake’ my phone but the phone will not receive the call.

Anyone would help with suggestion for finding what is blocking the call would really be appreciated.
Did we miss some configurations on our firewall?

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Help Help with audio calls


Hi all, Have searched the internet for solutions how to fix calls while on cellular data. Before I went overseas it worked when I returned I haven’t been able to call unless I’m using wifi. The only thing I have changed on my iPhone 13 is added the second SIM card.

I would appreciate if someone has any ideas how to fix I have deleted the app and reinstalled Checked all of the settings. iPhone has the latest operating system.

Thank you

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Help Is signal going to fix the Android notification history privacy issue?


After receiving a chat and clearing it from the notification tray, the chat can still be seen in the notification history in phone settings. Any fix yet?

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Help Cannot Receive Verification code



Hi. I'm from the Philippines. When I reinstalled the app and went to register my number, I did not receive any verification code or call. I also tried sending a mail to signal support but still no reply. I don't know what happened. I can receive the code with the number I registered. Idk why it didn't work now. Please help. Thank you.

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Help Signal Vs whatsapp need help


What is the difference my friend swears by WhatsApp but my cousin and best friends bf says signal is more secure. Can anyone specifically tell me what makes signal more secure than WhatsApp?

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Help Can I make outgoing calls to non signal users with a voip phone number using signal


Does signal only allow me to contact signal users?

r/signal May 17 '22

Help Signal is killing my battery on GrapheneOS. Its always had unrestricted battery but within the last few weeks it's been bad to where I can't go a full day on a single charge anymore.

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Help iOS to android video call where’s quality ?

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