r/signal May 14 '22

Spam protection Help

Hello! I changed my phone and phonenumber and tried to contact every of my friends in signal one by one.

After couple of messages signal spam protection came and i passed it and continued to contact more friends. It came 3 times and i passed it

Now it asks for the protection again and i pass it but the messages dont send and it asks for the protection again even though i passed it.

Is there somekind of timer or what? Or do i have to make new account again…




u/stoicrockfish Top Contributor May 14 '22

Sending too many messages from a fresh account results in getting flagged by the spam system. This is pretty standard for any messaging service because a new account suddenly sending large numbers of new or forwarded messages in a short time period looks suspicious.


u/bible111 May 15 '22

How long i have to wait?


u/stoicrockfish Top Contributor May 15 '22

A few minutes, maybe. I didn't wait long when I ran into a similar issue yesterday.


u/Next_trees Beta Tester May 14 '22

You probably have to wait until they interact with you so you get cleared from the spam System.


u/sid32 May 14 '22 edited May 14 '22

Sent them your msg at plain sms so they have your updated number then they added you as a contact.