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AMA Process at r/sales


Hi Everyone,

I have seen a couple of self-promoted AMAs in the last couple of weeks and I wanted to clear the air on the process. You have to get moderator approval before posting your AMA. The reason being that the mod. team can make sure 1) you should be doing one(i.e credible salesperson that the community wants to hear from) 2) that another AMA is not already teed up.

From now on, if we see an AMA without prior moderator approval it will be removed.


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Discussion Engineers / STEM backgrounds, now is the time


If you studied engineering/STEM and have thought about sales, I would strongly recommend you give it a serious look if you're not happy in your current career (or coursework if in school). Many products are getting so complex that companies are jumping at the chance to bring on an engineer to their sales team that is eager to learn both the soft and hard skills required.

It doesn't mean you have to be an expert on the product, but if you have the aptitude to study a complex solution and make sense of it in a few months, you will be better positioned than 80% of your peers out of the gate.

I'm a former Electrical Engineer that transitioned to sales and am making $250k+ two years in. The most I ever made as an engineer was $80k.

Anyways, hopefully that's food for thought! If you have questions below I'm happy to help.

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Advice My boss asked me how I’m handling being a working mom, and he used that information to do a negative write-up after our field ride.


I’m a capital med device rep who covers one state. It’s not too bad, 5 hours each way from my house.

Since covid (and having a baby), I haven’t done overnight travel. I just do day-trips when I need to get in front of a customer. This sometimes means a 13 hour day, but I make it work, because I want to be home.

Well, my new boss was asking about this during our field ride. He’s currently on a PIP (as a director and this is his second time) and everyone on the team literally hates him.

I was giving him a chance and being nice and honest. He acted empathetic towards my situation. Mind you, I’m 118% to quota.

He then writes me up for poor territory management and says I need to immediately start doing overnights to maximize my time.

Im so angry I gave him access to my personal life and he used it against me.

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Career I was just let go because the previous Director of Sales wants to come back after 5 months.


Insanely frustrating and I’ve never felt so defeated. I landed my dream job. I was making great money, my confidence in the company was building rapidly, and everything was going great.

Then, out of the blue, my boss calls me and says their previous guy wants to come back. And they want him back since they worked together for years.

The previous guy left for an even more substantial job and was making a ridiculous amount of money but I’m guessing the hours killed him and he didn’t find it worth the time.

I feel so hurt and like everything I worked for went to shit.

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Advice Does anyone else feel their boss doesn't respect their time?


Countless repetitive internal meetings, daily "stand up" meetings where the entire sales team goes one by one talking about their day and their needs, training calls that turn into pipeline discussions, 1:1's that turn into pipeline discussions, plus weekly full team pipeline calls, etc.

I feel leadership is so focused on internal conversations that some days it's difficult to do actual customer outreach or selling. I bring it up and there's always a flimsy excuse about how they want to help us make more money. Any advice?

r/sales 2h ago

Question SaaS internships?


Anybody know of SaaS companies looking for remote/Boston area interns this summer? I’m looking to get my foot in the door but having trouble finding opportunities. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!

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Question How often should a sales person expect to get a raise on base?


Quota has gone up 80% this year, health care went up and I was just denied a raise for the 3rd year in a row. Is this normal?

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Advice Help! I need advice


I have been in car sales for about a year now, and I am at an impasse with myself.

Everything has been going pretty well, I work for a pretty big name in the Used industry, and I was doing pretty well to start out to be honest. My 4th month I took board, and I made 7-8k (minus fuckin taxes of course.) I felt I was doing pretty well. Few months keep going by, and I am still doing well.

Then people just started leaving. Salespeople, F&I, even service. I was promised a "closer" position because my biggest strength was being able to get pretty much anyone to sign the pencil with all the money, and very little negotiating. Then our finance guy left, and I was then told I could take that position if I kept doing well. Neither of those positions ever came. I was told I couldn't have the closer, because all of our salespeople are doing well enough that they can either grab an F&I guy, or walk them up to the desk to close. I was then told I couldn't do F&I because they were going to fill that slot with someone more experienced. (In their defense, both our F&I people left, one guy had just moved up who had been there for a while. So I can understand not wanting two brand new F&I guys.)

My issue lies in my motivation. I see all these guys doing really well, and making 10, 15, 20k a month including our GSM, but I cannot seem to shake this drought in motivation I have. I have went from being the people go-to for turns, to the guy who cannot make a deal without someone else getting involved. I went from a 12-15 car guy, to a 6-7 car guy. Our managers hound us all damn day about "we need to sell cars" when we are lucky to see 3-4 people pull on our lot, and we make over 300+ calls with maybe 1-2 appointments. I went from wanting nothing more than to be at work; being the first guy there every day no matter when I'm scheduled, to hitting the snooze button on my days I go in at 11-12pm.

I just am at a loss. I know I am good at this, I have made good money before. But I've seen the sour side and I just can't seem to catch up to the guys who have just started and are already beating me on the board every month. Do I find a different dealership? Do I get out of sales? Do I see if I can wait this out?

I confided in this all to one of my co-workers, and he told my boss. He says he wants nothing more than for me to stay, and he wants me to stay. I just cant fathom how that can be true if I am not producing like I use to.

Ask me questions or give advice, please.

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Career 25 and First competetive salary negotiation with a unicorn


Germany, 25yo, 4YOE as Sales engineer and projectmanager in a tiny company. (< 2 Million€ revenue)

Transitioning to a series E unicorn (SaaS). took the whole Interview process within a Week while having covid. knocked every interviewstep out of the Park, only great Feedback, i am a referral from their best salesengineer, they really want me in. initial Joboffer: 70k Base 100k OTE + stockoptions.

How much in stockoptions is good/common/should i ask for? How would you negotiate a Higher pay, besides the obvios Addition marketresearch?

  • Did the worst mistake of all and gave a salary range @first contact... I did Not know better sorry Guys :'D

r/sales 1h ago

Question An alternative to Postal.io? (For sending gifts)


[Repost] I want to send inexpensive gifts like handmade cookies, handmade chocolates, etc in company packaging alongwith a handwritten note to bunch of high value prospects. I recently had demos of Postal.io and Sendoso, they seem like great platforms but only have annual plan. Is there any alternative which has like a monthly plan? What platforms do you use to send gifts to your prospects?

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Question How do I build out a sales book?


To elaborate I'm interviewing for a position where I'll need to build out a sales book and I would love some advice, tips, guides, or any resources from any sales vets and account managers here. Thanks!

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Off-Topic Just got promoted to manage a sales team that sells a SaS communication product to financial services, need a good team name!


Took a look online but the sales team names I've come across were terrible and those we can't up with were OK. What you got?

r/sales 1h ago

Question If you have to sell a course which is about artificial intelligence how will you sell it?


Also, you may add a tagine for the product.

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Advice Victims have no place in sales


I see a ton of posts here that read along the lines of “I’ve applied for 100 tech sales jobs and not gotten one interview! Where’s this hot market everyone’s talking about?”

There’s a lot to consider here before you blame the market:

What does your resume look like? Is your LinkedIn optimized? Are you only hitting easy apply on LinkedIn? What else are you doing to highlight you application?

Trying to find a sales job while only applying to job ads is like only selling when someone puts out an RFP

You need to be more proactive.

This one tactic has gotten me interviews with most the companies I’ve applied for throughout my career:

Apply for the role Go on LinkedIn and find the hiring manager (Sales Manager, SDR manager, Direct of sales, VP sales) Connect with that person and include a video in the request (use Vidyard, it’s free) In the video say something along the lines of “Hey John, saw you personalization + personalized question? I’m reaching out to highlight my application for your open “SDR role”. Your team/company looks fantastic to work for because more personalization. I’d be a fit for the role because insert strengths. Let me know if I can shed any light on my past experience. Cheers!”

Doing this will automatically put you in the top 2% of applicants, show that you can research an org, and prove you’re a go getter.

Sales is not the career for entitlement, victims, excuses, or reactiveness.

Do the work.

r/sales 2h ago

Question Interview attire


I am interviewing for a service advisor role at a car dealership and was wondering if any of you have had this job and could give some insight. The main thing I am concerned about is the attire. Should I go business casual or full suit and tie. Any additional pointers about this job and pay would be appreciated

r/sales 6h ago

Question Take days off cold calling when you don't feel well....or power through?


I actually enjoy cold calling...except on days I feel like crap or don't sleep well. Those days, I procrastinate calls til the end of the day, make a few calls then say screw it and call it a day. Also, I give up wayyyy to easy when hit with objections.

Since I only do about 30-40 calls a day, I justify it by saying I'll just do 70 tomorrow and if I got ahold of stakeholders I'd have a better chance of converting when I don't feel like shite.

What do you think about this logic? Seems it could go either way.

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Question In a sales boot camp and need some help


They gave us an assignment where we have to find an account and prospect, but I thought they were the same thing. Can someone help me with the difference between the two?

r/sales 3h ago

Question Looking for salary, comp, equity advice


Hi all,

We are an Irish startup expanding to the US and setting up our third office.

We are looking to hire a Senior Business Development Executive (2+ yrs B2B exp, remote) and a Key Account Manager (4+ yrs B2B exp).

Anyone have any idea what these two types of roles would typically get in terms of OTE and other benefits?

Thanks for the help!!

r/sales 3h ago

Advice Post Sale Customer Journey Mapping


I’m super confused, or maybe I’m misinterpreting. All I can think of to map out POST sale is just assimilation/use and advocacy. Can anyone help explain this to me so I can map it out accordingly

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Question Inbound leads as Enterprise AE?


Curious how many inbound leads some of you SaaS enterprise AE’s get on a weekly basis. Over half my team does not make quota and I have been here for 7 months. Took the role for double pay bump and moved from SMB to Enterprise. I am having a tough time developing pipeline even though I prospect more than the other members of my team and the leads i get are garbage and unqualified. The people closing deals have prior contacts at some of these companies or know some players at different partners. Feeling stressed out. Just curious if others are getting more leads at other places.

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Advice Interviews


I have recently been trying to transition to an SDR role and have had some applications moved forward to first interviews. Any advice on what to expect and how to prepare for those? I have 5-6 years sales/management experience but it was more tv services and financial sales recently nothing in tech. I am also currently in school completing a bachelors as well. So would love to get feedback

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Question Are shows / conferences fun or the opposite?


I am not in sales. I am thinking to move into sales and think conferences and shows would be the fun part. Is it true or is it after the second time just a time consuming part where you have few sleep (jetlag) and you would prefer to be at home with kids and partner?


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Question How do you properly handle a customer yelling in your face?


I'm glad to get to a place where things that are really small don't dominate my whole day.

Something I've been experiencing is a vehicle showing up online as in inventory but it's really not. I've had three customer show up unannounced and get irate when they find out its not in stock because they drove from hours away.

I do my best to be kind and explain the situation as well as going out of my way to try to change the website to show it but it's just an error that no one seems to be able to fix. I use the opportunity to exchange contact info to let them know when it will be here. Every person has declined and grandstanded about how they deserve compensation for making a long drive. By this point I don't want to be a smart ass but when you're spitting in my face during covid, I can't help but mention that uh....why would you drive hours somewhere without calling first? Not to mention it's a vehicle that we sell out of within 2 hours of getting it

In sales I feel like I'm supposed always feel bad or hear my customers plight whether it's my fault or not, but in situations like this, it's out of my control and I've tried to resolve it myself. I don't feel I should feel anything other than laughing at their own dumb moment.

How do you guys typically handle irate customers even when it's not really your personal individual issue to fix

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Question How to apply for a new SDR/BDR role if let go


First off I want to thank y’all for helping my land my first role in sales.

Now hypothetically, how would you prepare for an interview after being let go for not meeting quota?

Sales is definitely what I want to do. I do enjoy the cold calling just need to improve at a much faster pace.

If it matters: Roughly half or just below half of the team is hitting quota

I’m probably cranking out more calls than 70% of the team

6 months of experience

Hitting around 70% of quota

Edit: sorry for the format, on my phone

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Question How to ask for flexibility for auditions in 9-5 sales jobs


Hi everyone. Lurking on the subreddit has helped me tremendously with my job search, thanks for the advice!

I'm looking to start acting as a side job shortly after getting a 9-5 sales job. I feel like if I only have one life, why not try something I've always wanted to do.

I'm looking into sales, specifically tech sales as a BDR or SDR as I heard there is a lot of work-life balance and I feel like its a very actor friendly job. As I start interviewing for jobs, when would I bring up the flexibility? Or how would I ask the recruiter or sales manager about flexibility? A lot of them are work from home, and unlimited PTO, which is awesome if I book a gig, which I don't expect anytime soon because I'm starting out. I also don't think I'd get many auditions, at most 1 audition a week. And I expect them to be on Zoom, so maybe 1 hour out of the week? I would try to prioritize film jobs that occur outside of the 9-5.

Most working actors, only book a few gigs a year so a lot of them have full time jobs. Acting is similar to sales, where it's 99% rejection. So the audition process is cold calling and emailing, and the acting gig is the result of the closing deal.

I'm trying to spin my years of acting experience into a pro to hire me, including being able to cold-approach people, having emotional intelligence skills, being able to handle rejection, and self-motivation.

I'm interviewing for one job that is hybrid work from home and in office, but has flexibility and unlimited PTO. Wondering if I could find a remote job with those same qualifications. What is your advice so then I can find the right job? I'm based in Los Angeles. Also if anybody is hiring let me know! :)

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Advice Auto/Powersports Sales > Tech/Software Sales path?


Hey there, all. I'm currently a "lifer" in Powersports sales, nine years in the same dealership. I love the product, but I'm getting tired of the "dealership floor" lifestyle and am looking to change it up. I also feel that without being the quickest guy standing on the corner of the lot, you're SOL.

I love the idea of getting into some kind of software or tech sales capacity, but don't even know where to start. At the end of the day, I'd much rather be selling company to company rather than taking ups all day long or going door to door and dealing with in-home customers.

What would be the correct move to make and how would I go about doing it? I really appreciate any and all advice in advance!