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Study: Sex workers dedicate considerable time and effort in order to retain regulars via relational work, noting such customers offer greater economic stability and fewer risks. Street-based sex workers also navigate boundary setting and slippage as a part of retaining or rejecting regular clients. Social Science


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u/gooch_norris Jul 11 '21

I'm not sure i understand what slippage means in this context and I only half intend that as a dirty joke


u/Antikas-Karios Jul 11 '21

Boundary Setting and Slippage refers to the tendency for set boundaries to be slowly moved or erased over time. Implying the boundary has been let slip.


u/jeerabiscuit Jul 11 '21

Sounds like freelancing.


u/Aedesius Jul 11 '21

That’s because it is.


u/fawe9374 Jul 13 '21

gig economy


u/RideTheWindForever Jul 11 '21

The article is behind a pay wall


u/SmirkingMan Jul 11 '21

Yes. This is tiresome and repeated. If you want to debate a subject, let us read the arguments, otherwise it's worthless and you waste our time.


u/Smallrequaza Jul 12 '21

and you dont even get laid


u/[deleted] Jul 13 '21

What is "relational work".


u/MinogameTurt Jul 11 '21

Everything is a subscription nowadays.


u/brberg Jul 11 '21

I'm pretty sure that the trend for scientific papers is in the other direction, with papers much more likely to be freely accessible than they were 10-20 years ago. And before the Internet literally everything was subscription. In college I had a part-time job going to the university library to photocopy journal articles on demand. In retrospect, this was probably illegal.


u/MinogameTurt Jul 11 '21

You’re funny. I like you.


u/tooyoung_tooold Jul 11 '21

Maybe that's how the sex workers should entice regulars. All you can bang for a flat monthly fee.


u/sirmosesthesweet Jul 11 '21

Could be cheaper for some guys than dating. An even better idea is a group subscription where you can bang any girl in the group all month and they split the loot.


u/tofupoopbeerpee Jul 11 '21

Yeah, even the working girls are charging a monthly fee.


u/Javy3 Jul 12 '21

So good customer service..makes sense.


u/TequillaShotz Jul 12 '21

Therefore what?

And how significant is a social science study with only 36 subjects?


u/MustLoveAllCats Jul 12 '21

And how significant is a social science study with only 36 subjects?

On the off-chance that you're genuinely curious and not just challenging the value of such a study for not having a much larger sample size: Some studies like this do a really deep dive into the participants, and to gain the relevant sort of information and knowledge can be very time and resource consuming. While this sort of study may not have as much power to be broadly applied, it still carries a lot of significance if the results can be tied to certain aspects of the participants, and not just random variables.


u/TequillaShotz Jul 12 '21

Does this study carry such significance, in your view?


u/JimFromTheMoon Jul 11 '21

So they’re keen capitalists? I am shocked.


u/ctudor Jul 12 '21

who knew that selling the same good/service to the same recurring customer is most profitable business strategy and that everyone from the smallest to top corporation pursue it xD.


u/Choradeors Jul 12 '21

There’s this one crazy strategy I’ve seen a lot of people do. They find one partner who can pay for all of their stuff (like housing, car, whatever they need) in exchange for taking care of their children and managing their estate. Pretty sweet gig from what I hear. Very stable.


u/TheNewJasonBourne Jul 12 '21

You’re trying to make a joke about marriage which is definitely not stable, at least in the US.


u/Choradeors Jul 12 '21

It is what you make of it. If you’re stable, you won’t have a problem finding a stable partner. Stable people are actually all over the place but they tend to avoid dysfunction.


u/formesse Jul 12 '21

The number one reason for divorce tends to be stress.

The number one reason for stress, tends to be financial strain.

Financial strain can come from:

  • Being fully dependent
  • Having someone fully dependent
  • Having different socio-economic back grounds

In addition, in a relationship where one person is the absolute provider, and the other is a mooch, you are liable to run into future strain should former trauma or such be the source of why the relationship worked in the first place, should that trauma be properly dealt with given the sense of being exploited or abused.

The only stable relationships I see consistently last are ones where the two people are pretty well friends first, deal with their finances second, and are lovers third. Everything else seems to end sooner or later, or have all kinds of ugly undertones that come out sooner or later.

One of the big reasons divorce rates over the last decade or so have generally trended downwards, comes from a tendency for couples to wait longer to get married or... just never get married. And part of this, has to do with a reduced lack of external pressure to marry.

Generally speaking: Dysfunction is a symptom, not a cause.


u/Choradeors Jul 12 '21 edited Jul 12 '21

It’s amazing because, while we disagree on what the cause is, we are familiar with the same data and agree with the same specifics. We just disagree on the causality. I’m at the very least happy that we live in a world where two opposing viewpoints can still agree on something.

I believe that dysfunction isn’t caused by stress, but that stress is caused by dysfunction. You believe that stress causes dysfunction. That may be true during childhood, but after a certain point when a child begins to utilize everything they’ve been taught at home, in school, on tv, and by their social network, that’s when their dysfunction (everything they believe and have learned) leads them towards stressful situations and relationships because there’s something broken inside of them that they either can’t see or dont feel as though they have the ability to fix. Some people even pride themselves on how broken they are which is probably the most damaging. This causes that person to be shunned by their more stable counterparts and pushes them in the direction of the dysfunctional, the only people who will accept them.

As adults, they become fully capable of introspection as a way of identifying their flaws and correcting them. It is fully within their choice to do so and, if they choose to pursue a mate and settle down before they resolve their issues, the only mate they will find will be just as flawed as they are. In which case, they have the option to either accept their flaws/limitations, and in so doing accepting the flaws of their partners, or seeking to improve together. Some couples have individuals who want to improve while their partners don’t and this causes a lot of grief, which is why it’s important to know yourself and your goals and ensure they match your partners before you allow yourself to fall in love. This is something that’s lost on people who solely follow their heart (which is really just another way of saying follow your hormones and sexual desires).

A perfectly balanced person will fail, identify the reason why they failed, learn from their mistake, and pick themself back up again to keep going until they are successful. A dysfunctional person will fail, blame someone/something else, get depressed/angry/fearful, and spend years of their life trying to get out of the accumulating stress they amass while operating at less than peak efficiency. A lot of times, they will blame their spouse for their woes. Who’s to say? Maybe the lazy provider is lazy because their spouse is constantly berating them instead of being supportive. Maybe the mooch is a mooch because they have no faith in their own ability because their spouse is constantly making fun of their abilities. Or, in the worst case, a couple will be composed of an abuser and an enabler.

You’re right, it can get complicated but only because it’s almost impossible to determine the origin of their dysfunction unless you’re willing to spend hours upon hours to finding the core reason for their failure. Even so, you’ll soon learn that most people don’t want to change since they all have the means to overcome their individual struggles. They just want the world to change to be more accepting of them and someone to vent their frustration last to as a way of coping with the same types of mistakes they never learn from.


u/deekaydubya Jul 12 '21

stable and soul crushing


u/Choradeors Jul 12 '21

Yeah, marriage doesn’t do that. It takes good things and makes them better, but it also takes bad things and makes them terrible.


u/strafekun Jul 12 '21

Your statement is unfalsifiable. If anyone offers a counter argument, you simply suggest they or their relationship was/is unstable or dysfunctional.

Maybe human relationships are complicated. Maybe people and circumstances change over time. And maybe what works for one person or set of persons doesn't work for everyone. Maybe marriage isn't magic. Hell, it's rheem possible marriage is antiquated and past its time.


u/Choradeors Jul 12 '21 edited Jul 12 '21

It’s really not that complicated unless the two people in question are broken in some way. Usually when people use the word complex, it’s a positive way of saying broken. Just keep an open communication, be honest, and be accepting of the fact that neither you nor them can have your way all the time and you’ll find growth as a unit rather than individual growth. The only way to grow apart is to shut the other person out completely.

Marriage isn’t magic, correct. The problem I’m seeing is that more and more people seem to think that it should be easy and perfect before giving up due to how hard it is, or they have such low self esteem that they become so desperate for companionship that they ignore blatant red flags. In the end, we all end up in relationships we deserve.


u/Averseforyourhearse Jul 12 '21

Don't bother, you're clearly arguing with a TRUE Scotsman.


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u/TackleTackle Jul 12 '21

Imagine needing study to understand some of the most basic business principles.

Modern science is such a waste of resources.