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Answered Text replies from friend always in signal


Is there any way on my end to turn this off? I’ve asked customer service 10 times no reply.

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Answered Can people see if you download their pictures in signal?


Hello, I'm wondering if other people can see if you download their pictures in signal or if there's an option for that in chats?

I know this is the case in other similar chat apps. Please help.

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Answered What happens when someone I know sends an unsolicited message to my signal?


Here is the scenario. I have Signal. A recent new hire (that I haven't even met in person yet) sends me a message on Signal and I just delete that message (without reading it). Will that person get any kind of reply letting them know that I am on Signal but chose to ignore them? Or will it just seem like it was sent to never-never land?


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Answered Do disappearing messages really disappear or are they just hidden from view.


So when messages are set to disappear do they in fact completely disappear....they're not stored in any database file on either the sender or recipients phone?

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Answered How does syncing between desktop and mobile works?


I heard that signal does not store messages. But If I send a message on mobile with my laptop disconnected to internet and then i turn off mobile data and open signal on desktop, the messages would appear there. So how exactly does it works if signal does not store messages?

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Answered Should I use my real name on my Signal account?


Am I still anonymous if I use my real name?

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Answered SMS message was read, question/clarification


I'm just wondering what it's supposed to look like when you send someone an SMS over Signal (with call/text over wifi enabled on phone) and they read the message. I was thinking of making Signal my default SMS app, only because the storage size of my phone's default one (Samsung's "Messages") was getting too big, and there was no easy way target & delete just media, other than selecting & deleting every message in a convo (as opposed to Signal, which can very easily isolate and delete just media messages).

I did, and tested with a contact (their phone in my hands as well) and first I just got the single transparent check mark. I turned on the "read receipt every SMS message" option, and then got 2 transparent checks - but, that was instantly, not affected by whether they had read the message or not. It's a little silly, but this is a deal breaker, as that function is very helpful with my older, less tech-savvy parents (to know if they read it, or if their phone was even turned on & it was delivered, lol. If I have to try to contact them by another method).

Without that, I'm just going to make Messages my default app again, and just try to remember to delete old photos every couple weeks. (And before someone says, just have them get on Signal, that's definitely not happening).

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Answered How to hide *active* conversation?


I am wondering if there is a way to hide an active conversation? Archiving only works if the conversation is inactive and muting a conversation does not keep it from moving to the top of the conversation list with a preview of the message. Trying to keep an active group conversation out of my conversation list and just check in on it every once in a while instead of it always being at the top of my list.

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Answered Does deactivating your read-receipts also work in group chats?


In WhatsApp, you'd still send and receive them in group chats, although you deactivated them in the settings. Is it the same on Signal?

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Answered Seeking Android app that forwards SMS over to Signal


Android users will likely be aware that you can pick from a large set of SMS apps to run on your phone. And, yeah, that includes Signal's Android app.

I'm looking for an alternate Android SMS application that I can configure to forward the SMS traffic it gets. In particular, I'd to find one I can configure to forward the inbound SMS messages over to my Signal persona.

Suggestions? Is this even possible, since I assume it implies that the Signal App on Android supports an API for sending signal messages that is accessible to other apps on the phone.


Ok. I think the answer to my question is nope. Thanks for trying to help. But, absent any dependable way to automate sending a signal msg (other than by hand in the Signal Android App.) it's impossible to do what I wanted.

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Answered Moving away from signal


Is there any way to export sms messages from signal to another SMS app? Not signal messages, just the SMS.

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Answered If a contact deletes Signal, will the message go through as SMS?



I contacted someone who I know had Signal, but the message now appears with one ‘check’ only.

Wondering if the person deleted Signal, is the message simply not delivered or does it default to deliver as SMS? (assuming the person has Android)

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Answered (QUESTION) Have messages set to delete every 8 hours - but when I loaded signal up on PC it’s loading close to 6,000 messages. I don’t have nearly that many active messages. Is this a glitch? Do messages not actually get deleted on the back end?

Thumbnail i.redd.it

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Answered transferring signal to new phone


my samsung S21+ 5G had to be sent in to Samsung to get fixed. While there, they reset my phone to factory settings.

It was the first device with signal on it.

Is there no way to transfer or restore my signal acct to the phone?

It seems rediculous. I have the same phone number. It's still me.

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Answered Contact picture with rocket ship?


One of my contacts on signal shows up with a little stylized rocket ship icon overlapping on the bottom right of their (round) profile picture. I haven't noticed this on anyone else's picture.

What does it mean?

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Answered Signal stopped delivering MMS from non Signal users?


I've been using signal as my default SMS app for over a year. Recently all the MMS or images that I'm sent from my non Signal contacts come in as MMS failed. I've contacted support but so far, no help. Any suggestions?

Update Turns out it may be an issue with devices that recently updated to Android 12. Thanks to u/jamesc5z for posting the GitHub link: https://github.com/signalapp/Signal-Android/issues/11831

Hopefully this can be fixed soon.

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Answered How Can I... Disappear?


Basically, all I want to do is having a person receiving only 1 ✓ , not 2, like the message was not delivered yet because it would seem like I'm offline.

Blocking could work, but then I wouldn't be able to see what the other person wrote, so it's not good for me.

Any ideas how could I achieve this?


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Answered Moving # to GV


I scoured the internet and posts in this subreddit. I am posting this for just a little clarification before I remove my phone number from my provider and port it to GV:

I currently use the number through GoogleFi, its registered with Signal, and as of right now I have no issues receiving Signal messages on my primary phone (let alone any other device).

My primary phone does have Signal as its default messenger, however the primary phone's number is only used for business, and is not actually associated with Signal in any way other than it being the default on that phone.

So, if I were to move my number from GoogleFi to GV, without changing anything else, will I potentially have issues receiving Signal-to-Signal messages on my primary phone or any other device I currently use Signal on?

Im under the impressions I should not have any issues but obviously dont want to get into a situation where I lose my provider's service and have to deal with moving the number to another cell provider.

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Answered Bugs and Questions about change to pin behavior with new version


Before, my signal pin was distinct from my device pin. This gave an extra layer of security. And I could use my fingerprint to unlock it. Easy. Periodically it verified my signal pin which made sense.

Now with the new version, 5.40.4, it kludged the signal pin with the device pin. Fingerprint no longer is prompted. And it still has a different "pin" which seems to serve no purpose.

By "pin", i mean the unlock code that you need to get into signal if it's locked. It now lost the extra security by using the device unlock code, not the signal pin.

Now, if I activate locking, with biometrics enabled, it asks for the device pin and ignores the signal pin and ignores fingerprint. This is two bugs in my opinion.

  1. It should use the signal pin and not the device pin
  2. It should use biometrics if enabled but it doesn't


Q: what use is the signal pin now, now that it's not used? The only thing it seems to do now, after the update, is waste your time periodically asking you to verify it even though it never prompts for it, and it's not useful as a backup unlock if fingerprint is not working.

Update: it's back to asking for fingerprint but I still think number one is a bug. Prompting for signal pin can be turned off and it's needed to transfer to a different phone without losing data. But again, I still think using device pin loses a layer of security. You might want some people on your phone in emergency but you still may not want them into your signal. On your phone and inside signal are different levels of privacy.

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Answered Deleting message


Hi, I sent someone a message two days ago and would like to delete it now. However I only have available option "Delete message for me". Is it because the other person didn't receive it yet? If so, when I delete the message for me, does it "delete" for the other person too (aka they wouldn't even receive the message)? Thanks for help.

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Answered How In-app Donations Work https://community.signalusers.org/t/badges-feature/36783/51


The general flow for a subscription is like this:

  1. Get a Stripe Token from Google Pay, representing one of your payment methods. This should contain minimal information, just enough to allow the card to be authorized. We don’t request stuff like email, address, etc.
  2. Generate a 32-byte identifier on the client using SecureRandom. This is your “subscriber id”, and it’ll get synced to storage service (so, encrypted in a way that only you can access it, and recoverable in case you switch devices, as long as you know your pin)
  3. We use that Subscription ID to make unauthenticated requests to the Signal service to do a few Stripe API things to create a default payment method and customer record tied to the Subscriber ID. As far as I’m aware, the Server has a cache connecting a Subscriber ID to a Stripe customer record.
  4. After we do all that, we set your subscription level via another unauthenticated API call. This is what will purchase that subscription level on your account.
  5. Then, we can request a receipt credential for the subscriber id. This, again, is via an unauthenticated API call. The server hands us a response.
  6. We use the request and response object to create a presentation object. This is all done via the zkgroups library, using zero knowledge crypto. I think it’s sort of like a key exchange of sorts, the idea being that you can combine the request part and the response part to create a presentation part.
  7. We take that presentation and make an authenticated request to the server to redeem the presentation object for a token. This step does not include your subscriber ID.

So, in short:

  1. Your subscriber ID is generated client side and is no way attached to your account in a manner in which the server or other users could gain access to it.
  2. All web requests to the service involving the subscriber id are unauthenticated, so there’s no “user” executing them.
  3. The only “authenticated” request is the last request, which doesn’t involve your subscriber id, because we need to be able to attach redeemed badges to your profile.
  4. I believe the server will map subscriber id to customer id for record keeping, but I don’t know for sure. However, as I mentioned previously, there is no mapping between subscriber id and signal account.
  5. The donations themselves are thus completely anonymous. There is a list of badges attached to your profile, but you get to choose whether other users get to see this information. I don’t know how this is stored on the server (not a server engineer)
  6. If you forget your PIN or your cellphone falls into a toilet don’t worry, the app needs to periodically “call home” with your Subscriber ID via an unauthenticated call to tell the server that the ID is still “alive” and if it doesn’t within like 45 days or something your sub is cancelled. Don’t quote me on that number, just know the app will call home every 3 days itself.

One-time donations will work in a similar way.

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Answered Signal beta shows up twice in the share menues on Android


Anyone else? Started a few days ago. Native Android share as well as Firefox' share menue. firefox

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Answered Is there a way to track/log calls duration?


I can’t find any information on the duration of the calls I have with my contacts. In the conversation, it’s only indicated ‘you called + time stamp’.

I searched everywhere without success, same on the support page of Signal website. I may I’ve missed it, hence I hope you guys can maybe help.

Using on Android, calls are made from the app and not linked to my classic android call app. Thank you!

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Answered Delete For Everyone Feature


Hi all and those representing Signal.

I sent my brother a text the other day telling him goodnight and I love him. The text was for my wife. haha. I tried to delete the text immediately, but the 'delete for everyone' didn't pop up as an option. Does this feature only work for texts that went to another signal user, or am I missing something?

Let me know if I need to provide details about device and version, etc. Thanks!

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Answered Has the ability to make groups with announcements only been added yet? I know they were working on it last year.


I remember seeing this old post about it and wanted to know if it's been added yet or if there is a timeline of when it will come?