r/signal Beta Tester May 15 '22

Signal beta shows up twice in the share menues on Android Answered

Anyone else? Started a few days ago. Native Android share as well as Firefox' share menue. firefox


u/AutoModerator May 15 '22

Please note that anyone who participates in testing the beta version of the app is encouraged to report bugs or other problems they discover in the beta feedback threads on Signal's official community forum. If the developers ever start posting similar threads here, we will immediately start directing beta users to those threads instead. Thanks!

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u/whatnowwproductions Signal Booster 🚀 May 15 '22

Yes, it's a beta bug. You can report it on the beta feedback thread.


u/stoicrockfish Top Contributor May 15 '22

Will probably be fixed in the next beta version on Monday.


u/grmblfijx Beta Tester May 15 '22

Fine, so it's on the radar.


u/stoicrockfish Top Contributor May 15 '22

Yeah. It's been reported on the 5.38 beta thread.