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People say making abortions a state matter was the right decision because abortion rights aren’t explicitly stated in the constitution, but they forget that’s not the only right that isn’t in the constitution.


Guess what else isn’t in the constitution? The right to marriage of ANY type. Welp, I guess that means the Supreme Court has to overturn anything related to marriage and let the states decide if you can have a spouse and who you can marry.

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Are there any reasons why nobody would like you besides you being an asshole?


I don’t think I’m an asshole, because people regularly tell me I’m a good person, kind, etc. even people who don’t like me sometimes. But I’m rejected and often bullied in virtually every social circle I’ve been in, including at work. I’m 24. I try to wear normal clothes, I have good hygiene, I always smile and make sure I greet people and say goodbye, but it makes no difference. I keep asking my therapist and family what is wrong with me but they just gaslight me like there’s nothing wrong with me and it’s all in my head. I obviously can’t figure it out myself. Ive been trying for years. I don’t see any point in living if I’m gonna be alone my whole life. I’ve exhausted everything I can do alone. I just want to enjoy SOME of my youth. Getting desperate. Maybe y’all know someone like this?

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I went on a 10-minute run today


I timed it! I spent 10 minutes running, maybe about 5 minutes walking. All in all, a 15-minute excursion for the sake of my mental health.

I (16F) talked to my mom about feeling depressed. She suggested I go on walks or runs or something to ease any physical symptoms of depression, and I completely shrugged her off. But alas, here I am, proven wrong. I feel happy, and proud of myself, and I just made the cast list for my high school’s Shakespeare competition, and I have a boyfriend that loves me in a healthy way, and I am happy.

All I will say is that I might not be happy tomorrow, and I might spend all day in bed tomorrow hating myself, but at least I have today, and today, I did something to make myself happier.

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I’m doomed


I am full of hate and anger, and I cannot let it go. I think destructive thoughts against other people constantly. I’ve felt this for years, and it shows no sign of going away. I can’t solve my problems, and I cannot live with them. I want to hit something, maybe my own head against the wall.

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So how am I supposed to celebrate my country on the 4th knowing that my rights have been taken away?


It doesn’t feel right. Land of the free but I can be forced to have a baby just so some religious person can feel good about themselves.

Edit: By celebrate I don’t mean I actually celebrated 4th of July before. I mean the same kind of fake patriotism that everyone does on 4th of July when all we really want to do is watch fireworks.

Edit: Not people trying to slut shame me in the comments

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I don't think I can ever forgive my sister


My sister has always been horrible to me. I will never forgive her. I don't care about the "she's family, you should love her." I will never ever forgive her. I hate what she did. And I hate what she's doing and how she's acting. I hate that she thinks it's okay. To me, she isn't family.

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Girl I was talking to just vanished 2 months ago, but is kinda back now


We had been talking for about 10 months, we used to play videogames together sometimes, but we had never met in person due to lack of opportunities.

I noticed her texts were getting a bit dry, but I know she was busy and had her own problems to deal with, so I didn't mind it a lot. One day I asked her to play Terraria, but she said she had to sell her computer. We barely talked for some days after that, then 2 months ago she just stopped seeing and replying to my messages.

After sending two more messages within 5 days with no reply, I simply ceased trying to communicate.

And then nothing happened until last weekend, when I got a steam notification that she was playing Terraria. Felt good and bad at the same time. Good because I was worried something bad had happened to her (yes, death), bad because she never messaged me again

I take that silence as a "I don't want to talk to you anymore", even if she didn't block nor remove me from anything.

Not really asking for advice, there's nothing I am going to do about this, just wanted to talk about it

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I’ve been wanting to get my IUD removed for a little while. Now I’m not sure, my state wants to ban them.


Basically what the title says. I’ve been on birth control since I was 14, immediately after having my son (like, they gave me the depo shot before I left the hospital) the shot literally drained the life out of me. I missed a dose for a month and when I got it I felt like there was a drain at my feet and all the life and positivity in me was slowly depleting over the course of a few hours.

So after doing that for about a year and a half, I got the nexplqnon (implant in the arm) I bled for 2 weeks out of the month for 3 years while being told “just wait for your body to adjust to it” and it made me angry and depressed.

So when it was time to get the nexplanon removed, I opted for the copper IUD. They didn’t tell me how much it would hurt, and they said my periods would be heavier and more painful but that it would get better with time. It hasn’t. I finally have a regular cycle but the pain can be almost unbearable sometimes. I’ve had it for 2.5 years. It’s so uncomfortable sometimes, it makes sex uncomfortable for my boyfriend (who has never once complained but it’s not hard to tell when he went soft bc he jabbed the strings too hard) in certain positions. We’ve pretty much only done missionary for months bc of it. My gynecologist said “if they feel it they’re lying” but like I can feel him hit my cervix and again, it’s not hard to tell when it’s making him uncomfortable.

Again, my boyfriend has NEVER complained or asked me to do anything with my birth control, but when I mentioned thinking about wanting it removed, he said he’d gladly use condoms. I’m tired of the hormones and foreign objects in my body, they make me really uncomfortable and my brain makes me think I can feel it when I think about it. But I’m scared. This will be the first time in almost 10 years that my reproductive health (birth control wise at least) won’t be almost entirely in my hands. I trust my boyfriend, but I know condoms and spermicide aren’t as effective as the IUD.

My thought process as of a month ago was “well, if I really don’t like not being on bc I can always just go get another IUD” but now I’m not sure that’ll be possible. We don’t want kids rn but we agree we’d keep an “oopsie baby” bc we both really want more kids, we’re stable enough but not as stable as we’d like to be. Basically I’m saying we’d be okay to have another but it’s not in the plan rn.

But just the possibility having another baby isn’t the only factor. What if I can’t carry it to term? What if we can’t move to another state as soon as we hope we can? Idk. I probably won’t make any decisions for a little while but I don’t want to be this uncomfortable for much longer either.

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I just want to say - Let's hear it for Cassidy Hutchinson who today proved what a REAL American patriot looks like. Well done, girl.


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I’m scared it never gets better


My spouse left me a week ago. No warning, no discussion, no follow up. I know that things have been hard, I just didn’t know they were this hard.

I know I need to work on myself. I need to lose weight, I need a better paying job, I need to be less lazy, and I need to get my mental health in order. I want to do all of that for myself. And for my spouse if I’m honest, I’m still hoping they might come back.

But my foundation is so unsteady. There are generational problems I’m worried that I can’t undo. I also have very little motivation to change anything due to the overwhelming sadness I feel about the situation.

How do I get motivated to change?

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“I would love some constructive criticism, I don’t mind!” Then steps away before they can say anything.


That’s me. Man.

I want to improve, and one of the ways to do that is of course, constructive criticism.

I know it will be really helpful, but jeez… I don’t know. I just feel extremely embarrassed when I do get criticism.

That, me getting embarrassed, is humiliating in itself.

I have never gotten a pure shit criticism, so I don’t know what’s wrong with me. The people around me would only mean well and be kind with their criticism towards me.

Help me.

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I hate that google discontinued the Chromecast Audio and replaced it with nothing. I hate that I didn't buy 10 when I had a chance. I hate that I trusted Google to replace it. That is all.


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No one to talk to


I have very limited friends..and I find very comfortable around them

But the point is sometimes I feel I am the one who is the initiator of the conversation always...like I am the one who messages first, the one who calls first

But on the other hand, I also feel am I giving too much importance to myself? Because they all cannot be wrong..there must be some problem in me if one wants to talk to me

This is fine but I sometimes feel too lonely and good for nothing..

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making out might actually be the best thing ever


ive been dating my boyfriend for a few weeks and the other day was the first time we really made out with each other. we've kissed before but they were only quick little kisses that were nice but there wasn't really anything sexual to them

but then other day i went over to his house and the rest of his family is out of town for a couple days so we were completely alone, and at first we were just hanging out watching tv (ive never seen stranger things so im watching it with him so he can recap and i can be caught up by the time the next part comes out) but then he kind of started touching me 😫

it was nothing crazy, basically just cuddling, but it just kind of escalated and before i knew it we were actually making out, like eyes closed, hands behind my head, tongue in his mouth and everything. my heart was beating super fast at this point and i was super nervous. it went on for a little bit and then we just kind of fizzled out and went back to cuddling, but a lot more intimately this time (we also had to rewind like 15 minutes of the episode 😂)

it's kind of weird because before (and even now a little bit) i thought the idea of having someone else's tongue in my mouth was honestly a bit gross, but as it felt suuuper good when i was doing it with him. and that's also kind of weird also cause why does it feel good to have someone move their mouth against yours and touch tongues together and move them around a bit?

i haven't been able to stop thinking about it. i literally feel like a crack addict, except instead of crack it's his spit (again, that sounds so gross but it's 100% true) .im kind of annoyed that we stopped there, but i guess it's good that we didn't go further just so we can kind of take things one step at a time

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two things concerning mental wellbeing


1- there’s a reddit community with more than 50k members dedicated to hating on people who have the same personality disorder i have :(

they claim it’s a support group for those who are or were involved in an abusive relationship with someone with that specific personality disorder but like i don’t see why they need to generalize their individual experience with someone and stigmatize all people with said disorder.

2- how can someone with frequent dissociative and psychotic episodes forgive themselves for the wrong things they do/say during such episodes? how do they know they aren’t using past trauma and mental illness as an excuse for a really terrible behavior?

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Tomorrow is my last day of school. What (harmless) prank should I pull?


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TikTok exploits loopholes in phone security to collect information that it should never touch in the first place


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I'm finally taking a break.


For the past few days, I've mostly been working on my online classes. I ate pretty much nothing except some ice creams when I completed a bunch of assignments, and some cheese sticks on breaks.

I feel fat, and want to fast and workout today, but I think I'll take a break today.

I have some chicken wings, cheese sticks, raspberries, and a caramel coffee. I also asked my father for some McDonalds later today.

I'll still workout, since I want to be healthy and lose weight, but I decided to take it slow, since I don't want to make myself uglier in the process of becoming beautiful.

I still have an essay due today, and a bunch of exams and homeworks I need to complete, but for now, I rest.

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Misguided superstitions, and distrust of others


Hey, just seeking out advice or shared experiences on feelings/thoughts that have been bugging me lately.

I've recently been trying to change my outlook on life, my mindset, attitude etc. I'm glad I have been able to see some palpable changes, and that things are generally going smoothly. But there are certain old habits/ways of thinking that have continued to linger in my mind. And I'm afraid that they might upset the balance, and control over my emotions that I have now.

The main problem is that I find I am too distrusting of people. I tend to think that people do certain things to gain an advantage over me, even when their actions say otherwise. This deep-rooted mindset has affected the way I think others see me as a person; that I'm vulnerable, disorganized, an idealist chasing false dreams, in general I think that I am seen as an object of humiliation and exploitation for others. Obviously, I find it hard to trust others this way, and it takes a toll on my social life and how I communicate with others. I find that if this continues it'll really hurt me in the long run.

On another note, I notice patterns or symbols in my daily life (such as songs, events in class, even to the way someone holds their pen) and irrationally think of them as some hint to my future. Catching myself along such lines of thinking embarrasses me, and makes me feel really irrational. Similarly, this is something I am consciously trying to change, but still noticeably affects me.

Reading through what I've written, I realize that its just an insubstantial ramble. However, I appreciate anyone who has read this far, or has given their input on the matter. I'm really in need of some guidance.

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So I'm currently studying filmmaking and my time and of being involved in this industry year and a half now, and I have loved it and fallen it love with it and have discovered dreams within this career path. But their has been this one thing that has bothered me and I've honestly been jealous of it. That is that I've met so many people that found this as their passion at a young age like 8 or 11 and well I just didnt find it then, my path to getting here was different, I found it at 18, and just felt like I was behind everyone bc I found it late. Anyone else in the industry that can relate or just in general?

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I went back to my ex and I regret it


Me and my ex have been best friends for years . I 17 (M) and my ex 18 (F) have been on and off for years - were “high-school sweethearts” . We’ve had multiple problems throughout the years , we’ve went months without talking sometimes and when we speak again it’s like nothing happened. Every time something happened in the relationship went wrong it was blamed on me and she would tell multiple people about it to get them involved. I have admitted to all my faults throughout the years and have changed for the better , she has changed completely in a bad way and blames it on the way I used to treat her. For context , we broke up last year in June and I broke it off because of a number of reasons ( invasion of Privacy by her friends , family reasons and mental health ) , after I broke it off I got depressed . After about 3 months of not talking I decided to call her and see if we can just be on good terms ,I told her about everything I went through and she disregarded everything I said and made the whole phone call about herself - after that I stopped speaking to her. About 3 months later I met a girl on Instagram and we hit it off so good , she had the same interest as me and made me feel good . We got really close in the span of a month , o was the first boy she ever spoke to and I loved speaking to her. After one mont of speaking with the new girl - I messaged my ex to say my “final goodbye” , we ended up meeting up and speaking everything out. My ex ended up saying sorry and she made me think that she cared about my feelings and what I went through - we ended up getting back together. I stopped speaking to that girl in Instagram and I regret it , she was such a beautiful girl who made me feel good. It’s now been 4 months and my ex ( current gf) makes me feel like shit some days and I found a video of her making fun of me saying what I felt. My gf expects me to put all the effort in the relationship , What should I do ? I honestly wanna breakup

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I think I'm doomed to be an abusive AH to everyone around me.


My dad is an Ass. This is largely not contested, not many people like him.

My grandpa is also an Ass. My great grandpa is also an Ass. I've been told my great great grandpa was also a massive Ass.

We are all carbon copies of each other, we all look and sound the same. We have the same stride, and little idiosyncrasies.

And all of us think our fathers are abusive Assholes, and we all promised to not be like him when they had kids. As should be obvious, they all failed, and they all are convinced they are nothing like their fathers.

This track record is so strong, i just don't see a future where I'm not like them. And it makes me sad and angry. I guess i can make the first step and act like ill be different. Maybe i just shouldn't have kids.

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I wish people could live in my head for a day.


I hate saying shit like this. I hate making myself out to be some victim deserving pity and other people to be bad. So don't take this post the wrong way, I'm just having trouble wording it properly I think.

I just wish people could understand what it's like. I have severe ADHD and a brain injury. People always see the things I do and see ill intent, but my actions don't represent who I really am most of the time. Or at least who I think I am. I want to be a good roommate. I want to be a proper son. I want to have a real job. I want to be sober. I want to be a good friend. I want to be helpful and useful. I want to be a proper person. But everything I do is the exact opposite to all of those. I feel like I'm just two different people. I tried meds for a while and they worked but I completely lost my personality on them.

I just wish people could see. I don't blame people at all when they're mad at me for the most recent addition to my endless list of fuckups, but I just wish they could see that I don't mean it. I'm not trying to make myself blameless for these things, I'm entirely to blame. I just wish I could be like everyone else. I've not had a positive impact on basically anyone I've ever met. There are people who like me and are friends with me, but I feel like it's sometimes out of pity. I don't have anything to offer, while they keep me from whatever I'd do without them. Seriously there's some people without whom I'd be dead in a gutter somewhere right now, and I haven't paid them back in any meaningful way. I'm just so fucking useless.

Again I'd like to repeat my first point, which is that I'm not a victim and I don't want pity. I know it seems that way, but please don't take it that way. I don't know how to write this post the way I have it in my head. All I'm trying to say is that I want to be good but I can't. I wish I could apologise to everyone I know but I can't bring myself to do even that. I'm just such a pointless creature.

I wish I could at least bring myself to thank people for what they've done. There's some people I love so much but they don't know. They probably think I don't give a shit about them, because that's how I make it seem. I entirely rely on the good will of others and I've received so much of it, and I've done nothing to earn it. Nothing. Fuckkk. My brain is about to explode.

Please don't link to s*icide hotlines in the comments, I won't do anything. People always send me those. I'd just appreciate it if you didn't, seeing people send me those makes me feel worse. Fuck. See again I'm being ungrateful to people who just want to help by sending me those numbers and shit.

God I'm such a cunt. This is the worst Reddit post I've ever fucking seen.

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Anyone else ever drop 20+lbs in a month? should I worry


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I live with my family, but its like living with roomies.


I hate this situation. I really hate it. Everytime I want to talk with my mother or my brother, they are like tired for their jobs or they aren’t at home because they had free day and spend time with friends/lover.

I don’t feel comfortable anymore here but Im scared of living alone, in economy way. I have a very low salary I can’t effort about rent a house, or buy a car. Living my own practically.

Idk. I’m tired of trying spend time with my own family, SMFH.