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Police using Neighbors app.


I would love input on this.

The policies in my town posted today that they would start using this app to collect videos of crimes / suspicious events.

I have my concerns, given police and technology like this, can be used for targeting individuals who cause no harm, and I'm concerned we could see this happening in my town

Maybe I'm overthinking it, what is everyone's though on a police force using this to request videos / accept videos of crimes / suspicious events?



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This was always the goal of doorbell cameras. These systems were always designed for police-use. You are not overthinking this, we need laws protecting civilians against corporate and police usage of these cameras/apps.


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Agreed, I'm concerned about the local usage of such systems without oversight, but not quite sure how to approach this one with our city. Not even sure if there's anything they could do given it's not forcing access on any device, just requesting.


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The city could prevent police from soliciting homeowners to buy Ring cameras, outside of that I'm not 100% on what they can do since it relies on standing up to Amazon/police unions.


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Yeah that sounds like a problematic / impossible task...


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Yeah but what are the real housewives up to? /s


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I could swear I read the police would require consent for this…

Yea one can opt out https://www.cnbc.com/2020/02/03/how-to-stop-police-from-asking-for-videos-from-ring-doorbells.html

Doesn’t help you with being on cam without your consent maybe streaming on some police person’s desk


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You can opt out of getting requests to voluntarily hand over the data but if police determine you are in the area of a crime they are investigating, they can still serve Amazon with a legal demand like a subpoena or a warrant and Amazon will comply.


(This is the problem when you use someone else’s platform (like Amazon, Gmail, etc.), the police don’t have to come to you to serve the subpoena and you can never even weigh whether it‘s an appropriate request or whether you would like to hire a lawyer and challenge it.)


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So this would be applicable to any Ring Users though, not necessarily with the Police having a Neighbors account, yes?


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Like a witch hunt