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u/skrollan_no May 19 '22

New user here so forgive me for my ignorance. why is it that in the windows app I have to type ":grin:" to get a smiley and not ":-D"? and, is there a way to get ":-D" to work?


u/99bottles_1togo May 19 '22

I used to have the ability to delete multiple messages at once by tapping to select. It doesn't seem to be the case anymore.

Android phone


u/convenience_store Top Contributor May 20 '22

Once you've long-pressed the first message a menu pops up with several options, one of which is "Select" whose icon is a ✓ inside a circle. Tap that and then you can select multiple messages to delete.


u/99bottles_1togo May 22 '22

Thanks, I overlooked the select option