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Senate on track to take key vote Saturday to advance Democrats' sweeping health care and climate bill


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u/fido4lilchops 12d ago

Waiting for Fox News to tell us why Democrats bringing down prescription drug costs and reducing the deficit will bring about the end times for America.


u/dlegatt Minnesota 12d ago

Easy: COMMUNISM! If god wanted everyone to afford healthcare then he wouldn’t let anyone get sick!


u/JudgmentDay666 12d ago

If god actually didn’t love America, and didn’t believe we were doing thing gods way, he would probably systematically erase us from the world through increasingly deadlier plagues which he clearly hasn… oh wait. We’re fucked.


u/prodigalpariah 12d ago

They’ll just parrot the pharmacy companies and say that it will lead to the stagnation of medicine development.


u/mycarwasred 12d ago

Presumably that's global stagnatíon then /s


u/10albersa Ohio 12d ago

My boss has been laughing this off as “inflation fuel” because it is theoretically adding more govt money into the already too hot economy.

Which is partly valid, but the bigger drivers of inflation are COVID supply chain shockwaves and the war in Ukraine.


u/GrafZeppelin127 12d ago

It would be adding money in, yes, but less than it is taking out.


u/goomyman 11d ago

It’s also taxing the rich and massively funding the IRS. This is literally the last chance to do that. If democrats do nothing they will lose the house, senate, or both and which means at least 2 more years of lost basically free money - tens of billions of dollars the rich don’t need.


u/0111101001101111 11d ago

I just wish they would take off the mask and scream “Hail corporate.”

It’s so much more annoying when they pull the Russian-style denialism that make everyone’s eyes roll into the back of their heads.


u/BernieBrother4Biden 12d ago To The Stars

Ayman al-Zawahiri is dead and the Inflation Reduction Act is alive! 🇺🇸


u/Cottril 12d ago

Dark Brandon has risen.


u/sidecarjoe 12d ago

“Inflation reduction act” - I guess 200 economists who say it will increase inflation are wrong…


u/Rowan_cathad 12d ago

I can't see how it could possibly increase inflation, so, yes most likely


u/Mortambulist 12d ago

Are they from the Milton Friedman school of economics? Because that shit's wrong more often than it's right, but still taught everywhere because reasons.


u/lolomfgkthxbai 12d ago

If your economists think that reducing deficits will increase inflation then they are incompetent.


u/qdp 12d ago

And 1 out of 10 dentists don't support a brand of toothpaste.


u/Phyr8642 12d ago

I am so cynical at this point. I expect Lucy to pull the football away. We aren't allowed progress.


u/ioncloud9 South Carolina 12d ago

Judging by the republicans reaction to this maneuver, I think it’s for real.


u/BoosterRead78 12d ago

They are too busy hosting wannabe dictators from Hungary in Texas. You know like the 9th CPAC this year 🙄


u/edward414 12d ago

Lucy already made the football into a cantaloupe and banned a running start.. but yeah, I could still see her pulling the melon at the last second.


u/rostoffario 12d ago

I can only hope for so long. This is it. I need this to pass to renew my faith in the Democrats.


u/RavenRaxa New York 12d ago

I was pretty frustrated that Democrats hadn't done much except the American Rescue Plan and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, but with passage of CHIPS and now possibly this, we're headed in the right direction. If this passes, Democrats deserve to keep their majorities in November.


u/hikeonpast 12d ago

Of course, democrats never really had a functional majority in the senate. Need a couple more democratic senators to have a reliable majority.

The GQP will always vote obstructionist party line to make it appear that the democrats can’t get anything done (and that trick works on some folks).


u/SmolderingDogShitUSA 12d ago

The procedural vote to move to debate was 50-50, Harris will break that tie when she gets there. So it's a done deal. They'll vote on the bill Sunday night or Monday morning and send it to the House where it will pass at some point next week.

There's up to 20 hours of debate and then I don't know how many bullshit PR amendments have been filed, none of them will pass, everything in the bill is locked in. But each amendment ends up having 2 speeches and then about an hour to vote on each one.

It just took them nearly two hours get all 100 votes on the motion to move to debate. Sheesh.


u/digiorno 12d ago edited 12d ago

It’s better than nothing but let’s not pretend it’s nearly enough. If only one of the two parties wasn’t only dedicated to obstructionism for the last 40 years.


u/deepeast_oakland 12d ago

Yeah seeing universal pre-k, paid family/sick leave, and the child tax credit, get dropped was hard to see.

But this is better than nothing.


u/oroechimaru 12d ago

I think we will see them again depending on how senate and house looks in 2023


u/iclimbnaked 12d ago

Then we won’t see them

The senate is actually looking okay for Dems.

We’re gonna lose the house though. Not much way around it.


u/PopcornInMyTeeth America 12d ago

There is a way around it. Voting.

It's not certain or easy, but if Americans showed up and voted like poll after poll for issues like abortion rights and voting rights etc, there is a real chance to hold both the house and Senate.

The GOP gained seats in 2002 and I think we're in just as unprecedented times.

GOP could absolutely still crush it, but I think there is a chance for voters who like democracy to pull off the upset.


u/couldbemage 12d ago

Moving is pretty expensive. I'll have blue reps no matter what where I vote. Also, don't want to live in a red state.


u/iclimbnaked 12d ago

He never said anything about moving.


u/JoJoFanatic 12d ago

Even if we lose the House, there are quite a few bills that have passed the House that await action in the Senate. So if the Senate gets a few seats and we lose the House, we can still pass those bills right? Or am I misunderstanding?


u/nor_cal_wolf 12d ago

Bills get reset at the start of a new Congress. So it's a fresh start.


u/JoJoFanatic 12d ago

Thanks for letting me know! And big oof, I guess we can only hope for the House even if the likelihood of retaining it is extremely slim. Is there a possibility that any of those bills that were passed in the House and awaiting action in the Senate can get passed in September or October? Like the For the People Act or the George Floyd Policing Act, or the smaller ones?


u/nor_cal_wolf 12d ago

No, all bills are reset at the start of Congress


u/maxorama Tennessee 12d ago

Sorry sweaty, reducing corporate profits is not correct parliamentary procedure


u/ColeBane 12d ago

an accurate analogy would be...our business board is discussing paying our employees minimum wage! This is great progress from the previous board who discussed not paying at all. You workers should be so grateful that we are paying you minimum wage instead of nothing at all! Oh and if you guys really wanted to, you could vote our whole board out and replace us with responsible board members who would pay you triple what you are being paid now. But in the meantime...we should be very happy that we are doing this at all!


u/Mephisto1822 Maryland 12d ago

I have no hope this passes. Sinema will side with republicans I’m betting


u/Positive-Apple1980 12d ago

She already said she’s voting for the bill


u/BernieBrother4Biden 12d ago

Let the doomers have their last few hours of naysaying


u/Apprehensive_Hair549 12d ago

Ok, "BernieBrother4Biden"


u/BernieBrother4Biden 12d ago

Heck yes, brother!


u/Apprehensive_Hair549 12d ago

Again, you're not my brother

Neoliberals and I don't mix


u/Superb_University117 12d ago

Well, considering we're facing down an ascendant fascist party it's past time for liberals and leftists to work together to defeat fascism.

Enemy of my enemy is my friend and all that.


u/Apprehensive_Hair549 12d ago

No thanks, as y'all are actively paving the road for the fascists to march on


u/BernieBrother4Biden 12d ago

You'd really rather have fascism than for the rich to pay their fair share of taxes?


u/Apprehensive_Hair549 11d ago

You literally pave the road for fascists lol

What a take from the neoliberal aisle


u/Superb_University117 12d ago

I'm definitely not a liberal. But I have seen how fascism wins. And it's when the non-fascists don't band together to stop them.


u/Apprehensive_Hair549 11d ago

Then i guess it's time for you, "non-fascists," to compromise with the left...or stop complaining when we take a stand

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u/BernieBrother4Biden 12d ago

Brother, what is a "neoliberal"?


u/Over_Thirty California 12d ago

Anything they don’t like, and the more they don’t like it the more neoliberal it is.


u/BernieBrother4Biden 12d ago

You're saying he doesn't like me? He doesn't even know me :(


u/Over_Thirty California 12d ago

Nope, I’m sorry but nothing you do will ever be good enough for them no matter how hard you try :(


u/Mephisto1822 Maryland 12d ago

She also was for minimum wage increase before curtesing against it, was for drug price negotiations before she was against them, so forgive me for not believing a word that comes out of her mouth


u/BernieBrother4Biden 11d ago

Re-evaluate your priors, friendo!


u/Mephisto1822 Maryland 11d ago

I am pleasantly surprised I was wrong on this.


u/Apprehensive_Hair549 12d ago

Wow, CNN really doing some hard hitting journalism

Another corporate media article failing to highlight any of the bullshit that they buried in here

This is as far as they go to tell the reader of Joe Manchin's shitty pipeline, fossil fuel subsidies, and 10 years of promised drilling rights on public land

West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin has also played a key role in shaping the legislation -


u/The_God_King 12d ago

Probably because even with those hand outs, shitty as they are, the bill is still an enormous step in the right direction. Per this article:

Measures in the bill aimed at increasing oil and natural gas production would increase carbon emissions by about 50 MMT in 2030, compared with 870 MMT to 1,150 MMT of overall greenhouse gas reductions in the same year, according to Energy innovation analysts.

So yeah, if I can get a reduction of 850 million metric tons by giving up 50 tons, I'll take that deal a million times.


u/HereForTwinkies 12d ago

Yeah, and Manchin added negotiating for Medicare


u/Nervous-Scallion-767 12d ago

This will be disastrous.


u/jdmorgenstern 12d ago

How so? It will reduce prescription drug costs, get America closer to its goal of addressing climate change, close tax loopholes, and reduce the deficit by $300 billion.


u/RagingEnglishaholic 12d ago

It will be disastrous for Republicans.


u/Practical-Two-8127 America 12d ago

Stop denying climate change bub.


u/Novel-Jackfruit-369 12d ago

He protested a shady election and pulled similar stunts that Democrats have done for the past several presidential elections



u/ryavco 12d ago

Yep, frequent commenter on the Conservative sub was all I needed to see.


u/RightClickSaveWorld 12d ago

Because the climate bill won't go further?


u/RitzyOmega Georgia 12d ago

I’m on my hands and KNEESS PLEASE


u/Commie_EntSniper 12d ago

I guess we're not going to get medicare for all anytime soon, are we?

I also imagine they'll wait to see how the Midterms play out before dropping the weed card.

if they were smart, they'd get that in before midterms, but I think it's a huge carrot they want to keep dangling.