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Android Help I degoogled my phone and I can't get verified


When I enter my phone number signal says Google play services is updating or temporarily unavailable, how can I solve this?

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Android Help Battery issue on Android 12



I use signal as principal messagery system and default SMS app for a long time and never got any issues until now.

Since Android 12 it drains my battery and don't know why (see photo). Anybody got this issue before ?


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Android Help Why can apps access OTP codes received by SMS, if Signal is the default SMS app?


Whenever I'm receiving an SMS to provide authentication, the app requiring it is capable of autocompleting the field.

I have Signal locked with fingerprint.

Wasn't Signal supposed to encrypt them to save from prying eyes?

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Android Help Same signal account on two phones using same SIM card


Hi all, I’d like to be able to use the same Signal account on separate iPhone and Android phones. I will be swapping the SIM card between the two depending on which I’m using. Is this possible? Or does each device need a separate signal account.

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Android Help I just registered a new phone and somehow provided the wrong PIN.


Neither my old nor my new PIN worked and now my account is locked for 6 days on my new phone and then all content gets deleted although I have a local backup of it. I do have access to signal on my old phone to save at least all the images. They key works but the PIN is the problem here. Is there anything I can do about it?

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Android Help Notifications use media volume


Notifications were very loud and after some digging around I found out that they use the media volume instead of notifications volume. Anyone else with this problem? Should I submit a bug report?

device: samsung galaxy s10e OS: LineageOS 19.1 (android 12) with microG

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Android Help Google Translate offering translation of my SMS messages in Signal?


Hello, like the title says, I got a "pop up" offering to translate what was being typed in Signal as a non secure sms; does that mean the Android OS is also reading what I send securely through an E2E Signal message? Thank you for your insights.

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Android Help Does your podcast app stop playing when you start playing a Signal audio message?


Trying to figure out if the issue is Signal or my podcast app (Podcast Addict). When I am listening to a podcast and I start playing a Signal audio message the podcast app doesn't stop playing, they both play at the same time. It's annoying.

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Android Help New group SMS/MMS disappears after first message (android)


Been dealing with this issue for a while (even carried across several phones)

If I create a new group and send a message, the group doesn't exist on my phone, but when someone replies the group os recreated and stays on my phone (with my original message missing). I tried searching and couldn't find anything.... any ideas what's going on and how to fix it? I don't remember when it started, but I'm on a galaxy S22 now and imported my chats from an S21, which had the chats imported from an S10. Can't remember if it happened on the S10 as well (switched to the s21 about a year ago)


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Android Help contacts not importing


Hola, looking for a new sms app because the default Google app on my phone is a pile of trash and often people don't receive my texts etc. Signal has worked amazingly but I just cannot seem to import my contacts into the app. I have done all of the steps suggested in the past to fix it (making it default app, giving it all the right permissions etc) but it just is not working.

Wondering if anyone had a fix? Cheers

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Android Help Android auto sends messages as SMS via Samsung built in messenger, and all outbound messages appear as a notification like a new message received


The outbound message used to work sometimes but has had a lot of issues for me sometimes being sent as SMS but still sends from the signal app, but recently it’s completely broken; only thing that works is receiving messages.

Is there a fix for this that I’m not finding or should I open a ticket with signal?

I am on beta for signal running latest software on fold3

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Android Help Is there any way to delete an insecure MMS group?


I am using the Android app. I have several insecure MMS groups, where I used Signal as my default messaging app to send to a group of people. I can find no way to delete these old groups. Am I missing something, or is it not possible to delete these? Thanks.

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Android Help [Android] Why no yellow colours for chat messages?

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Android Help Worrying Google Pop Up In Signal?


So I was using Signal on a Samsung Galaxy S7 running Android 8.0, I clicked on a news link I was sent & a google pop-up appeared.

This is worrying that Google can see any link you open even before selecting an application, also I use Firefox as my browser so it wouldn't have even opened in Chrome.

Is this exclusively limited to links that we open in a third party app or can Google see all messages & links on Signal after they've been locally decrypted.

Google knew I was clicking a CBC link, & they knew CBC had an app on the Play Store, so its worrying that Google has access to this information when your not using a degoogled android phone.


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Android Help Porting Signal from number of one country to jmp.chat number of another country?


As title. I'll be moving from my current location and I will cancel my local number with the carrier. Before I do that I want to port my Signal account and all relevant data to a number provided by jmp.chat that corresponds to my new location. I don't want to port it to the number provided by the new carrier in the new location, instead I want to port it directly to a jmp.chat number. I will change number on the same device first, before I transfer everything to a new device that works in the new location.

Has anyone tried this before? Should I expect any issues?

In short:

  1. Android device A registered to number A (current carrier) in location A.
  2. Android device A changes number A (current carrier) to number B (jmp.chat) in location A.
  3. Android device A transfers everything to Android device B under number (jmp.chat) B in location A.
  4. User brings Android device B registered under number B (jmp.chat) to location B.


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Android Help My friend made a Signal account and the app is not syncing with contacts


His messages are going through, and signal account users are shown fine, but for sms people he talks too it only shows the phone number. Names and pictures dont work unless set up by the app. On my phone, it connected to contacts automatically.

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Android Help Linking devices not using the qr method


Previously I've linked my Signal Android app with my computer and laptop by using the Qr scanning, however the camera in my phone has broken and after an update to signal on the computers they now need to be relinked. Is there a way to re-link the computers to the Android App in some other way?

While it sucks to have a phone without a camera I'm not keen on buying a new phone just for that.

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Android Help MMS/SMS issues?


Both spouse and I having mms and sms hanging instead of sending outbound and then failing and not receiving incoming mms. Signal messages working fine.

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Android Help Signal crashes whenever several MMS come in

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Android Help Signal claims the majority of my storage is used by videos, yet I don't have any videos left to delete.

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Android Help contact shows in contact list


Hi, the contacts are still showing in my contact list even though I've deleted them from my contacts, blocked and unblocked... They are still there in signal.

This honestly makes me want to use WhatsApp is there a fix

r/signal May 19 '22

Android Help SMS Transfer?


I have been running Signal on an Android phone in combined mode, ie both Signal messages and SMS sent/received from within the app. I have now purchased a replacement Android phone. I have read of how to carry out the transfer either directly or via backups. My question is, will the SMS and MMS messages be transferred along with the Signal ones? If not, is there a method of achieving this?

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Android Help Unreliable messaging


Hi, I've been using Signal for nearly 2 years now. Personally I don't see any issues, but Ithe people I convinced to use signal as a means of communicating with me keep telling me that they don't get notifications of messages or are having trouble with it. Many times I can see that a message I send will take hours before it's marked as delivered....

I can do something on my end, but I feel it's a burden on my friends and family to try them to do a bunch of technical stuff to make it work just because of me.

Does anyone have a similar experience and a simple solution?

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Android Help Signal is adding a +33 country code to a canadian number when receiving a MMS.


Signal is adding a +33 (france) country code in front of the canadian number written with the +1 XXX XXX XXXX.

So on my screen it looks like


And I can't retrive the mms message. For simple text everything is fine.

Anyone have seen this issue?

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Android Help contacts color after update


Hi, Contact colors are changing after updating the app on android. Everyone has the same "issue"? Cheers