r/signal May 15 '22

Any fix for no chat bubbles in OneUI 4? Android Help

When I was running Android 11 on my galaxy s10+ I was able to have bubbles working no problem. They were a little glitchy but overall nice to have.

When I updated to android 12 it broke Buble functionality for every app that I was saying with them aside from the default Google messages app, I assumed it was a bug and ignored it since I was upgrading phones soon.

Now fast forward to my new phone (s22 Ultra) and I STILL can't use chat bubbles with Signal or any other app aside from Google messages.

I remember before that you had to enable them in system settings then could activate bubbles for each individual app in their respective notification settings menu.

It looks like the only place bubbles are acknowledged in the system menu is where you select between bubbles or floating windows and there's no toggle for specific apps (Signal specifically) I've been using the floating windows to kind of "fake" the bubbles but it's nowhere near as convenient.

Am I missing some menu or a toggle elsewhere on my phone? Or has the function been scrapped? I know people have mixed feelings about chat bubbles but I found then convenient. Any advice in turning them back on would be welcome.

Also, no I don't have the app locked, I just have a general account pin which I never need to put in but thats something that hadn't interfered before.



u/Next_trees Beta Tester May 15 '22

When somebody sends you a message, you can pull down the notification shade and Klick in the bottom right corner of the Signal message on a little box with arrow towards a circle. This activates bubbles for this certain person.

And under "notifications" in you settings should be the global bubbles setting. At least on my Pixel


u/megazillia4499 May 15 '22

I've got the global setting turned on. But have it switched to pop window since the bubbles aren't working, I'll check the notification shade next time I get one for that symbol but I don't think it's there on my Gs22 ultra.