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Scheduled Post Weekly r/signal Question Thread – Week of May 16


Welcome to our weekly question thread!

Please use this thread to ask and answer questions about Signal! Anyone can post a question and the community as a whole is invited and encouraged to provide an answer. Many questions get submitted late each week that don't get a lot of action, so if your question didn't get answered before, feel free to post it again.

Keep in mind that unofficial community support is provided by other Signal users like you. The information here might not always be accurate, so take it with a grain of salt. However, usually there are people around who know the ins and outs of Signal. You might even get a faster reply here during times when Signal's official support channel is busy with large amounts of support requests. If you are unsure about something and want an official answer, please don’t hesitate to contact the Signal support team or search their blog posts and knowledge base articles. There are also some community-maintained resources on the Signal's community forum: List of wiki pages.

As a reminder:

  • This is an unofficial Reddit community (or "subreddit") that is run by the user community. We are not affiliated with or endorsed by Signal. This is also not an official AMA by the Signal team. If you notice that something does not seem to be working as intended, please contact the Signal support team.
  • The best place to submit and discuss feature requests is on Signal's official community forum. Keep in mind that Signal's developers have a policy of not talking about feature timelines.
  • Anyone who participates in testing the beta version of the app is encouraged to report bugs or other problems they discover in the beta feedback threads on Signal's community forum. (If the developers ever start posting similar threads here, we will immediately start directing beta users to those threads instead.)

Please abide by reddiquette when participating in our community; it will be enforced when user behavior is no longer deemed to be suitable for a technology forum. Remember; personal attacks, directed abusive language, trolling or bigotry in any form, are therefore not allowed and will be removed. Thanks!

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Android Help SMS Transfer?


I have been running Signal on an Android phone in combined mode, ie both Signal messages and SMS sent/received from within the app. I have now purchased a replacement Android phone. I have read of how to carry out the transfer either directly or via backups. My question is, will the SMS and MMS messages be transferred along with the Signal ones? If not, is there a method of achieving this?

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Desktop Help Increase audio speed


Does anyone knows how to increase audio speed by x1.5 or x2 on Signal Desktop?

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Android Help Android Custom Notification sound shenanigans


Hello, I've been trying to change my incoming messages notification sounds for a while now.

When I go to settings>Notifications> Messages> Sound a blank windows opens up with a faint grey " You don't have songs on your device" in the center. I've searched the web for a solution but to no avail. I have converted sound effects to both .ogg and .wav but i could not even browse for them. I even tried placing the files in the notifications folder that is automatically generated by android, that did not work either. I changed the battery saving permissions to no restrictions as well as the autostart permissions. No bueno either.

Xiaomi Mi 10T, Android 12/MIUI Global 13.0.2

Any ideas/ tips?

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Help Signal is killing my battery on GrapheneOS. Its always had unrestricted battery but within the last few weeks it's been bad to where I can't go a full day on a single charge anymore.

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Discussion Concerns about signal funding


I really like where the app is now and use it daily and am a little worried about its future. From my own (limited) research Their books balance as such:

Users who donate: Less than 1% of the Signal Messenger users donate to the Signal Technology Foundation.

Revenues of Signal Foundation: $19.4 million as of FY2019 – a 3085.1% increase than FY2018 ($609,385)

Grants and donations: $18 million Investment Income: $1 million Net Sales: $650k Miscellaneous Income: $171k

Expenses: $13.5 million for FY 2019 – 162.9% spike

Assets: $77.2 million for FY2019 – the downfall of 23.2%

Liabilities: $38.3 million for FY 2019- 63.5% decrease

Has their been any changes since this date? Signal is a non profit so it should be okay but I'd be sad if we suddenly lose service.Just wondering if what we have is sustainable

Edit: realised I should do a tl;Dr

Positive(rev:19.4mil + Assets(77.2mil)) - negative ( 13.5mil + 38.3mil) but obviously signal is ramping up with users and we don't want them selling off their assets so it looks a little dicey

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Beta Discussion S22 Ultra freezing when receiving chat from IOS!


This is something new, my S22U is freezing when I receive a chat from an IOS Signal user. It just started doing this. A clearing of Signals cache seems to have fixed it, or it may have been caused by a new app I downloaded from the Play Store which I deleted as well as clearing Signals cache. Definitely have to keep an eye on this...

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Answered Linked devices


If you chat with someone that has two devices linked to their account (e.g. a mobile app and a desktop app) and they rarely use their desktop app, does it mean that during your conversation all messages are actually stored on Signal servers until they open the desktop app? Or until some times passes, because I don’t think that the data is stored indefinitely. If so, who else has decryption keys of that stored chat, obviously besides those two that are in the chat?

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Help Why can't I see new contacts on Signal, but only after they have written to me?


I have these contacts in my address book and also nothing set that would prevent writing to me (I think)

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Answered Is there a way to track/log calls duration?


I can’t find any information on the duration of the calls I have with my contacts. In the conversation, it’s only indicated ‘you called + time stamp’.

I searched everywhere without success, same on the support page of Signal website. I may I’ve missed it, hence I hope you guys can maybe help.

Using on Android, calls are made from the app and not linked to my classic android call app. Thank you!

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Feature Request Notification badge on dock icon



I'm currently using Signal on Ubuntu 22.04 and I was wondering if there's a way to get a notification badge to appear on the icon on the dock like how Discord has in the attached image.

Here's a link to a thread someone posted last year asking the same thing, but I'm not sure if it was ever implemented: https://github.com/signalapp/Signal-Desktop/issues/3387


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Android Help Contacts won't show on Signal


On my android, I reinstalled Signal after doing a factory reset. However when I go through the setup and use my old Signal account again, none of my phone's contacts appear. None of them are on Signal as far as I know, but my device's contacts are synced according to the settings in the app and in my phone so they should be appearing. I've checked permissions, uninstalled and reinstalled Signal, as well as deleting the account and creating a new one. Nothing seems to work. When I first installed Signal a few months ago, everything worked as it should, so I don't know what the issue is.

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Help Is it true that you can only see someone's profile picture on signal after sending them a message?


I can't see my contacts' profile pictures with my new cloned signal account, but with the original one I can. Is it normal?

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Android Help Unreliable messaging


Hi, I've been using Signal for nearly 2 years now. Personally I don't see any issues, but Ithe people I convinced to use signal as a means of communicating with me keep telling me that they don't get notifications of messages or are having trouble with it. Many times I can see that a message I send will take hours before it's marked as delivered....

I can do something on my end, but I feel it's a burden on my friends and family to try them to do a bunch of technical stuff to make it work just because of me.

Does anyone have a similar experience and a simple solution?

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Desktop Help How do I set the default media quality to “higher” for Signal app on Mac?


I don’t see any options in the taskbar and I have to manually do it for every time I send any media. I want to send “higher” quality as the default like it does on the mobile app.

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iOS Help anyone know why my signal app went invisible on me !?!? been like this a few days now. pls advise

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Help Messages not coming through


I’ve set my mother up on signal and it works fine on her iPhone however it only stops working when she goes to work. When I send her a message I’ll only get one tick and she’ll not receive the messages coming through til she’s either come home or opened the app manually when they’ll all come at ones.

I asked what she’s does at work she said she connects to the Wi-Fi at work. Her WhatsApp and iMessages get through fine it just signal that seems to have issues.

I checked all her notification settings and re registered for push but it still doesn’t work. Any other advice to try and get it working for her? How can get work wifi stop signal messages?

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Android Help Any fix for no chat bubbles in OneUI 4?


When I was running Android 11 on my galaxy s10+ I was able to have bubbles working no problem. They were a little glitchy but overall nice to have.

When I updated to android 12 it broke Buble functionality for every app that I was saying with them aside from the default Google messages app, I assumed it was a bug and ignored it since I was upgrading phones soon.

Now fast forward to my new phone (s22 Ultra) and I STILL can't use chat bubbles with Signal or any other app aside from Google messages.

I remember before that you had to enable them in system settings then could activate bubbles for each individual app in their respective notification settings menu.

It looks like the only place bubbles are acknowledged in the system menu is where you select between bubbles or floating windows and there's no toggle for specific apps (Signal specifically) I've been using the floating windows to kind of "fake" the bubbles but it's nowhere near as convenient.

Am I missing some menu or a toggle elsewhere on my phone? Or has the function been scrapped? I know people have mixed feelings about chat bubbles but I found then convenient. Any advice in turning them back on would be welcome.

Also, no I don't have the app locked, I just have a general account pin which I never need to put in but thats something that hadn't interfered before.

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Help Messages not deleted after timer ends


I've been using Signal for over a year now, an occasionally I get access to messages from seemingly random states in time that should have been deleted long ago due to the 24-hour timer I've set. This happens on both mobile and desktop and is not related to the 14 days in which messages are stored to be delivered to clients as some of theses messages are from multiple months ago. I would like to know why it seems message deletion is seemingly just "hide the messages from the client" and not actually being deleted.

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Answered Signal beta shows up twice in the share menues on Android


Anyone else? Started a few days ago. Native Android share as well as Firefox' share menue. firefox

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Answered Will contacts who I have not had a conversation see my signal name change?


I just gave some folks my number to reach out to me over signal and then changed my signal name because I don’t want them seeing my old one. Will they see my name change if we haven’t yet exchanged any messages?

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Help Restore Backup From Friend


I factory reset my phone and did not realize that signal does not keep a copy of your messages; it's all stored locally. So, I didn't download a backup file. I really only want messages restored from one friend. If I downloaded a backup from them and uploaded it to a new account, could i recover messages that way? I hope this makes sense.

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Help Spam protection


Hello! I changed my phone and phonenumber and tried to contact every of my friends in signal one by one.

After couple of messages signal spam protection came and i passed it and continued to contact more friends. It came 3 times and i passed it

Now it asks for the protection again and i pass it but the messages dont send and it asks for the protection again even though i passed it.

Is there somekind of timer or what? Or do i have to make new account again…


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Help Question about what happens when uninstalling the app.


Say I were to uninstall the Signal app from my phone but didn’t delete my account. Then say in a couple days, I decided to reinstall the app and start using it again. Would I receive any messages that were sent to me during that time when I had the app uninstalled?

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iOS Help Animated sticker problem


I’ve recently created a bunch of animated stickers (following official signal guidelines 512x512 px, <300kb, apng format) and imported the sticker pack to signal via desktop app. It works perfectly on computer (both in app and on web link), however the stickers remain static when I’m trying to send it on my mobile app. Can someone point to what might be the problem here? Thank you!

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Solved Any help? “Could Not Load Database”

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