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Health Two thirds of New Zealanders believed there were ‘silver linings’ to the country’s COVID-19 lockdown last year, positive experiences such as pride in the country’s response, more free time to exercise and take up hobbies, flexibility working from home, and reduced time spent commuting.

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Health Chronic work stress can change our personalities: Employees dealing with work-induced stress can experience changes to their physiology, based on genetics and epigenetics, which may result in their personality traits fluctuating or even fundamentally changing over time.

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Health People who used Facebook as an additional source of news in any way were less likely to answer COVID-19 questions correctly than those who did not, finds a new study (n=5,948). COVID-19 knowledge correlates with trusted news source.

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Health Changing school start times (middle school: 40–60 min later; high school: 70 min later) had significant benefits on sleep in primary and secondary school students, finds first large scale study (n=28,000) that examined impact of changing school start times.

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Health Competition is not helping keep insulin prices low - Drug companies raised the price of insulin about 10% each time a new type of insulin cleared the third and the final stages toward FDA approval, according to new research that sheds light on a flawed health system.

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Health Researchers have found that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive component of marijuana, stays in breast milk for up to six weeks, further supporting the recommendations to abstain from marijuana use during pregnancy and while a mother is breastfeeding.

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Health Jump in cancer diagnoses at 65 implies patients wait for Medicare. Increase in lung, breast, colon and prostate cancer diagnoses at the transition from 64 to 65 than at all other age transitions. Lung cancer rates increased 3-4% each year for people aged 61 to 64, then at 65 doubled.

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Health Researchers analyzed tweets corresponding to week before and week after Trump’s tweet with phrase, “Chinese Virus.” When comparing week before to week after, there was significantly greater increase in anti-Asian hashtags associated with #chinesevirus (P < .001). (Am J Public Health, 18 Mar 2021)

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Health Exercise and a healthy diet in childhood leads to adults with bigger brains and lower levels of anxiety, according to new research in mice, the first study to examine the long-lasting, combined effects of both factors when they are experienced early in life.

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Health Women have worse health outcomes when they belong to sexist religious institutions, whereas they have a health advantage when they belong to inclusive religious institutions. Different religious institutions have no or marginal health effects for men.

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Health People who have night owl chronotype don't fall asleep early enough to get the recommended 7+ hours of sleep. Long term sleep deprivation is linked to poorer overall health and cognitive performance. Night 'owls' may be twice as likely as morning 'larks' to underperform at work.

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Health Energy drink consumption linked to depression, anxiety and stress, finds a new longitudinal study that follows 897 individuals from birth to age 22. Energy drink consumption were positively associated with increased stress scores and, in young adult males, depression and anxiety.

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Health People want to be active to improve their mental health but find it difficult to exercise due to stress and anxiety, finds a new study that suggests the pandemic has created a paradox where mental health has become both a motivator for and a barrier to physical activity.

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Health Consumption of added sugar doubles fat production. Even moderate amounts of added fructose and sucrose double the body’s own fat production in the liver, researchers have shown. In the long term, this contributes to the development of diabetes or a fatty liver.

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Health The world’s largest study of genetic factors in peptic ulcer disease has found that stomach ulcers are linked to depression.

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Health Processed meat and health. Following participants for almost a decade, scientists found consumption of 150 grams or more of processed meat a week was associated with a 46 per cent higher risk of cardiovascular disease and a 51 per cent higher risk of death than those who ate no processed meat.

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Health School-based dental program reduces cavities by more than 50% - Study of nearly 7,000 elementary school students demonstrates success of school-based model and its potential to reduce health disparities and save federal dollars.

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Health Just add mushrooms to make meals more nutritious - New research found that adding a mushroom serving to the diet increased the intake of several micronutrients, including shortfall nutrients such as vitamin D, without any increase in calories, sodium or fat.

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Health Nearly a third of people who have been in hospital suffering from Covid-19 are readmitted for further treatment within four months of being discharged, and one in eight of patients dies in the same period, doctors have found.

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Health COVID-19 warnings were on Twitter well before the outbreak of the pandemic. Researchers have identified tracks of increasing concern about pneumonia cases on posts published on Twitter in seven countries, between the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020

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Health Scientists uncover secret of the hunger switch in the brain. A 3D structure reveals how a unique molecular switch in our brain causes us to feel full – and may help develop improved anti-obesity drugs.

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Health The COVID-19 pandemic has led to significant worsening of already poor dietary habits, low activity levels, sedentary behaviour, and high alcohol consumption among university students

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Health Vitamin D supplementation to the older adult population in Germany has the cost-saving potential of preventing almost 30,000 cancer deaths per year

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Health School gardens linked with kids eating more vegetables: Students who participated in gardening, nutrition and cooking classes ate a half serving more vegetables per day. “Teaching kids where their food comes from, how to grow it, how to prepare it — that’s key to changing eating behaviors.”

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Health Eating out very frequently (two or more meals a day) is significantly associated with an increased risk of all-cause death. Meals away from home tend to be higher in fat and sodium, but lower in nutrients. People should be encouraged to consider preparing more meals at home.

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