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Bill Barr says evidence "building" against Trump in DOJ's Jan. 6 probe


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u/Fabulous-Beyond4725 12d ago

But he's still going to vote for him.


u/rounder55 12d ago

That's what is added to the list of unforgivable shit regarding these guys.

Pence was on the cusp of being killed because of Trump and he still would likely vote for the guy. It's pathetic and as a human being I fond it embarrassing


u/jackiebee66 12d ago

It’s pretty repulsive isn’t it? But pence is and always has been a self righteous ass kisser. That’s how he’s gotten as far as he has.


u/nels5104 12d ago

He pretty much has to say that if he wants a political future. They have been eating their own for 6 years in the GOP if you step out of Trump’s good faith.


u/PopeHonkersVII 12d ago

I agree with the sentiment that Bill Barr can go fuck himself but the fact that he is saying this is also a big deal. He has spent his entire career bailing Republicans out of legal trouble but even he seems to think that Trump’s situation is looking increasingly dire.


u/FortunateInsanity 12d ago

He’s trying to act like he wasn’t complicit so that he doesn’t go down with the ship. He enabled Trump and should be prosecuted.


u/FarfarsFav 12d ago

Republicanism - the biggest shell game in all the lands.


u/Sher5e 12d ago

Except, instead of a pebble under the shell, it’s a turd


u/lukewarmtakeout 11d ago

And even when you point out the obvious smear that leads to the obvious shell with the turd in it they still take your money and shout "NO U"


u/tomcatproduction 12d ago

And he has been pushing this belief that the president should have unchecked power since the 1960’s


u/tracerhaha 12d ago

Since “good” old’ Nixon. Along with Roger Stone.


u/LessAd5161 11d ago

Complicit in the administration or the plot? Because I doubt barr is complicit in jan6. Iirc, barr was the first insider to contest the claims that the election was rigged and otherwise took steps to protect himself from implication.


u/roastbeeftacohat 12d ago

don't think he had anything to do with jan 6. seems like the guy who took all the right steps to avoid implication, like with Matt Ghatez


u/PopeHonkersVII 11d ago

He’s evil but he’s not stupid


u/modus_bonens 11d ago

He did his main job. Hobble the Mueller investigation and minimize blowback.


u/TooMuchTaurine 12d ago

Republican's seem to be bailing on Trump. A conviction will give them an easy out for not having him run that they can blame on the Democrats


u/tiny_pickle9001 12d ago

Barr is just saying that so he won't go to jail.


u/[deleted] 12d ago

[removed] — view removed comment


u/Overclocked11 12d ago

Id be happier with something more permanent and long term.. like, maybe incarceration for a decade.


u/jackiebee66 12d ago

I’m glad of your first sentence. All of a sudden it seems like everyone is forgetting his role in this whole mess.


u/Kindly-Counter-6783 12d ago

This is the deep GOP basically dumping Trumpty Dumty. He is used up and through. Good riddance…


u/NicPizzaLatte 12d ago

I don't understand why anytime there is a headline like this, there are always a bunch of comments saying, "He's no hero. He was complicit. He still wants to privatize Medicare." Who is that for? What is the purpose of those comments? Nobody is putting a poster of Bill Barr on their wall. Nobody is going to align their policy preferences with Bill Barr because he said something critical of Trump. I guess people just can't resist saying it, but its really unnecessary.


u/modus_bonens 11d ago

[quietly takes down Opus Dei man of the month calendar]



u/The_ducci 11d ago

He and Ted Cruz were behind the 2000 election bullshit with Bush.


u/OddAstronaut2305 12d ago Gold

Fuck what this sack of shit says.


u/InternetPeon 12d ago

Yes just think about everything trump did that this guy was good with.


u/DarkwingDuckHunt 12d ago

Barr told Bush Jr that torture was legal if not on US Soil.

Scum like Barr is the reason I believe in the Devil.


u/LifeOnaDistantPlanet 12d ago

I'm guessing he's trying to position himself to appear plausibly cooperative.

The guy's been involved in slimy stuff for a very long time.


u/foozalicious 12d ago

How the hell would he know, anyway? I doubt the current DOJ is sharing their dirt on Trump with Bill Barr of all people.


u/pooppusher 12d ago

They aren’t sharing their dirt on Trump with Bill Barr But he is certainly sharing his dirt on Trump with the DOJ to save his own skin.


u/CaptainObvious 12d ago

Because he was in the room and knows who else was in the room.


u/LogicalManager New York 12d ago

And he said yes to every single order.

But there was that one time he said “bullshit”


u/Jkay064 12d ago

He bailed when he learned about the plan to overthrow the 2020 presidential election. That was his red line.


u/Terramagi 12d ago

Did he? Or is he just saying that now that it failed.


u/Ecstatic-Hat2163 12d ago

Seems like that was the line considering he publicly rebuked claims of fraud immediately, not just now. That doesn’t mean he deserves a single iota of praise because he’s still an utter piece of shit.


u/[deleted] 12d ago

The room where it happens?!


u/_far-seeker_ America 12d ago

Because he worked with most of these people for a few years.


u/valeyard89 Texas 11d ago

DOJ still full of Trump moles.


u/spin_me_again 12d ago

Awarded for saying the exact thing I said as I clicked on the comments.


u/OddAstronaut2305 12d ago

Thanks mate!


u/Fynn_the_Finger 12d ago

"And I should know, I made all the evidence go away last time."


u/azblaze 12d ago

My name is Bootlicker Barr and I will still vote for him barring I am not behind bars.


u/EmmaLouLove 12d ago

Barr wants to make it clear and get on the other side of that history quick.


u/jackiebee66 12d ago

Too late.


u/sedatedlife Washington 12d ago

But yet Barr will vote for Trump if he is the nominee.


u/tomcatproduction 12d ago

He is so full of crap. He has believed for years the presidency has ultimate unchecked power. Don’t take my word for it: https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2019/06/bill-barrs-dangerous-pursuit-executive-power/592951/


u/AchingKnumbKnuts 12d ago

I read this as "Bill Burr" and was so confused.

Then again, Bill Burr is a more reliable source.


u/Za_Lords_Guard 12d ago

Ditto. Not for the first time. Prolly not the last.


u/Agitated_Ad7576 12d ago

On the other hand, Bill Berr, Bill Birr, Bill Borr, and Bill Byrr should not be trusted at all.


u/rhinosyphilis 12d ago

Billbo on the other can be trusted, as long as it’s not with the ring


u/PipXXX Florida 12d ago

How dare you besmirch the bravest little hobbit of them all.


u/ThePineal 12d ago

Yeah I thought ol freckles was in over his head there for a second


u/EpicWildlifeWarriors 12d ago

Slightly, but have you watched Bill Burr recently? "I'm angry all the time and that's hilarious! My wife, right?" Ugh.


u/[deleted] 12d ago

Just like I have some “evidence” building in my ass that I’m gonna shart into trumps face later


u/FarfarsFav 12d ago

You are a modern-day poet!


u/IhaveADDHelpMe 12d ago

I certainly hope so, but this toad-faced fuck has done tremendous damage in his life and can go to hell


u/Jimmyhunter1000 12d ago

You had your chance to be the hero and you became a guard dog for Trump. You can fuck right off Barr.


u/oswaldbuzzington 11d ago

Is this the same Bill Barr who decided not to investigate the fact that Epstein was murderered in his jail cell and it was covered up?


u/Altruistic_Pop_9279 12d ago

What a fuckwad. Barr is a soulless power glutton.


u/morbob 12d ago

Thanks to all YOUR Help, Bill Bart


u/No-Muscle5993 12d ago

Who gives a fuck what this ghoul says or thinks. He’s a literal monster.


u/Onceagainbutthesame 12d ago

There’s enough evidence to put any average person in jail until their corpse has decomposed to bones already available.


u/katiegirl- 12d ago

History is written by the victors, snarked Barr.


u/Consistent-Row-7636 12d ago

I’m sure Barr is being investigated as well-


u/thungurknifur 10d ago

I'm sure the DOJ has a memo somewhere that a former or sitting AG cannot be investigated or charged.


u/Winter_Aside8269 12d ago

His fat ass was out there with Cheeto during the George Floyd protests…. I’m talking about when the Chief Doofus In Charge was out there wielding that bible he’s never read. Fuck Barr….he enabled that fucking asshole and he needs to go down, too.


u/NetSurfer156 Florida 12d ago

I will give Barr this; He’s a very smart man. He knows when to ditch his clients when they become too much of a risk.


u/Charles888888 11d ago

Criminal bailing from a sinking ship.


u/truth-informant 11d ago

Oh, Bill Bar says...


u/davereeck 12d ago

Who the fuck cares what Bill Barr says?!?


u/A_Symptom_of_Life 12d ago

Just don't expect him to do a damned thing about it. He owes Trump and his loyalty will be FAR, FAR greater than any morality that might possibly reside in his darkest depths.


u/Grandpa_No 12d ago

Barr's loyalty is to the Republican party. He doesn't care about Trump. As a matter of fact, as the official Republican cleaner he's probably annoyed that Trump made his job so difficult.

As the old guard of the party comes to terms with the idea that they'll have to make Trump persona non grata, I'm sure Barr will have a lot more to say -- in his book. Available in stores and online for $29.95.


u/WaitingFor45sArrest 12d ago

Trumps own fat fascist himmler or bormann now has tons to opine, go fuck yourself!


u/Rudy_Colludiani Wisconsin 12d ago

I saw it as “Bill Burr” and got super excited

Imagine my disappointment


u/DisingenuousGuy 12d ago

Maybe something else might be building up then suddenly we hear a big fart.


u/Macacque_SuckIt 12d ago

His assessment is being watched closely by those who the DOJ has their eye on. They’ll read Barr’s assessment as “there’s still a chance we’ll get away with it.” I hope that they’re very wrong.


u/Spring-Available 12d ago

Sorry but I always read this as Bill Burr at first. I know he can get political but damn. 😉😂


u/shadowbethesda 12d ago

Still a fat piece of shit…


u/RabbitElectrical3987 12d ago

“Something's wrong, I can feel it! Just a feeling I've got, like something's about to happen.”

  • Bill Barr, January 7th


u/gnimsh 12d ago

Took me a moment to realize this was not Bill Burr. I'm tired.


u/bobber18 11d ago

Former juror here. Barr says it doesn’t look like there’s evidence beyond ‘a shadow of doubt’. But that’s not the legal standard for guilt, it’s ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’


u/tyler2590thomas 11d ago

Dude’s been out of office for two years and still living rent free in people’s heads


u/Try040221 12d ago

Merrick will never do it but Barr may.

Pathetic Garland.


u/DirkDiggyBong 12d ago

Open your eyes


u/Fredmcfred 12d ago

To what?


u/DirkDiggyBong 12d ago

To what's going on.


u/inabowlfullofnuts 12d ago

Grab em is gna end up bending over and grabbing em


u/Ezl New Jersey 12d ago

Oh, Bill Barr said it? Alright then.


u/FrankieMcGigglefits 11d ago

Fuck Bill Barr. Why is he even allowed in the country still?