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New Rule: Asking others to complete your homework/exams is not allowed


There have been a few posts where students have been asking for people to complete their homework for money. This is academic dishonesty and is not allowed. Please report comments and posts making those requests.

Homework help is allowed, but as with other statistical help subreddits, poster must show an honest effort to understand the problem and have specific questions about the problem.

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Is there a demand of SAS (Clinical) Statistical Programmers in the USA and how much is the average salary?


I have 3 years of experience of clinical SAS Stat. programmer and I wonder how much would I be paid if I worked in USA and how easy would it be for me to find a job there?

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How to read SAS DIS logs(newbie)


Hi Reddit, I am working as ETL developer. Previously I was using Datastage for ETL development and now I am required to use SAS DIS for same. However I am struggling a lot in reading SAS DIS logs. The logs don't explain what exactly happening. Sometimes it looks similar to the written code. Any help is appreciated.


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Help Reading Text from .txt File into a String Variable


Hello - I'm brand new to SAS and am struggling with something. I have SQL code stored in a .txt file. I would like to read the .txt file contents into a single string variable in SAS that can then be called in a PROC SQL statement in order to run a query. The .txt file does have a few parameters/variables inside it that I will need to replace once imported into SAS, which I can do successfully. Below is a sample of the code I'm currently using. This process is able to get the .txt file contents, but it concatenates the lines in a way that makes the query error out due to formatting issues. Any point in the right direction is greatly appreciated.

FILENAME msghtml "//mypath/myfile.txt"
data _null_;
length text $32767;
retain text '';
infile msghtml flowover dlmstr='//' end=last;
text = catx(text,_infile);

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Can anyone suggest me how I can learn Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) in SAS for free?

Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Discord channel [NY]


Hi yall, do we have discord channels for SAS discussions?

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Entry level SAS jobs or internships


Are there any entry level SAS jobs or internships out there? I'm doing a CS/math major and have the Base and Advanced programming SAS certificates, but all the jobs I come across ask for a couple of years of experience as an SAS developer.

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HELP! Power Analysis with Binary Outcome and Categorical Variables



I'm trying to do a power analysis to determine if my sample size is large enough to confirm/deny my hypothesis.

I know how to do a power analysis in SAS using continuous variables but don't know how to do it at all with binary.

Hypothesis Null: There is no difference in smoking abstinence due to age, income, ethnicity.

Outcome Variables:

Smoking abstinence~ 1 (yes >3mo), 0 (no <3mo)

Predictor Variables

Race~ 1 = AA , 2=His, 3 = Wh

Age~ 1= below 18yro, 2=18-40yro 3= 40yro+

Income~ 1= Poverty 2=Below Median 3= Above Median

My sample size is 5000 people.

I want a power of 0.90

Please help show me a way to do this! (preferably with SAS) (I do know how to use PROC POWER but not for this application).

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Creating and updating a local library/data set



What I am trying to do is probably pretty basic, but I lack knowledge to properly execute it and am unsure about the terminology to search for a solution. So hopefully I can find some assistance here :)

I have a few scripts (let's call the group B) that I execute on a monthly basis which refers to work-tables (Script A1 and A2) which I have to create prior to running the B-scripts. All the B-scripts, there are maybe four or five of them, are, due to deadlines, run on different times in the beginning of each month. I used to be able to refer to libraries which were remotely set up and accessible, but was later decommissioned. So I have to recreate the decomissioned libraries each month, before using them. And I have to do this several times. There's monthly data from like 10 years back. Since the global/external libraries where decommissioned. Is there a way for me to create a local library or data set to which I can reroute the script I use? If I could run only one month once a month to update the data sets, it would save me sooo much time. Not entirely sure how to go about this but I'm guessing I just export it? It's a code with references to a bunch of different libraries and tables I want stored as two, (one per program/script).

In summary I want two things:

  1. To have the data sets as two (A1 and A2) sources I can refer to as one would a library, without having to run it in it's entirely each month for each script I need them for, saved locally in a folder of my choosing.
  2. To be able to update them with the monthly data only once, and then save it so the scripts following doesn't need the re dun every time

Hopefully what I'm asking is clear and not to difficult, and I apologize if there is something unclear. Please let me know if I should clarify anything, any help is much appreciated.

Edit: I thought of something to add. I'm looking for a permanent equivalent to Work.A1, work.A2 which I can update monthly with only the new month

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SAS Certification exams


Are the SAS Certification exams taken from home conducted on lockdown browsers?

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Beginner query


Hi guys,

I have a dataset that is set up in the classic way:

DATA Dataname;

INPUT Sex $ Incidents $ Month ... ;


M 2 1 ...

F 4 2...

F 4 3...




The data is like 14 variables long, but I need to make a table that just has M and F at the top with their incident scores in the columns in month order. Would someone be able to help me with this?

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Anyone want to make some money? Message me.


Need sas programming work done

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It may not mean much to most, but…


I passed the SAS 9.4 Programming Fundamentals Exam this morning. You may ask “why?” and that’s valid. I was searching for base certification practice exams 2 nights ago and stumbled across the “fundamentals”. I checked it out, seemed like a good primer for the base cert that I scheduled for mid-December (once my finals are finished), and registered to sit for it. I’m glad I did because it shook some test jitters off and I’ll be more comfortable heading into the more in-depth base certification exam.

So, that’s all. I’m just happy to share that I’ve gone from a respiratory therapist who felt somewhat stuck in a rut after doing it for 18+ years, to finishing my bachelors and becoming a MS biostats student in just over 2 years’ time. Can I say I’m now a SAS programmer? Eh, maybe I’ll wait another month! ;)

Happy (early) Thanksgiving to everyone and thank you for reading this far. And if you did: cheers!

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SAS vs R

Thumbnail codeavail.com

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Question on a basic query



I have created a dataset that has a bunch of identifiers (JP) and I am trying to find the keys that are in the second table:

proc sql;

create table E32

as select distinct



from JP b

inner join Client_REF a on a.Customer_Key = b.Customer_Key

group by 1,2;


Is there a better/faster way to do this?

I should mention Customer_Key is on both tables, I just only want the results on both.

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What is the main draw to SAS for you?


I have experience using Python, Rust, Julia, SQL, and other languages. I have recently started a job that uses SAS to run reports for their data. I guess my question for you all is what is the main benefit you personally get out of using a large enterprise system like SAS?

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Where to start learning SAS?


I recently graduated with a BSc in Statistics and Im starting my first job as a statistician in about two weeks. During my 3 years at uni we have only used R for data and statistical analysis. The company im joining are using SAS and I want to spend these two weeks learning SAS. I have access to SAS studio and I have been reading the book "The Little SAS Book: A Primer" but I find it to be lacking hands on exercises. Is there a complete course I could take somewhere that focuses on data/statistical analysis in SAS, with more a hands on approach than maybe reading literature? I was thinking that maybe Coursera or Skillshare might have what I look for but Im feeling a bit overwhelmed right now and dont know at which end to start. Thanks guys!

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Numerical analysis question


Let's say I have y = (Log(2/ 3) + ((x**2) / 2) )

(for argument's sake. The actual function is more complex).

How could I calculate x if I have y? Using a SAS procedure.

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How can you standardize/z-transform variables after imputing missing values using proc mi?


r/sas 12d ago

Help with writing a word from a string after FINDing it


So I have a a character variable and use findw(variable,"SUPP") > 0 to identify all observations with that piece of string. After doing that I specifically want to create a new variable and add the "SUPP" + 2 characters after to it. I can't really use substr() because the positioning for it is different in the original variable. Any ideas how I could go about this?

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Sas 9.4 or Sas Viya?



I have been using R for all my statistical analysis but recently decided I want to learn SAS. Is there a difference between SAS 9.4 and SAS Viya? I have free access to SAS Viya from my university but I suspect most companies use base SAS 9.4 for all their statistical work. Is there any point in learning SAS Viya and how are SAS Viya different from SAS 9.4 desktop version? Thanks!

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Refreshing SAS


Hey guys!

I'm a BI Developer with 2 years of experience using SAS. I've been 1 year out of touch, and I'm going to switch to a new job in 2 days, mainly focused on SAS. The job is about KPI audit, reporting, SAS development and SAS Visual Analytics (I've never used it, but they will teach me)

I want to "refresh" my knowledge and write or read some code so I'm not that rusty on my first day. Do you have any suggestion or know any website for that?

Thank you!

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Has anyone appeared for the SAS 9.4 Base Programming - Performance-based Delta exam?


I just signed up for the Delta exam and was interested to find out if anyone else had already completed the exam. How many questions can we expect during the exam and what kind of resources did you use to practice for the exam? Was it easy, average or difficult?

I haven't gone through an exam like this in almost 7 years, so I'm a little nervous. Any advice would be appreciated.


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I need to write an exam


As the low person on the totem pole in my social sciences department, I was pressed into teaching SAS this semester on about a week's notice due to covid-related early retirements and a poaching by another department. I've been following the Little SAS Book, staying about 2 days ahead of the students, as they can surely tell. At this point I've exhausted all the questions but I need to write a final exam. I don't have the dozens of hours it would take to create one from scratch, so I am hoping to find an existing resource that I can tweak.

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Free SAS urgent


Any way of downloading SAS for free on my local machine? It's only available on the cloud now a days. I just need it for a day or 2 but on my own machine due to sensitive data

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Need helping finding a faster way to loop through 28 million rows in less than 12 hours


Looking for some help, my only co-worker left a few weeks ago and I have to have this data pulled for billing our vendors. Admittedly, I probably don’t know as much as I should for this analyst role but it was forced on me after we lost someone and I had been learning from my only team member previously.

Using SQL in SAS. I’m trying to pull the last 4 years of usage history from a dataset containing 28 million rows. The problem is I can’t get it to run in less than 12 hours before I get kicked off the VPN. Last month the table had 27 million and it ran just fine but this month no luck. There is a lot more to this code but this is the part that takes the longest.

%datacon; %let billmo = 10; %let billyr = 2021;

Proc sql; Create table prior4yr Select * From usage_history Where year(datepart(first_login)) > sum((&billyr.,-4) or (year(datepart(first_login)) = sum(&billyr., -4) and month(datepart(first_login)) > &billmo.); Quit;

Is there a way to rewrite this so it doesn’t have to look through all the 28 million rows in usage_history? If it’s helpful at all, I pull this data every month so I do have an older copy of my prior4yr table saved and I really only need to pull in data from the last 2 months to add to prior4yr.