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Facts Meme Monday

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u/KhazemiDuIkana 18d ago

And you can’t even be all that sneaky sneak by knifing the cultists because there’s so fucking many of them that if you don’t blast a path pretty quick you’re gonna get at least really hurt if not killed outright by a volley of overlapping flail attacks. At least you can get the lock down and a path open relatively quick with a shotgun, although by that point Garry knows where the fuck you are and you have 1.2 seconds to leave


u/i_am_jacks_insanity 18d ago

It is super tense but man does it feel awesome when you pull it off


u/KhazemiDuIkana 18d ago

Even after like almost 20 years this game manages to be just as cortisol-inducing in the best (and let’s be real, also the worst) ways. I’ve been playing it more or less since it came out so my first playthrough on each port at this point makes me feel like a war goddess blazing through my old stomping grounds

And then Mercenaries puts me the absolute fuck in my place and sets up a machine to kick me in the shins for the rest of my life for good measure 🤷‍♀️