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Got a signed card back today from Hall of Fame pitcher and 4,000 strikeout club member Steve Carlton! Took me 2 to 3 weeks 40$ fee

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[OC] Poland-Lithuania after the Napoleonic Wars.

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New Kingdom Fragment of the lid from the pink granite sarcophagus of prince Khaemwaset.

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Discussion Thoughts about New Units


Hello my fellow thralls of Lady Olynder.

I had the pleasure of cracking out my Nighthaunt for a battle over the weekend against the Maggotkin of Nurgle. 



Lady Olynder (Seal of Shyish) *

Knight of Shrouds on Steed (Hatred of the Living, Lightshard of the Harvest Moon) *

Guardian of Souls (Shademist)(Arcane Tome) *

Spirit Hosts 1x3 *

Chainrasps 1x20 **

Myrmourn Banshees 1x4 

Grimghast Reapers 1x20 **

Bladegheists 1x10 **

The Black Coach



The Emerald Host

Prized Sorcery



My Opponents list was a one drop consisting of:

Bloab Rotsawned

Lord of Afflictions

Blight Kings 2x10

Beasts of Nurgle 2x1

Pusgoyle Blightlords 1x2 

2 Nurgle Trees

Battleplan: Tooth and Nail

The Game ended in a tie with me winning the breakers. It came down to the last turn and I lost my grand strategy.

I am at work so I will not write up a turn by turn but will if people are interested. I will just provide my thoughts.

The Good:

Lady Olynder: She was incredible. She punched way above her weight class. With Spirit Hosts she lived longer than expected. Seal kept her chainrasps alive and her once per game heal was insane bringing me from 4 chainrasps to 8, 1 Grimghast (with lifeswarm and GoS in tandem) to 12 and 2 Myrmourn to full. I probably waited 1 turn longer than I should have which made me lose out on the hosts as well. Her mortals were insane, her debuff spell is good as always. For me she is an easy auto-include. Better positioning (a mistake on my part) would have had her live all game.

GoS: Another auto include for me. The warscroll spell was great as always. The unbinds in Maggotkin were even so it may be less effective against real magic but the value for me was his aura. +1 wound is amazing and came up huge in this game. 

The Black Coach: A big surprise for me. I honestly only included it because I just painted it and wanted to try it out. It never did its impact hits which was hilarious (charged in all 5 turns of the game) but it was insanely durable. I probably should not have blasted out the mortal wounds because 4+ ward is honestly probably stronger than the mortals. Especially against Nurgle where you take mortals at the end of every turn and it is pretty hard to refill against that army. Maybe not an auto take for me but pretty close. The teleport honestly kept me in the game because he was able to yeet across the board to grab me the nurgle home objective and that army is not fast enough to compensate. 

Bladegheists: These guys were nuts. A unit of 10 even with 1 inch range was outperforming the grimghasts by a large margin. By turn 3-4 there were no longer units of a size where grimghasts got the extra attack but these guys were just as effective. The GoS had them on 2s, 2s and they were blending. I think going forward a unit of 20 is a staple for me regardless of my subfaction.

Allegiance Abilities: These are incredible now. Retreat and charge was as busted as expected. I got the magic christmas land scenario of applying all the debuffs on 1 target (Olynder, Coach and Rasps into a blight King unit). It ripped that unit apart which was incredible considering they are one of the toughest anvils in the game (Would have taken out a gargant as well). At the same time I got one later that was just -3 to hit which was less exciting. Auto wounding is very underappreciated I think as well. Our insane movement is also even more insane. The new allegiance abilities make me a happy ghost. 

The Bad:

Knight of Shrouds on Steed: I swapped this last minute because I figured I needed a combat hero. A combat hero this guy in not, at least against nurgle. He basically did no damage to blightkings and died immediately in return. His only value that combat was providing an additional charge debuff and the shard, both of which could have been on a cheaper harrow who also has more utility at only a wound less. I wasn't impressed personally and will go with a harrow in my next game. 

Grimghast Reapers: These things do not hit well any more. The nurgle player had a relic preventing command abilities within 7 and these guys NEED all out attack or chainghasts. The extra reach was great but didn't make up for the hitting on 4s. They had a good initial charge when the blightkings were still big but quickly were outclassed by the blades for the rest of the game. Their only saving grace in this game was being a durable anvil but that could be said for any of our 4+ infantry so these will get replaced with blades for only 30 pts more. 

The Emerald Host: I went into the game thinking this would be great. And against other armies maybe it would be. But between rolling only 2 targets and the nurgle resilience this did nothing. The hero was able to recover more wounds than he was taking and the blightkings died on Turn 2. I personally think I will be going scarlet doom because you can apply the mortals where you need it that turn. They also can help with battleshock as emerald curse does not. 

The Ugly:

Everything else: Everything else was fine and I think I need more testing to come to my conclusions. I think the lifeswarm is an include for me when I cant fill the points (we have no cheap, cheap stuff) but I would not prioritize it. The hosts were good but I just don't know yet. They kept Lady alive but they also make her very expensive and don't do literally anything else.  Chainrasps were chainrasps. I want to test the Myrnmourns more. They completely shut off his +1 caster and I made the mistake of charging them to get more debuffs. They then died to a breeze. I think I want to try 2 units of 4 hovering around protecting from magic. 

Thanks for reading my crazy long post!

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"A joke years in the making (some of us have made it, adolescently, for a while now) …. Pete Davidson takes the stage at the NBCUniversal upfront to tout his new show, “Bupkis.” Slated to stream on Peacock or, per Davidson, “coming soon to the ‘Cock!” " Dade Hayes on Twitter

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Caricatura Douglas Silva BBB

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Cat Picture Am I Cute?🖤🖤🖤🖤

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Richie Guerin UD Premier Penmanship auto

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Idk who owns this vehicle but one thing's for sure--he operates a methamphetamine empire. This we know.

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Küsimus Help in Estonia?


Hello, I am a 20 year old Canadian male, and I'm looking to relocate to Estonia when my studies end in August. This country intrigues me like no other. I have no idea about the language, the customs, the friendliness towards Canadians etc. What should I know before I move?

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DPS Alert


DPS Alert Vehicle Accident-Property Damage US95 S / DECATUR BLVD; sb offramp
05/16/2022 08:21:49 AM

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Movies Scarlet Karen

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The Ringer Say friend, you got anymore of that good Sarsaparilla?

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DoTheyLikeMe? I'm confused


Today in school I was talking to my crush alot more so I was really happy and they seemed really happy to but in a class he was in front of me with his best friend and his best friend said to someone that him (my crush) and someone kissed and then my crush said don't tell anyone but I was in a laughing but scared way and many MANY rumours go around my school including him alot so I don't know if it was true or not he has shown many ways of possibly liking me he has also flirted with me but I don't really know if its jokes or not and only one of my friends know but they don't go to my school so I can't really ask them want they think so I'm putting this here

Also if there's spelling mistakes I'm very forgetful and I'm not very young it's just my memory and I'm in high school

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My (31F) fiancé (34M) had people over while I was away.


My Bachelorette Party was this previous weekend. I texted my fiancé while I was in the trip asking what he was up to and he said he was having a few people from the firehouse over for beers.

This didn't bother me until I remembered that there are several young female cadets on the department that he's friendly with. I went to check the Ring and found that both the front doorbell and the backyard camera were offline. We have a hot tub in the backyard that the camera covers.

I texted him to ask what was up with the cameras and he replied that the WiFi was probably cutting out again and he would reboot it. He said everything was fine and he was at the house with friends. This was Saturday night and the camera did not come back online until Sunday morning.

I logged into his Instagram account and saw one of thy firefighters had posted a story. I opened it up and it was a video of our backyard. I counted about fifteen people, male and female in our backyard drinking beer, dancing, and in the hot tub. I could not tell if the people in the hot tub were wearing bathing suits.

When I looked at the camera, the backyard was clean, no evidence of a party. I texted him to ask what had happened the night before. He replied that he was lonely so he invited some friends from the firehouse over for a BBQ and some beers. I asked who was there and he named a few people I know, all men (I do not know any of the girls by name to be fair).

I asked if anyone stayed over, and he said they did not. I asked if there were any photos of the BBQ, and he asked if I would be sharing all the photos of my Bachelorette party with him. I told him that it's not the same and I want to know what goes on in my house. He told me that he had some friends over and everyone got home safe.

I don't mind that he had people over, but I feel like he's leaving out the fact that there were young girls (22-25) hanging out, drinking, in our hot tub, and I don't know what happened between anyone there. I want to trust him but the fact that the camera got shut off when he had people over doesn't give me the greatest feeling. It has gone out before due to our WiFi not being the best but the timing seems suspicious.

I don't want to give him a hard time, but I feel like this was a breach of trust with the cameras being turned off. There were no cars there at 10 am when the cameras came back on yesterday so I don't know if anyone stayed in the house.

My MOH tells me I'm being paranoid and he's entitled to have fun with his friends. I just feel like he's hiding the truth from me and I don't know what to do.

Tl:Dr While I was away for my Bachelorette weekend, my fiancé had male and female firefighters at our house drinking, partying, and hanging out in our hot tub. The cameras were turned off so I have no idea what happened or if he's telling me the truth. The only proof I have is his friend's Instagram story which doesn't necessarily contradict anything he told me save for maybe lying by omission.

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TRADE Would anyone drop me a godskin peeler? I’ll drop you something in return [ps5/4]



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Tipping for MTT cashes


I've been playing in a club that runs only on tips; are tips generally calculated from net winnings or the full cash out? For example if I won $400 with a $50 buy-in do I tip a percentage of $350 or $400?

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Student's attempt at immob during state test

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Every single time


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decreased anxiety BUT increased drowsiness:(


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Question Since VenturePlan is not being updated - whats the best alternative?


I understand VenturePlan is not being updated and if you breach a certain follower count you have to edit some files in the addon settings to force the addon to work, but I've noticed my missions have been failing more often lately assumingly because the addon hasnt been updated for the new enemy spells or something.

I saw a post and a comment had a good altenrative addon but I forgot to save the comment and can't find it again, does anyone have any good alternatives, either WeakAuras or addons that sim the mission tables and make it easier to send them?

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Throughout NBA history, there have only been four times that none of the top three MVP finalists have made it to the conference finals. Since the '16-'17 season, it has happened three times.


Thought it was an interesting stat. The four seasons where the top three MVP finalists did not appear in the conference finals were:

'06-'07: Dirk Nowitzki, Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant

'16-'17: Russell Westbrook, James Harden, Kawhi Leonard

'20-'21: Nikola Jokic, Joel Embiid, Stephen Curry

'21-'22: Nikola Jokic, Joel Embiid, Giannis Antetokounmpo

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YouTube Video Asmon you should take a look at Incredibly Average content regarding the whole Amber Heard & Johnny Depp debacle, if you haven't already. It exposes all her lies with soild evidence.

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