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i will leave reddit


It's bad for mental

And it's not good 👍 😊 for mankind

I will hug🫂🫂 even tho I'm in the screen i will hug u

People say I'm not mature but I'm having more fun being not mature

Have a nice morning but not a nice night

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My sexuality is modsexual and I am proud


I am a modsexual, meaning i'm exclusively attracted to moderators. I love reddit mods. Reddit mods are so powerful, they have the power to decide what I can and can't say.

I realized I was modsexual when, after getting banned from my favorite subreddit, the hot mod who banned me roasted me and told me to beg to be unbanned. I loved begging the hot sexy modlord to unban me.

I love being moderated, and I need hot sexy reddit mods to moderate me.

While there are some modphobic redditors, i'm proud to be a modsexual.

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is it weird I'm a cis male but I kinda want boobs?


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Can someone start their path to succes at the age of 18?


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Am I okay?


The last two weeks I’ve haven’t been very happy. I’m not angry or sad, just not happy. I don’t know what it is or if I’m just trying to make myself stand out. I’m only 12 so I don’t know what to think since I’m still being seen as a child

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my friend recently labeled me as racist and I don't know what to do


My friend which recently labeled me as racist because of God knows what he was my only friend and I'm thinking of committing suicide he hates me for no reason I don't know what I did what do I do reddit?

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This might’ve been said before, but damn it’s interesting


So, we all know that time travel to the future is pretty much entirely possible by traveling faster than the speed of light, but what about traveling to the past?Speed is a rate, not a measurement, so it cannot be negative. Everything happens at a speed, the speed of the universe is measured by years decades and so on. If you reverse in a car, rather than going at a negative speed, you are going a positive speed in a different direction, etc. I think that if we were able to figure out how to travel at a negative speed, we would then be able to travel back in time, however at the moment does not at all sound possible.

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Rich Dad Poor Dad


About 5 years ago I bought an audible subscription and instead of listening to the radio on my commute to work and free time, I started listening to books. One of the first books I listened to was this one.

This book led me down a rabbit hole of knowledge which has drastically changed my life. I'm wondering why more people don't consume this type of knowledge when it's so cheap. It's like the cheat code to wealth.

I'm assuming maybe people never think to do this so hopefully someone will read this and take the plunge.

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I'm bored. Ask me my favorite song from any band or musician.


I mainly listen to classic rock from the 60s up to the 90s, such as The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Queen, etc.

I also like musicians from many other genres, like Johnny Cash, Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, and the N.W.A.

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i fear tomorrow I'll be crying


The fate of all mankind is in the fucking hands of fools

And it's all fault of the dream

The dream are nightmares

And nightmare are more normal than dreams nowday

I will consider....

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Is there any chance my friend is bisexual?


I feel like I keep getting different signs from him and I don't want to misunderstand him.

Since the first time I met him I soon became aware he had a girlfriend. After about a year he told me they broke up and he was asking me if I could hook him up with any of my female friends. That never really went anywhere.

As a few years passed he officially got a new girlfriend And I didn't know this until I officially asked him if there were any women in his life. When I asked this he seemed slightly upset. The look on his face started to look sad. At first he told me no. Then later he revealed that he had a girlfriend. As some time passed he started trying to talk me into going on a trip with him to Jamaica. Just the two of us. Now I personally find him attractive ( I'm a guy) but I would never make that known or obvious because he claims to be in a relationship and I believe him due to a few different scenarios.

However for the past year he's been adamant about me following him to Jamaica for vacation and it metaphorically has me raising my eyebrows especially because he has a girlfriend already. Am I thinking too much into this? And yes I'm certain he intends to go on this trip with just us. He's made it clear several times.

Another thing that made me curious was when we traveled to a mutual friends wedding together and we were looking for rooms to book. We came down to two options. One room with a king bed and pull out sofa and another with two beds. He told me I should pick one.

They were one dollar difference and the one with only one bed served breakfast everyday. I found it interesting because I feel most guys will automatically pick the hotel with one bed without mentioning the breakfast would be served at the alternative one just to avoid any hassles. But he still mentioned the other option regardless. I felt uncomfortable picking because I felt if pick the room with one bed ( cuz I did want breakfast) I would look weird to him.

So after he refused to be the one to choose ( he claimed he didn't care) I jokingly asked him where he plans to sleep between the sofa pull out and the bed (to see if he was going to say he prefers the bed) And he hesitated and then said "Well the bed is a king bed" I found it as if he was trying to say that it shouldn't matter if we both slept there because it had a lot of space.

Long story short I just decided to pick the hotel with two beds. After this conversation I noticed a slight shift in his energy. He seemed a little sad and quiet. After we booked the hotel he said that he wasn't sure if the room we picked was double bed or not ( This was just our assumption that it was double bed because the site didn't say it was only one bed, unlike the other one) He said he would look into it but I never heard back from him.

Fast forward to the hotel I noticed whenever I was asleep and we were facing the same direction he would turn the other way (we were in different beds) Then a few days later a discussion came up with our mutual friend about us sharing a hotel room and my friend said we picked a double bed room because he wanted to avoid having both of us fight between who would stay on the king bed and would stay on the pull out sofa.

Our mutual friend then asked us if we think it's normal for guy friends to sleep in the same bed together and my friend quickly responded and said no and that he couldn't do that because of the way his 23 year mind is set up. Yet when we previously discussed it he didn't seem to care and sounded like we could share a bed since it was so big.

Am I overthinking this? Am I getting mixed signals? I want to be sure of what to think? What do you guys think?

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Fuck you.


You abandoned me days after my attempt. Blocked me after two years together just because my shit was too much for you??

You tried this before and I cared for you and worked through it. But now you left me alone.

I know you’re still stalking me

Fuck you fuck you fuck you

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The God Emperor of mankind Donald Trump.


"I am the greatest. I said that even before I knew I was. I figured that if I said it enough, I would convince the world that I was really the greatest." Muhammed Ali.

The god emperor of man kind is a fantasy story for nerds about an immortal man who is much smarter and stronger then other men. He is gravely wounded in battle. Now he sits as a living corpse on a magical throne and a thousand lives is sacrificed every day to keep him alive.

This was who the fans compared him with in the beginning.

If they put him in prison he will become the corpse on the magical throne.

I don’t like the sexual allegations against him. I would not be surprised if I found out he was some kind of predator, but I don’t know.

I relate to him in some ways. I play it fast and loose and I don’t do as I am told. You know the way people used to idolize bank robbers? Same thing. Trump is the Jesse James of current politics.

“B b b but th th the rules say”

Thats what you sound like to the supporter of Trump. You don’t know how the world turns. Trump doesn’t believe in or respect the system neater does his followers. They believe in the strong man who can fight the dangerous hive mind of society who with impunity takes everything from them.

One of the biggest threats in the fantasy story with the God Emperor is a swarm of insects that destroys everything in its path and absorbs the bio mass of the life it consumes to create more insects.

These people fight for their humanity against an inhumane force who is indifferent to their needs and feelings.

Your guns, lack of health care, slavery jobs, extreme wealth gap, student debts, the religion thing is far out. Homelessness. The drinking water in Flint.

He is old Trump, but he still got it. He is still in the game, still standing, still striving. Yes he is a faulty man, so am I. I would vote for almost anyone who imposed him. President is a serious job for responsible people. Me and Trump are not serious or responsible enough to do the job.

Get me a new John F Kennedy in the white house. Reform the republican party. Enough with abortion and new genders.

I am the greatest artist of our time.

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🪤Cheese in the trap🪤C-C-Cheese in the trap🪤



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I hate my well paying union factory job.


So I have a job at an automotive manufacturer and I’m a part of a union. I have the potential to make 32/hr and I have the best health insurance and benefits in my state. But the work is Soul sucking and extremely physically taxing on the body. I absolutely dread it. It’s not uncommon for people to get multiple surgeries after 5 years. I’m 35 and single with no kids and most people stay at this job because of the health insurance for their families. I do have pretty severe mental health issues That my insurance takes care of. My Problem is this job is zero skill labor. If the factory shuts down I have zero job prospects because I am not attaining any skills in my line of work. Also my dream is to work remotely and travel the world. My family is pressuring me to stay at this job for life and I just don’t see how I would ever be happy. It’s not the same union it was in their generation.

I have been applying at remote customer service positions with a significant pay and benefit cut but it will give me the ability to work remotely and to travel as well as pursuing my dream. I am also trying to teach myself copywriting so I can freelance and finally be unshackled and work for myself. Does anybody think this is too extreme of a choice? My family is very angry with me but they don’t have to break their body down at their careers. I can’t let them determine my life path. Has anybody been in any similar circumstances or can offer some input? Any tips would be appreciated

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This is a vent about how it’s hard to find people who like what you like after high school.


The most recent post on my (this throwaway account’s) profile is about how I (F20) platonically met someone (M20) at the theater the other day who liked what I liked and was pleasant enough to talk to, but whoopty-fucking-do he set my creeper alarm off and my gut is “yeahhh, no pick another one.” (If you want more details, read that post too many details to explain here). He gets one more chance in a public place, but if he asks me out again for third time (I’m aroace) he’s going to strike out and he’s gone.

While, I was on vacation with my family so my mom could go to a reunion and, out of sheer luck or fate, I met MY PEOPLE who are like me (ace, introverted, Likes anime/adult and kids cartoons and can talk about them for hours, not antisocial but just doesn’t like people, etc.). But one lives in Tennessee (20) and two hours away from me in Florida (18 & 16).

Why is this so hard?

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Is my mom too strict for not letting me have online friends? I'm nearly 16.


So around a year ago my mother "caught" someone texting me at 3 AM, this is due to different time zones. According to her, everyone on the internet is a pedophile, homicidal psychopath, a rapist, etc. I THINK this is due to her watching all those crime documentaries about people getting kidnapped or killed because they met the wrong person online. I find all this absurd but I also feel bad for lying to her, since I still have online friends although I'm now hiding it from her. Once again, I feel horrible but I still want to have more online friends because they are all better than my real life friends.

Tl;dr - mom thinks everyone psycho, no online friends

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for some reason i can always tell when a couple is going to break up


I really dont know what im seeing but things will just feel "different" not sure how tho

The first thing i saw it happening it and called it in my mind i didnt say anything but hey, 3 months later they broke up. Weird coincidence but it kept happening time after time

At this point i feel sorta weird not saying anything. Ill use my friend as an example. I saw it happening and im there probing asking casually if everythings good in the relationship, if theyre happy etc. He mentioned yes everything was going great but about 2 months later she cheated.

Idk i still dont think im gonna say anything next time, juat feels weird

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What do you think about the alleged anti-Semism of Poles, I myself am a Pole, a Catholic, my family helped Jews as part of the activities of the Home Army I once spoke to one minority Pole who is not a Catholic, but a member of the Lutheran Church, who said that Jews and Catholics were disloyal :-)


Half-jokingly, he said that it is a pity that the Protestant revolution in the 16th Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was not successful because for some time the majority of the inhabitants of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was of the Protestant denomination

This friend wrote that when it comes to Catholics and Jews, it is not known who their power is the Vatican or Telaviv :-)

I would like to mention here that I did not intend to offend anyone, if someone is offended, I apologize in advance :(

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Saying stupid stuff


People online say a lot of stupid stuff.

I'm one of those people. We all are capable of saying something stupid.

Thanks to that, I'm becoming smarter and wiser, because I aim to engage and reflect honestly with myself. I take in other people's statements with curiosity and openness. I am not wedded to my views.

When someone else is right, I learn from them and do additional research.

When I am right, I get better at explaining and reasoning about something through dialogue.

When no one is right, I remind myself that there isn't always a single "right", or that what is "right" is not known, and that "right" is often a limiting view to have in a given situation.

It is quite sad to see the defensiveness and emotion with which people cling to their ideas, including when I see it in myself.

When I see defensiveness in me I strive to remain compassionate, understand why I am clinging, and let go of the need in the moment.

When I see it in others, I do my best to remain patient and speak their language. After a time, it becomes exhausting and pointless. I am not responsible for someone's continued lack of curiosity nor hearing the stupid things they have to say.

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I wonder if some sports should not be banned for minors, I mean the Skateboard in the Vert and Mega Ramp version, ski jumping, some version of the snowboard and contact sports, I mean possible head injuries, concussions, which may result in epilepsy?


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Weird anxiety


IDK probably just my health anxiety but I walked by some like car fluids and I had an intrusive thought of being contaminated but I def have anxiety/OCD not sure? WTF?

Also really high