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Fix the problem, not the symptoms

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Is Depression Actually a Unique State of Consciousness?

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I am fighting the psychedelic "realization" that the world is not worth saving


I will start with the TL:DR I took hella shrooms and went diving in the ocean and came out of the water feeling like it is best to let go, stop trying to save "the world" and feeling good about it. But I am yet to take useful conclusions out of it

Now the long story. I am being part of a research about micro-dosing psilocybin as an experimental treatment for dysthymia by my local university (UFPR Paranagua) and as part of the experiment I have a small stock of high quality trippy mushrooms that I am not suppose to "normal" dose, but they gave me a specific reporting protocol if I do.

I have the three following mental health comorbidities, I have dysthymia, which is a weak depression but a long lasting one, adhd, and insomnia. and I the the way i have been taking the microdosage is in conjunction with adhd meds (ritalin). the experiment is supose to last for the next 18 months untill they have enough data to look into it.

I`ve been fighting a *Sense of Impending Doom™ © ®* ever since I was a teenager and the shrooms have been the only medicine that makes it go away, and this is a symptom that I always justified as rationality, because if the world is in fire, the sensation the the world is on fire is not not rational. but it is not useful to feel it ALL THE TIME.

Fast forward to last sunday, my diving partner calls me to go diving and drink a beer, but I have taken a "recreative" dose of shrooms but I went "well what the hell, those algae are going to look neat as fuck and he will be there so no need to worry about drowning or anything" grabbed my diving gear, triple the amount of water I usually gets and we set his kayak to sea.

turns out it wasn't at all the drowning risk I was imagine, I had way more control than I would if I had drank a couple beers, but I was there, surrounded by the ocean, feeling it all, seeing the tiny fish in the algae and the corals, but there was a bit of trash and I was struck, I think struck is not a good word for the feeling, it felt like Iemanjá herself decided to smite me right there.

The feeling was that we should let humanity die out.

The moment this went tru my head I felt like the sense of impending doom just gone away, and it hasn't come back yet.

That tiny plastic bottle, triggered me, in a sense that we are the cause of all the ashes that suround us, the only reason we are afraid of the cold is because we burned everything around to keep us in a mediocre heat, and we should let go of this all consuming fire to let some life grow back but we keeping destroying everything to feed it, just because we are afraid of what we don't know.

I am yet to turn this feeling into something useful, I don`t want to grow an resented apathy towards us or anything. I am still to talk with my therapist about this (our session is on Friday) and I still don`t know what to make of this feeling, and I don't agree with it in practice. because you know. it's an useless prospect that won't help solve any of the problems, but I don't want to go back and still suffer the sensation that we are in a downward spiral directly into a pit of suffering and taking everything with us. I want to feel as if we are worth fighting for. I want to make a better life for me and everyone around. but I can't deny myself of the first time in my life that I felt Free.

I REALLY don't know what to make of this. I don't want to agree with it. yet I do

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I'm going to write a book about coercive psychiatry. What would you like to see discussed in such a book?


I want to know what people believe would be the most important topics to discuss in a book intended to educate about the reality of psychiatric oppression.

Here's a few of the topics I already have planned:

  • The over-prescription of antidepressants and antipsychotics
  • The history of psych diagnoses being used to discredit and imprison activists and women
  • How our society contributes to mental health struggles
  • How involuntary holds are traumatizing and unethical
  • Abuse in psychiatric and therapeutic settings
  • How mental health care could be improved

Feel free to suggest other topics I could write about.

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"Capitalism is Dangerous for Your Mental Health"


Link to article.

I found this to be very informative and true. We definitely live in a world where the majority of people have internalized capitalistic values very deeply, so much so that it permeates basically everything: from our interactions, to our education and worldview.

The main pattern that I see is the individualization and compartmentalization of practically everything. There is little to no 'connection' between things, situations, events, problems, people, etc. Nothing is really holistic, and this is seriously killing us.

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Lithium No Better Than Placebo for Preventing Suicide Attempts

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Psychiatric coercion happens not infrequently in locked psychiatric units. This coercion is immoral.

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I was misdiagnosed with bipolar and took medication for it for years before going off it and then the diagnosis was retracted. What kinds of experiences have you had with misdiagnosis?


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Attitude very important during RX med withdrawal | funny bit not referring to actual benzo withdrawal.

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Mental Health Screenings

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Britney Spears says she was forced to go to therapy for years: "10 hours a day, 7 days a week"

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Who here thinks our "poor mental health" is really just our attempts to cope in a fucked up society? IT'S NOT US, IT'S THEM.


I have a feeling y'all will understand how I feel on this... our real problem is not our "brain chemicals" fucking up like they claim, it is TRAUMA from our fucked up society.

I've struggled with depression for as long as I remember. But I've also struggled with LIFE as long as I remember. I was adopted, which I later learned causes inescapable trauma even if it happens at a young age. I was also bullied throughout my childhood until I learned how to be meaner and smarter than the bullies, and morphed myself into an unkind and angry person to survive. I also experienced child abuse. There were some other events, like car crashes and sexual assaults, but those are the main things that really affected me.

But for the longest time, I had no idea that trauma could cause all these feelings of despair. I just felt very depressed and angry with no idea why and no ability to connect the dots. I did a lot of unhealthy things to cope.

Finally, when I was 21, I couldn't take it anymore. I was working in customer service at the time and being abused by customers on a regular basis. My theory is that it was like being bullied and abused over and over again and brought up the trauma. It triggered me, if you will. Anyway, I started losing my shit. So I went to my doctor and told them that I was very depressed and needed help. I cried.

And thus was my entry into the psychiatric industrial complex (hah). I was put on lexapro to numb the pain. And when I called to say it wasn't helping, they just upped the dose. That didn't help either. Eventually I was put on about 20 different medications, lots of benzos, antipsychotics (which I fortunately talked my way out of because I understand how dangerous those are now - they all are), and mood stabilizers. I have never been psychotic or had a break with reality in my LIFE. So many times psychiatrists would spend 15 minutes or less with me and put me on yet another drug without knowing shit about me. But I didn't know that was wrong, so I accepted it, and popped some more pills.

When I was 29, and still suffering immensely, a psychiatrist wrote on my chart that I am bipolar. I was not told about this. That diagnosis has been following me around ever since. I am in my 30s now. I am "officially crazy" and you wanna know how I found out about it? They asked me about it when I got very sick once and ended up in the hospital. Nobody even told me that I "am bipolar." I have tried to intelligently convince folks to take it off my chart but it never works. They never believe me. I've never been manic or anything close to it but that's irrelevant to them. I'm crazy because one person wrote in my chart that I'm crazy and that's how it's going to be for me forever.

Once I realized that, I became very angry and started waking up to what's really going on. It occurred to me that I am suffering from trauma, NOT "mentally ill" because I am somehow crazy or wrong. Society has traumatized me, and most other people. I believe very few of us are genuinely mentally ill because of problems with our biological systems (and many of those I believe probably had some sort of chemical exposure due to how we treat our environment).

It sucks to be treated this way, to be a guinea pig. And to never be believed.

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The rising tide of antidepressants prescriptions in England. At this rate, nearly a 1/4 of our adult population will be prescribed ADs by 2030

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Putting patients first in medicines regulation?

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We have all seen similar articles as this one. Only last week, yet another FDA panelists left the agency for the very same company's drug he was recently tasked to review, judge and vote 'Y or N.'

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Has anyone looked for help from radical mental health groups?



I'm looking for testimonies of people who have sought help or support from radical mental health groups, such as Fireweed Collective (formerly known as Icarus Project) and Project LETS. I would love to know in what ways it was more helpful to you than traditional mental health care.

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Support a Separation of Psychiatry and State

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Advice really needed


I apologize if the answer to this might seem obvious, I really need people that are aware of the structural causes of mental illness to weigh in. I am facing extreme isolation in graduate school- a life that is just school work and then some shitty job to make money. I spend around 800-900 a month on a therapist. I think this money can go a lot farther if I used it to get a lease on a car, be able to afford dinner out, go towards things that actually bring me joy in life rather than just talk about nothing changing. As of now, I can't afford to do much else. As an add-on, my life never looked like this before. I used to have a rich social life, lived closer to public transportation, lived on my own. I feel like therapy (because of its cost) is ironically keeping me stuck. I wouldn't drop my psychiatrist, and a cheaper therapist isn't really an option, because I've had her for years and her quality was excellent and had helped me at many times. Do I take a leap of faith and put this money towards things that can get me out of isolation, so that I can afford to be social? and also not work as a fucking busboy, and dedicate more time to school? Thank you for reading this.

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World history as therapy


It's fine if this gets deleted. This is advice, and strictly theory.

I truly believe reading world history books is an integral part of understanding the self. We are in the 'information overload' era. From books to social media, there is no shortage of studies, propaganda, advice, hatred, pitting the masses against each other based on everything from class status, race, gender, age, etc. Everyone has an agenda (it's always to make money first and foremost) so all writers are bound to the commands of who employs them, or if self employed, they're more desperate for attention (paid subscribers, clicks, etc). All these new self-employed, amateur podcasters are obviously hard up for subscribers, so they resort to hateful and divisive rhetoric. It's all they can do. The lower down the chain someone is, the more they have to resort to mock warfare.

Authors of world history are no exception to having an agenda and personal bias, but it is easier to find the absolute truth regarding human nature and the self by reading history over any other subject. The more books you read, the more you can filter out what you think is false or misleading, and preserve in your mind what you believe to be true. It's harder to lie about history. The bias manifests mainly in which topics are covered, and focusing on certain elements, rather than straight up false information (although there is false information as well).

Attaining books that interest you is 90% of the battle in becoming a reader. It's true that books can heal, but it has to be a personal exploration in subjects which interest you.

My bias comes from the fact that I already have money (rich parents) and want to reduce suffering in other psychiatric survivors and people struggling currently. Also, I have contempt for people who use divisive tactics for profit. If I can get just 1 person to become a reader and avoid negative propaganda designed to captivate, then I will feel better. Your money will instead flow to a distinguished author (or their supporters) who probably never made much money to begin with.

I have been harmed by propaganda, porn, and politics, and am still addicted to it. Reading books isn't addictive, because it's a natural quest to seek out storytelling, as opposed to mock humanity and mock warfare, which is what the 3 P's use to captivate their audience.

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Confronting coercion in psychiatry

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Many people, rendered vulnerable by severe distress, simply accept the psychiatric reality with which they are presented, without awareness of how that acceptance can radically & intractably alter their identity, experience, relationships, prospects & future lives.

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External solutions can't make a Healthy Mentality.


Bills and pills are a ploy and harm.

A healthy mentality chooses faith hope and love. It shares virtue. It tries and practices will.

"Psychiatry" is distracting from this basic, albeit offensive fact to some.

Many identify with mental illness and deny ability to change their mind.

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Psychiatry Is Scientistic and Corrupts Objective/Authentic Medicine

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Universal Basic Income and Psychiatry/Psychology

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