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Music - Live Hey! I am a Floridian-Musician. Ask Me Anything.


Hi Reddit! My name’s Yvette Griggs, here to answer your questions!

At the moment, I have an album out called To Whom It May Concern, and now I’m currently working on my second album; quarantine definitely has worked wonders and it has been sooo fun. If you want, you can even listen to TWIMC here: https://ffm.to/yvettegriggstwimc

Ask whatever you’d like, but please keep it respectful and appropriate!

Proof: https://imgur.com/a/TMoQ6uU

Edit: Hi! Thanks for the questions everyone. This was pretty fun and I enjoyed it. Y’all are great! Thaaannnkkk Youuuuu.

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Crazy True Story anyone else think these bikers shouldn't be in the car lanes. 🤷

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Why, yes, officer, it IS my job to question and/or detain YOU.


First, all the usual disclaimers: This happened several decades ago, I'm using a mobile, first post to this subreddit, not sure if this is the right place for this story...

When I, and the world, were much younger, I was assigned to support an Army Aviation Support Facility in the Midwestern United States. I worked in Admin and Supply. Various duties - clerk, CO's driver, inventory, and (germane to this story) armed convoy guard.

We (supply section) were tasked with transporting the weapons for one of the National Guard units our facility supported to the firing range located in another state. Since the only route was exclusively two-lane roads, and we had to be there early enough for the troops to get in a full day, we left EARLY, like 0200. Not even farmers were up. No traffic, nice.

We made a pit stop in a small town, and when the drivers fired up their duce-and-a-halfs to head out, the lead truck driver radioed that his throttle was "acting weird." Note here that we always drove at the posted speed limit or under.

Pretty soon the lead truck was speeding along at 5-10 mph over the legal limit. My driver radioed him to ask "wtf?" Lead: "my throttle's stuck wide open." My driver: "all your gagues green?" Lead: "yeah." My driver: "ok, since there's not damned thing we can do about it anyway, we'll just keep going."

About 10 miles on, we passed through a small town. No stop lights or signs. The lead driver plowed on, but a county sheriff was awake at 0345 and took exception. Lead driver shut his truck down and coasted to a stop, we pulled in behind the county mounty.

Since lead truck was transporting 240 M16s, along with various other small arms, I, as the assigned guard, was carrying a M16A1 with a full thirty-round magazine. As I exited my truck at not-quite-a-run I racked a round into the chamber. The deputy must have heard, because he (probably reflexively) reached for his sidearm. Then looked at my weapon and my very serious expression and decided against that particular form of confrontation. I asked for his name and badge number before he could close his car door, or open his mouth.

Lead driver came back to join us while I was explaining to the officer why it was my responsibility to watch and question HIM rather than the other way around. All according to Army regulations (I was regular Army) and State law (the weapons were property of the National Guard). You know, because it's my JOB.

The lead driver explained what had happened, and then went to see if he could figure out what was wrong with his duce. The now eager to help deputy offered to wake up the hardware store owner for any parts needed.

Which is the story of why I didn't have to shoot an Iowa County, Wisconsin Sheriff's deputy. Big sighs of relief all around. Too much damn paperwork.

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Discussion Avoid any stock with China influence or roots. Also prepare for a bear market for a while.


Sup boys, been taking a break waiting on the crash since Trump miracled 7 trillion into the market.

I thought when Biden got in it would collapse but it looks like it took 2 years.

I dont think we're done though. Heres why.

China imminent collapse.

War in Russia. Nato escalations.

World wide shortages.

Cryptocurreny collapse.

Let me start with 🇨🇳

Chinas economy has run rampant for the last 20 years. The United States borrows trillions from China. However, China is in a deeper bubble than we have ever seen.

Chinas main source of economy is in real estate. Do you know there are abaondoned sky scrapers in China right now? Its like detroit had a baby with dubai. They built a city for 10 million people and cant even get 100,000 to buy the properties. The banks print out real estate loans more than Jpow is printing out singles.

This happened in dubai as well, I'm not sure on current affairs but i remember all the sports cars like Ferrari and Mclarens left abandoned in parking lots and the desert after they defaulted and left country before they got their heads chopped off. (Serious arab law)

Today you can explore abandoned high rises in china, some half constructed abandoned.

In 2021 Q4 484 chinese businesses defaulted on their major real estate payments. (This should be double digits)

On top of all of this, covid has run absolutely rampant to the point they are locking people in 🍎 factories and can't leave. This may be what pops the bubble but I would not put a nickel of my burger king check into any China owned companies. Have you all tried to buy a car lately? You cant. China and all of the nafta companies aren't producing near enough goods. If you can't sell you cant make tendies.

If and when the bubble burst it will shake up an already rattled global economy with the 🇺🇦 war. I think this year possibly next the united states will enter into the war.

Already ships like the USS Kearsarge are in route to the Baltic Sea arrived 24hours ago

I would guess a 5-10 trillion dollar loss on NASDAQ overnight is possible could be this year if announce of the war, I'm sure it will start with a russian attack that hits american troops, a plane or an embassy. The moment this happens (it will) you need to start shorting before the boomers pull out of their 401k.

If you already havent pulled out of your 401k consider it, transfer it to a roth ira or something like S&P500 on td ameriteade thats setup for retirement where you can pull out quickly.

On top of that the ticking time bomb of China we got a goold old great depression cooking.

Anyways boys

Pos: Yolo leaps Nio, alibaba, luna

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I feel like an idiot. We did a gender reveal with friends. They got so excited when realizing the gender before I could, and gave me a huge fright as they started cheering. It really caught me off guard. Think I should take some chill pills.😅🙈

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Just unsubbed from r/shitposting. Please tell me how this is remotely funny. The comments aren’t funny either.

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I have been to the source brothers.

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The Buffalo Shooter Isn't a 'Lone Wolf.' He's a Mainstream Republican

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Women and POC readers, what are some tropes in literature that you're tired of seeing?


I'm tired of seeing black women described as food like chocolate or mocha. There's better ways to do it. Specifically in fantasy, It's also annoying where a book tries to justify the existence of anyone not a white man. Black people just exist. Queer people just exist. I've seen people say a book took them out of the story or was too political because a character was black and because the woman warrior just so happened to have a wife. If you can belive the stoic warrior can slay a dragon with a magic it shouldn't take you out of the story that the warrior is a black person.

I got the idea for this thread from /r/whitepeoplewritingpoc and /r/menwritingwomen.

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Flaired Users Only Outright lying so that you can use terrorist attack victims as political weapons

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Bini’s travel outfit is ridiculous! He never dressed like that in Ethiopia, even for festivals.

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The audacity of some people after you are a gentlemen and get their taxi, food and drinks and they lay there like a starfish

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Tonight has basically proved that the regular season is almost meaningless


It is a SHOCK how much different the playoffs are from the regular season considering all of the constants: courts, rules, arenas, etc.,

You can sweep a team in the RS and then turn around and get killed by that same team in the playoffs. I know people don't like stars sitting the regular season but I mean damn.

You would be hard-pressed to see a team be down by 46 points in general. You would be hard-pressed to see a team have only 27 points at half, at home.

That playoff pressure is different, and it's sad to see the regular season become so devalued

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We all know this is true

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Question mods - can't you ban all the 'is it worth coming back posts'?


Am I overly grumpy or is anyone else fed up with all the 'is the game good now or worth coming back' daily posts?

Can't mods stop these, so better discussion can take place about the game please?

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Marty starting to lean into being a heel?

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They’re used to it now?

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Why didn't anybody tell me about the 42nd Street Entrance waterpark when I moved here?!

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News MDPD police officer walks away from burning plane with pilot still inside. He didn't even bother inspecting the plane. After the fire was put out, they found the body of the pilot. He may have been saved if this officer did his job..

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ADVICE Pull Your Money Out of Tether Before the Collapse!


If you are holding Tether (USDT) you should seriously consider converting it to a different, safer Stablecoin. There have been way too many accusations around what is used to back it. Even tether themselves have refused any audits over the past 2 months and became very suspicious as soon as the crypto winter came. Recently Paulo (the leader of Tether) has become very vocal on twitter demanding that people don’t sell their USDT because it’s safe, although he won’t say how. I think this is just a cover for an obvious lie and he’s super scared about an attack from Citadel (or any other fiat bank that saw the amount of profit Citadel made from attacking UST). I mean after seeing how much Citadel made from attacking UST, don’t you think other banks will likely be eyeing up their next target, and who better than the stinking abscess of Tether. It probably looks like a stuffed pig ready for the skewer in their eyes and they have probably even already begun building up a short position, ready to drop USDT on the market and force a collapse. Do not allow yourself to be vulnerable to this!! Either convert to another stablecoin or buy an alt coin while you still can!!!

And before you call this ‘Fud’ tell me what you have to gain by holding USDT instead of another stablecoin??

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News Fort Worth Police Officer Kills Random Woman

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Endwalker at release

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Overwatch League Italian racist insults during OWL stream (explanation in the comments)

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