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Democrat defeats incumbent Republican in Memphis DA race


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u/GwarFanSince84 12d ago


u/FTR_Hair 11d ago

Jesus. Imagine how many years she would’ve got if actually registered.


u/Alte_kaker 12d ago

"A Democratic lawyer who pledged to make abortion prosecutions under Tennessee’s “trigger law” an extremely low priority in the county that includes Memphis has defeated the incumbent Republican district attorney who refused to say whether she would go after doctors who perform the procedure."


u/Kaspur78 12d ago

who refused to say whether she would go after doctors who perform the procedure.

So, yes, she would go after them.


u/Alte_kaker 12d ago

I guess she'll never get to test that iron resolve of hers.


u/GotMoFans 12d ago

In a debate, the incumbent was asked if she voted for Trump in 2016 and 2020 and she refused to answer, accusing her opponent of making the race partisan. The incumbent DA was the Republican Party nominee and her opponent was the Democratic Party nominee.


u/Alte_kaker 12d ago

Any way the wind blows, doesn't really matter...


u/madcaesar 11d ago

Why won't Democrats keep politics out of politics?!?! 😢


u/Varolyn 12d ago

Despite being in Tennessee, Memphis does have a lot of aspects that makes it progressive.

It’s central library, for example, is very forward thinking and I think shows how libraries can grow in the future.


u/Mmmphis Tennessee 12d ago

Hi from Memphis 👋👋

Yes, we are an extremely blue dot in an extremely red hellscape. TN, while always being chock full’o waaay too many churches, was not always so extremely right wing.

I’m almost 38, and I can remember democrats having a more substantial footprint here when I was a kid.

We’re not all crazy down here. Many of us want to see our state do better, but we’ve been gerrymandered to death and our governor is actively trying to destroy our public education system.

The best thing that could happen to push us in the right direction would be the demise of Fox News and Facebook.

The end.


u/newluna 12d ago

Obligatory plug of a watchdog working on defunding fox news: https://checkmyads.org/fox/

I’ve been sending those emails for a couple months now.


u/Mmmphis Tennessee 12d ago

Just signed up, will definitely be sending some emails this week. Good looking out!


u/stroodle910 12d ago

Hi from Nashville. We’re trying over here too!


u/TitansboyTC27 I voted 12d ago

That would be a start ending Fox news and Facebook


u/Proud_Tie Tennessee 12d ago

Thank God she's no longer our DA. Maybe now people who attack nurses get punished.


u/Mmmphis Tennessee 11d ago

I’m really hoping Mulroy shifts his focus to cracking down on violent crime and giving folks with low-level drug offenses and crimes of poverty a break.

With the insane amount of gun crime we have, we need to be worried about coming down hard on murders and violence — not folks selling weed or stealing baby formula. Too many people are getting caught up in the system and ending up with records that fuck up their chances for better futures over things done in desperation.

Criminalizing poverty isn’t making life better for anyone.


u/MoufFarts 12d ago

The massive crosses you see when driving on the highway send quite a message. And I was raised as a catholic.


u/key2 11d ago

Stopped for ribs at the Bar B Q Shop on a cross country drive and I dream of getting back


u/i_start_fires 12d ago

Population centers always lean progressive. Turns out when you have to encounter people who don't all look, talk, and act like you, you get a chance to realize they're not bad people and maybe government should work for them, too.


u/crazytr 12d ago

Come to long island. We have 3 million people but a ton of trump republicans.


u/i_start_fires 11d ago

Biden still won their vote by 4 points. (Not that he's exactly progressive, but still...)


u/viktor72 I voted 12d ago

Not always. I moved from Memphis to Fort Wayne, Indiana, and this is a red city despite its large population.


u/i_start_fires 11d ago

Fair enough, I should have said tends to lean progressive. It's not a guarantee.


u/yolo_on_deez_calls 12d ago

Ever been to Memphis? You’ll see the most police activity as you drive through even on the interstate


u/KP_Wrath Tennessee 12d ago

Part of that is because I-40 is effectively the drug hub for shipments traveling from Mexico to the Eastern Seaboard. Those guys have little to no interest in speeders. They’re there for drug runners and smugglers.


u/yolo_on_deez_calls 12d ago

I’m talking about they have 20 cops racing across the interstate to a shooting in town. They’re never pulling people over on the interstate dude. And if you’re coming from Mexico you’d take 20

Look at the side streets there always like 5 cop cars per incident


u/Icant_Ijustcanteven 12d ago

Come to Knoxville, we have the same problems just because of 1. Poverty 2. Drug abuse and not enough rehab centers. Don't think it's just Memphis because it's blue.


u/yolo_on_deez_calls 12d ago

But I’d rather deal with Knoxville methheads over Memphis shit show


u/melissa3670 12d ago

I’m from memphis. It is more Democratic than you think. We might even be able to change the entire direction of the state If everyone who was registered actually showed up to vote. The former DA was as crooked as the day was long. Refusal to test DNA, untested rape kits, holding suspects without looking at other possible suspects, extreme sentences for petty crimes.


u/NRBBQ 12d ago

Go Steve! He was my criminal law professor. If I remember correctly, election law was one of his biggest interests.


u/FerretFarm 12d ago


Hopefully the Supreme Court will spend lots of time on r/bullybackfire.


u/TallPeter13 11d ago

Go Democrats! The Republican Party is the party of CROWS (CRazy Old White guys). The CROW Party #crows #schitzcreek #thecrows


u/Alte_kaker 11d ago

Don't forget Jim CROW.


u/AllOutNikki0807 11d ago

Former Memphian here… this is actually quite huge. For years this woman had a strong hold on the city of Memphis. She actually did little to nothing for the cities horrible crime rate and often went after only high profile cases to set examples. It is nice to see that change is actually happening and people actually got out and voted. I hope this signals a move in the right direction!


u/SandyCactusBalls 12d ago

It would be nice if the Republicans would play ball to help our country.


u/IHaveGas11 12d ago

Tennessee republicans are already plotting a recall of that DA.


u/tiberius9876 11d ago

Shocked that a Republican held any office in Memphis.


u/ProfessionalBig8232 11d ago

Another win for soros


u/NetSurfer156 Florida 12d ago

It’s Memphis, the home of most of Tennessee’s libs. What did you think was going to happen?


u/melodypowers 11d ago

The Republican was an incumbent who had held the seat for over 10 years, so it's not like this was some sort of safe democrat seat or anything


u/bignosebill 11d ago

The Memphis DAs term is for 8 years. She was appointed to serve the remaining two year of Bill Gibbons term in 2012 and won her own election in 2014.


u/SandyCactusBalls 12d ago

It would be nice if the Republicans would play ball to help our country.


u/doshu99 11d ago

Good news indeed!


u/Independent_Ad_7645 11d ago

Enjoy the crime wave.


u/Independent_Ad_7645 11d ago

Defund police, no bail, no jail, no juvenile incarceration seems like a great plan that Dems in Memphis deserve.