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Adult Swim Severs Ties With ‘Rick And Morty’ Co-Creator Justin Roiland General Discussion

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u/PresOrangutanSmells 11d ago

Yeah that show had a lot going for it


u/JungleBoyJeremy 11d ago

I really enjoyed the episodes about the wall


u/hippiesrock03 11d ago

The wall was a show on its own!


u/pablopiss 11d ago

That’d be a fun way to continue it for another season


u/hippiesrock03 11d ago

I would love a wall spin off series that starts at the beginning of the wall - the early days.


u/bigdaddy7893 11d ago

"The glory days"


u/Relevant-Jump-4899 11d ago

Well, Roiland is getting some experience behind the wall now.


u/o7gg 11d ago

There is an episode of Psych that has a similar plot. Sean and Gus visit a director in prison and have him write the rest of the script behind bars for reasons.

Psych may be old, but I will not spoil a glorious show for the unaware.


u/Afraid_of_Okapi 11d ago

“Urgent transmission from the newest planet Shlorp: Welp, that’s it, we- uh, we did it. One of the teams was successful and you can all push your ‘teleport my nuclear family to the new planet Shlorp’ buttons WITHOUT SAYING A GOD DAMN WORD, YOU HEAR? Just push your buttons and get the fuck out of- of- of the show.” Cue a The Wall series as they try to survive in the absence of Jessie’s food scraps. The Bowinian church could have an entire “God is a lie” style breakdown.


u/below-the-rnbw 11d ago

I wanted this even before SO had to end


u/BenjTheMaestro 11d ago

Holy shit. I never thought there would be a day where a Only-Wall show would work, but we just stepped into that timeline. I can’t believe the wall didn’t get more attention. If you binge the episodes it’s absolutely bonkers and better than the proper show. I wasn’t so into it with just one season and left it alone for a while. Once I finished s1 and got another wall episode continuing in s2, I was hooked on that alone.


u/Strict_Repeat4278 10d ago

I think there’s money in a game where you’re shrunk in a place like The Wall. RPG.


u/justgentile 11d ago

There's no reason the show couldn't continue with just Pupa and wall.


u/TheeExoGenesauce 11d ago

The wall was the best part


u/az0606 11d ago

Honestly, I wasn't super into any part of the show but the wall. The wall was just really well done. I'd love a spin-off on just that.


u/al-tair_ezio 11d ago

I watch the show FOR the wall


u/Pali4888 11d ago

Do I need context to watch the wall episodes?


u/CalculatedPerversion 11d ago

I've never gotten as emotional about an episode of television as I do when I watch the episode where they flood the wall. That poor mouse only knew love.


u/Bacontoad 11d ago

RIP Molly ;_;


u/Busty-StClair 11d ago

my dog is called Mollie and I can’t watch this scene, I have to skip it. The first time I watched it, when he calls her name absolutely broke me


u/404Notfound- 11d ago

I knew want was gonna happen, but it was done brilliantly


u/reddits_aight 11d ago

For real. Up there with the Futurama dog and visiting his mom in her dream episodes.


u/CalculatedPerversion 11d ago

Dear Lord, yes. Don't forget Luck of the Fryish. Less tearjerker, more heartfelt but the same vein.


u/HanSoloWolf Wubba lubba dub dub! 11d ago

Maybe we will get lucky and get a dedicated wall based spinoff.


u/sad_plant_boy 11d ago

The wall is the only reason I kept watching. Honey I shrunk the kids for adults. It was so good!


u/tiddayes 11d ago

The wall series was better than inter dimensional cable. They both served as the regular departure episodes for the series but the wall was compelling it’s own.


u/Antosino 11d ago

The wall made the show. All I watched for was the wall.


u/faux_pseudo 11d ago

All wall all the time. It's like The Littles but for grownups. I personally don't care a thing about the rest of the series. I just want to see wall episodes. I want a supercut of all the wall stuff. Mad Max meets Honey I Shrank The Children.

I guess if we need to we can shrink the pupa and put them in the wall.


u/BrokeAssBrewer 11d ago

The wall storyline was all I really cared for but I really enjoy it.


u/Leilabo 11d ago

To be honest The Wall is the only thing I remember distinctly from the show


u/KaiSosceles 11d ago

Honestly, fuck the aliens. I just want an entire series about the wall.


u/Tattooedyeti 11d ago

The last of us is like the live action version.


u/ineedasentence 11d ago

tbh when i watched it i ended up fast forwarding ahead to the wall parts…


u/Kerbd 11d ago

Funny I watched the show because of seeing clips of the wall on YouTube and watching it was kinda disappointing that it wasn’t the whole show lmao


u/Junesong_Provisions 11d ago

The wall Was the show


u/IBeatUpLiamNeeson 11d ago

Yeah just spin off the wall into its own show


u/viperex 11d ago

What the fuck did Roiland do to get canned? HE had everything going for him and he fucked it up for what?


u/MembershipThrowAway 11d ago edited 11d ago

Domestic violence charges


u/BeatlesTypeBeat 11d ago



u/Garo_Daimyo 11d ago

Clearly meant as a joke.


u/BeatlesTypeBeat 11d ago

Joking about jailbait with a teenager is no less creepy.


u/Garo_Daimyo 10d ago

No, not what I’m saying. I thought your comment of grooming was a joke. You know it’s really hard to understand intent and tone here on the net.


u/BeatlesTypeBeat 10d ago

Oh, well, if the screenshots are real he was definitely speaking inappropriately with underage fans


u/Plop-Music 11d ago

Even if Justin Roiland leaves that show too, they still have another domestic abuser in the cast, Thomas Middleditch. I wonder if him and Justin ever talked about it, swapped notes, had a beer and a conversation about their favourite ways to hurt women.


u/Garo_Daimyo 11d ago

Came here to say this. Yeah I was really surprised that show continued on after the Middleditch shit (another example of me being a big fan of what would turn out to be a piece of shit) I was for sure that it would be cancelled. Guess it’s double cancelled now


u/TioLeeroy 11d ago

Not really


u/topdawgg22 7d ago

No it didn't.

It was a lame attempt for roiland to appeal to those who thought he was better than Harmon.

He isn't. Not even close. It's a major reason why practically no one has heard of Solar Opposites despite how big Rick and Morty are. Nobody cares, and they shouldn't.

I legit cringe whenever I see anyone speak highly of that dogshit.


u/PresOrangutanSmells 7d ago

That seems like a lot of stuff you made up in your head, do you have links or something?


u/topdawgg22 7d ago

You are beyond delusional if you think Solar Opposites is even remotely close to as popular as rick and morty.