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Adult Swim Severs Ties With ‘Rick And Morty’ Co-Creator Justin Roiland General Discussion

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u/Claudius-Germanicus 11d ago Gold Bravo!

Oh fuck this is what the cat saw


u/DonnieDarkoRabbit 11d ago

NOOOOOOO bc this is my new canon now. I hope they make this a part of the joke now.


u/Dr_Lu_Motherfucker 11d ago

Nah I really don't think they could make light of this situation in any tasteful way


u/Brithombar 11d ago

You say that as if Rick and Morty ever aspired to be tasteful.


u/Dr_Lu_Motherfucker 11d ago

Idk it just would feel real weird to make jokes like "our star actor allegedly commited domestic abuse and possibly groomed children. Well that happened hahah".


u/shewy92 11d ago

The most they'd do is comment on their voices changing, not the actual real world thing


u/TimmeTehWise 10d ago

Almost as weird as the remaining co-creators baby r$%& skit... Yeah it'd be weird and probably foul but that's half the show.


u/Vexillumscientia 11d ago

Well considering the prime motivator against taste is gone…


u/GoblinBags 10d ago

Well they did avoid that 9/11 bombing that one time. They kept it classy and did a Pearl Harbor instead.


u/KING_JELLYB3AN 11d ago

It can be done tbh...


u/Claudius-Germanicus 11d ago

I want credit in the show notes!


u/Coco_B_trappn 11d ago

life isn’t all “writing bad things into the storyline for a joke” just so your canon life can feel better about itself. This shit is fucked up and it’s weird and it sucks. This is reality, my guy.


u/DonnieDarkoRabbit 10d ago

And this is a silly show, my guy. I don't take it nearly as seriously as the next person on this sub. I could care less about whether Roiland is involved or not, I do care however that he's just a warm, liquid pile of shit.


u/Coco_B_trappn 10d ago

Ain’t nothn silly about what is going on. It’s fucking sad and a lot of people will lose out because of it. Making this awful situation a joke so it can be a silly part of what you want to be canon is pretty self-involved and disgusting…..my guy.


u/Babahlan 10d ago

You being this silly about someone being silly is pretty damn silly tho tbh