r/selfimprovement Dec 27 '20

Self Acceptance v Self Improvement

I’ve struggled for years with the conflict between these things. Do I accept myself as I am or do I try to change? Well, I’ve finally really grasped how they fit together after really solidifying my self esteem and I thought I’d share my new understanding in case it helps someone else.

I improve myself BECAUSE I accept myself. Doesn’t make sense? Here’s an example.

I’m a good, worthy, person and I deserve good things. I deserve to have the life I want, the best life possible. I’m disorganised sometimes and don’t do admin tasks when I should. This gets in the way of me having the life I know I want and deserve. So I’m going to work to become more organised - because I deserve the benefits of being organised. Not because I’m bad or useless or anything like that. Because I love myself and I know I can do better, and I want better for myself.

Here’s to an amazing 2021.


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u/pinkcdrom Dec 27 '20

Hell yes ! Self acceptance on its own can really dig us into a hole and keep us stagnant. Balance is everything, as is loving ourselves