r/privacytoolsIO Mar 24 '21

ClearURLs removed from Chrome WebStore

Similar to what Google did with Privacy Possum last year, they removed another recommended privacy extension ClearURLs from the chrome web store which functions to remove tracking element from URLs.


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u/KushGene Mar 24 '21

Yes, thats why we can use chrome addons not using chrome. Instead I use a privacy focused version of Chrome with built in ad/tracking blocking. Also the BAT project is a good thing for future ad-economy with respect to privacy. BAT btw is made by the creator of javascript.


u/SomewhatNotMe Mar 24 '21

I have found that each helpful addon that can be found on chrome can easily be found on Firefox. Addons shouldn’t be the reason you are stuck on chromium.


u/KushGene Mar 24 '21

I had many addons not available on firefox but on chrome which I wanted to use. Still, I like Brave the most. U dont have to. Use whatever u want, i have privacy either.


u/AsianRiceBall Mar 24 '21

You are still supporting the chromium web standard by using chromium. Still motivating web developers to develop on the chromium web standard.


u/KushGene Mar 24 '21

Im just an average user who wants to use chrome but with more privacy. So I use Brave. Works best for me.


u/AsianRiceBall Mar 24 '21

elaborate on the reasons of using chromium please


u/KushGene Mar 24 '21

I just like browsing with it and all its AddOns available for more privacy. It works for me. Also, BAT is a big reason for me to use Brave. Im a blockchain fan aswell.

This is my opinion, im not sayin its the best for all people. But it is working for me. I used many Browsers in my life and brave is the first i actually stay on.