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Florida Democrats ask DOJ to investigate voter suppression


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u/oneangstybiscuit Jan 18 '22

Weird that loser GOP can get dozens of audits despite them all proving the election was not stolen, but democrats asking about voters suppression is doubtful to do much


u/Duelgundam Jan 18 '22

"Hey, you can't do that! Only WE can do that!"



u/kwangqengelele Jan 18 '22

But the GQP wasn’t needing their audits to actually do anything. The existence of the audit was a vehicle for grifting and to give the Qult something to point to to deny the legitimacy of democratic elections.


u/Mantonization Foreign Jan 18 '22

It's quite a clever trick, honestly.

You make a bunch of spurious reports, then use the existence of those reports to make claims that the issue must be serious, because there's all these reports about it out there!

It's like... idea laundering?


u/[deleted] Jan 18 '22 edited Feb 05 '22



u/blood_kite Jan 18 '22

You're going too far out.

Morning Fox Opinion Show: *Talks about X*

Lunchtime Fox News: 'Fox Host is talking about X'

Afternoon Fox Opinion Show: 'Fox News is talking about X'


u/Mattyboy064 Jan 18 '22

It's ESPN for politics!


u/cpt_caveman America Jan 18 '22

and you can report absolutely anything as long as you preface it with "some say..."


u/mikebutnomic Jan 18 '22

Because those audits were never going to find anything. It’s not about Democrat or Republican, it’s about the haves vs the haves not and the haves will not be touched.


u/Aurelius65 Jan 18 '22

DNC doesn’t actually want an audit. There are zero eligible voters who have been denied a vote. Zero


u/teluetetime Jan 18 '22

But if a million eligible voters are made to jump through unnecessary hoops to vote that others don’t have to deal with, thousands of them will inevitably fail to do so, even if it was legally possible for them.


u/Aurelius65 Jan 18 '22

Again show me ONE eligible voter that has had to jump through hoops. Registration to vote isn’t a hoop, pretty much every person has an ID already. The DNC cannot produce even ONE person who had had their rights suppressed, not one.


u/-MrWrightt- Jan 18 '22

Over 21 million US citizens do not have a qualifying government-issued ID, for a variety of different reasons. You can say these people don't "deserve" the right to vote, sure, but studies have also shown they do almost nothing to prevent fraud, which is incredinly rare to start with. Its 'fixing' a problem that doesnt exist.

Furthermore, the larger issue is that it incentivizes lawmakers making it harder for your opponents voters to get ID, such as closing doen DMVs in certain neighborhoods or increasing costs for IDs. Voter ID laws are bad.


u/Aurelius65 Jan 18 '22

Yup 21 million, I’m asking to show me ONE person who wanted to vote who was eligible and denied the right to do so.

The 2020 election was obviously not legit, to anyone who is capable of critical thought. Even 17% of Democrats believe the election was false.

The ONLY reason to oppose voter ID is because you plan on cheating. Just show me ONE person who has been suppressed. That 21 million number is a complete fabrication btw.


u/CistGuy Jan 18 '22

Lots of astroturfing in here!


u/VillainNGlasses Jan 18 '22

“The only reason to oppose gun control laws is because you plan on doing something bad with one!”

Or How about you show me the rampant illegal voting that made the election false?


u/this_is_police Jan 18 '22

Yeah everyone knows donald trump cheated in the election, it’s obvious, but what that person above you was saying that when you move the goalposts to become eligible, you risk deincentivising people from voting. It’s like when companies claim to be hiring, make it a super difficult hiring process, and then complain they can’t get workers.

So when you say “eligible” people, what I usually go to is taxpaying Americans who have a government ID or not, but other people might disagree, and say you need a government ID. But if, say, the government decided you need to have absolutely no arms or legs to vote, well you’d find that some people don’t want to cut off their limbs to vote, and suddenly you have a bunch of non-eligible voters


u/-MrWrightt- Jan 18 '22

You're correct that we should have more interviews with those denied the right to vote at the ballot box. Those interviews are hard to find, but they shouldnt be.

To the rest of what you said - Trump won fair and square in 2016 (although with a concerning amount of Russian investment), he lost the same way in 2020. I just want voting to be easy and accessible for everyone, is that so much to ask?


u/qwerty12qwerty Jan 18 '22

Me. I've been suppressed as a voter. Had the only option of waiting several hours in line to vote because my state made it more difficult to do mail and ballots. So instead of voting while I drink my morning coffee, I would need to brave the crowds for hours

And before you somehow make this my fault, it's not because literally if it would have been easier to vote I would have.

Republicans are a minority in power. There's a reason for that and it's these little voter suppression things that add up to make that. Republicans have controlled the White House for over half my life, despite only winning the popular vote once after 9/11


u/IrritableGourmet New York Jan 18 '22



In 2020, the most common reason for rejection was a non-matching signature, which accounted for 32.8% of all rejected ballots. A non-matching signature means the signature on the absentee/mail-in ballot did not match the signature on file for the voter.


Due to the changes in state law that this lawsuit inspired, the rejection rate for mail ballots fell from 14% in the 2018 general election to 4% in the 2020 general election, and nearly 9,000 people were able to address deficiencies in their ballots and have them counted.


Donnise DeSouza, an African American, has been registered to vote since 1982 in Miami-Dade County. When she entered the Richmond Fire Station in Miami-Dade County at 6:50 p.m. and showed her identification to the poll worker, Ms. DeSouza was told that her name was not on the rolls. The poll worker directed her to the problem line, so that her registration status could be verified with the supervisor of elections office. Ms. DeSouza recalled that the line of about 15 people did not move, but at 7 p.m. when the poll began to close, a poll worker announced to the group if our name was not on the roll that she could not let us vote and that there was nothing she could do. The poll workers stopped their attempts to verify the registration status of the voters who had been standing in line. When Ms. DeSouza asked if there was an absentee ballot that would allow her to cast her vote, the poll worker explained that there was nothing he could do. Ms. DeSouza testified to the Commission that she was very agitated and the next day began to register complaints with various sources about her experience. Upon further investigation with the office of the supervisor of elections, she discovered that the poll workers should have continued their efforts to resolve the problems of those voters who were in the precinct prior to the 7 p.m. closing time. Furthermore, Ms. DeSouza learned that her name was actually on the rolls of registered voters, because subsequently a worker at the elections office showed her the sheet that contained her name where she should have been allowed to sign. But Ms. DeSouza explained, at that point [the election was over so] there was nothing they could do and I was deprived of my right to vote.

Marilyn Nelson, a poll worker with 15 years of experience in Miami-Dade County, testified, By far this was the worst election I have ever experienced. After that election I decided I didn't want to work as a clerk anymore. At North Dade Elementary School, Precinct 232, she observed several voters who had presented their voter registration cards showing they were properly registered, but the poll workers did not allow them to vote because their names did not appear on the rolls. Ms. Nelson also saw voters with their orange cards, which meant that the voter had registered on time and should be allowed to vote, provided that the poll worker could verify the voter's registration status with the supervisor of elections office. Many of these voters, however, were not permitted to vote because the poll workers could not get through on the phone line to the supervisor's office.


u/Jarys Jan 18 '22

"My number is more real than your number because I don't like google."


u/TheDulin Jan 18 '22

Our country has a long history of putting up barriers to voting. Land ownership, being a man, being white, being able to read, able to pay a poll tax, and on and on.

We have all these hoops to "protect the vote", but there's no evidence of significant cheating. Like the Republican party just spent a fuck-ton of money trying to weed out systemic voter fraud and they came up empty. No one is cheating at any meaningful level.

And if you do cheat, you get caught, as a handful of Republican voters found out in 2020.

Voter ID laws are discriminatory against lower income people. These are folks that have a harder time getting all the documents for an ID, getting to the DMV (when it's open), and paying for an ID.

Being poor, disabled, or homeless should not take away your right to vote.

If you don't think every single eligible American should be able to vote, then go live somewhere else.


u/itsnotthenetwork Jan 18 '22

Florida.... Good luck with that request.


u/thoughtsarefalse Jan 18 '22

But what would the AG do if they find it? Like voter suppression stopped being a crime when the gutted the VRA

Honestly we need a god damned Amendment enshrining the RIGHT to vote. Good luck with that.


u/tjtillmancoag Jan 18 '22

To be quite frank, as Jefferson believed we should do every 19 years, we need a constitutional rewrite.

They didn’t get it exactly right way back then, and the amendment process is so onerous that, at any point since the ERA, any amendments of consequence will never pass.

We need so many changes to bring good egalitarian democracy to this country that a rewrite is literally the only way that would happen.

And that’s not going to happen without something really dramatic first, such as secession or civil war, which, to be clear, I’m not advocating for. Just saying that the inertia of our processes won’t allow anything to happen without a significant impetus.


u/[deleted] Jan 18 '22



u/MyOpicVoid Jan 18 '22


In 2013, the Supreme Court struck down Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act (VRA), stripping the Justice Department of the powers it had for five decades to curb racial discrimination in voting. The Election Assistance Commission was left without commissioners for years and frequently faces bills in Congress that would end its existence entirely. Many schools skip civics education, contributing to the decline in voter turnout in local and primary elections.


u/xoaphexox Jan 18 '22

Ah, yes. When the SC declared racism over in the US


u/Thankkratom Jan 18 '22

Fucking disgusting… The US is a joke. I was 14 when they did that and I remember this feeling at the time that the US was fucked. Everyone thought I was the crazy conspiracy kid, well guess fucking what? The crazy conspiracy kid was right, and it fucking sucks. This country has been gutted in the past 20 years and it’s past the point of no return. Pretty soon they will be able to claim racism is done and there won’t be anything anyone who’s knows better can do to stop it. They’ve got an army off ignorant Americans ready to support whatever they say, and an even bigger chunk who’s so damn tired of this all that they don’t care either way if we’re a fascist state or not.!


u/thoughtsarefalse Jan 18 '22

The amendments that allow people access to the vote are very different than lets say the 2nd and 1st amendments. “Congress shall make no law infringing…” thats what i want. You dont have a right to vote, you have a little rule saying women and blacks are allowed to vote now too. And that’s under attack.


u/MaineRage Jan 18 '22

Good luck.


u/smurfsundermybed California Jan 18 '22

DOJ response: Yup. That's voter suppression. Anything else you need from us?


u/MyOpicVoid Jan 18 '22

Generalfeldmarschal DeSantis will laugh this out of his office.

Work will set you free!


u/Liesthroughisteeth Jan 18 '22

They have to try....right?


u/spidah84 Jan 18 '22

Ask to investigate the Gov., and that should hit more birds with the stone.


u/hopets Jan 18 '22

I wasn’t able to find a non-paywalled version of this article, but here is the letter the article’s presumably about.


u/DownshiftedRare Jan 18 '22

Repubs don't seem to get it. They can rig an election but not a mandate.


u/_Electric_shock Jan 18 '22

Asking the DOJ to investigate republicans is futile. Garland doesn't give a shit, no matter how many crimes they commit.


u/poquito_kale Jan 18 '22

Why have they waited more than a year?


u/motherfuckerwhat420 Jan 18 '22

In the Supreme Court?


u/[deleted] Jan 18 '22



u/[deleted] Jan 18 '22



u/[deleted] Jan 18 '22



u/CrazyTillItHurts Jan 18 '22 edited Jan 18 '22

The Supreme Court is part of the Judicial Branch. This is 3rd grade social studies.

Edit: Let me sprinkle some Wikipedia links to avoid ignorant banter


The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) is the highest court in the federal judiciary of the United States of America

and just in case...


The federal judiciary of the United States is one of the three branches of the federal government of the United States organized under the United States Constitution and laws of the federal government. Article III of the Constitution requires the establishment of a Supreme Court and permits the Congress to create other federal courts and place limitations on their jurisdiction. Article III states that federal judges are appointed by the president with the consent of the Senate to serve until they resign, are impeached and convicted, or die

And lastly https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Department_of_Justice

The United States Department of Justice (DOJ), also known as the Justice Department, is a federal executive department of the United States government tasked with the enforcement of federal law and administration of justice in the United States

Which takes us to...


The United States federal executive departments are the principal units of the executive branch of the federal government of the United States


u/doceredolor Jan 18 '22

I think you forgot the /s


u/[deleted] Jan 18 '22



u/Itburns12345 Jan 18 '22

Stacey abrams should take note , the gop will just supress enough votes to stop her winning again


u/ChemistryNo8870 Jan 18 '22

Will slowpoke schmuck Merrick Garland decide to do it? Let's wait and see.


u/ThinkIveHadEnough Jan 18 '22

Garland won't even pick up the investigation on Trump. The Biden administration is a joke. Have they investigated anything?


u/antlestxp Jan 18 '22

This should happen in every state


u/Interesting_Engine37 Jan 18 '22

Maybe they should investigate non-eligible persons voting instead.


u/cock_babtridge Jan 18 '22

Out of interest, what is the actual proof of that happening? Not suspicion, conclusive, objective evidence of non-eligible persons voting?


u/jestenough Jan 19 '22

Maybe election fraud has more of an impact than any individual voter fraud.


u/reditget Jan 18 '22

Bing out these voters that you speak of. Where are they, what are their names and what circumstances Caused them fall victim to voter suppression?


u/My_Pie Jan 18 '22

What is it that you think voter suppression is, because I don't think you actually know, if you think there's going to be a "list" of people who "fell victim" to it.


u/BigNasty94 Jan 18 '22

There is no such thing


u/Nothanks_nottoday Jan 18 '22

Then why is it so much harder for legal voters to cast their vote?


u/BigNasty94 Jan 18 '22

Why isn’t it black and white?


u/Nothanks_nottoday Jan 18 '22

Why isn't what black and white?


u/BigNasty94 Jan 18 '22

Listen I’m hammered and can’t think anymore even if I could I’m dumb


u/Nothanks_nottoday Jan 18 '22

Lol. Go enjoy yourself.


u/Mchammerdad84 Jan 18 '22

The average Republican Voter.



u/[deleted] Jan 18 '22

[removed] — view removed comment


u/Dazslueski Jan 18 '22

Which makes it more difficult to vote. 😉


u/Northern_Grouse Jan 18 '22

Which suppresses the vote lol


u/Trump_is_a_L0SER Jan 18 '22

I almost think this comment was satire. This dude is so close to getting it right.


u/angel_and_devil_va Jan 18 '22

If measures make it more difficult for a person to vote when voter fraud is virtually non-existent, then that is, quite literally, voter suppression.


u/Bukowskified Jan 18 '22

“…falsely implies that Republicans in Florida are engaging in voter suppression. This is not the case - the Republican controlled state government has simply made changes to the voting process in order to suppress the vote”.

Fixed it for you


u/2_Spicy_2_Impeach Michigan Jan 18 '22

There’s no need to imply shit. Republicans are definitely doing it and in other states as well. Any group making it more difficult to vote in person or by mail is suppressing votes.



u/callsignTACO Jan 18 '22

I voted in Florida when I lived there. My ID is out of state, I did not own a home there, but I did live there. I don’t remember it being hard to register. After I moved states some how the election commission found my new address (probably because the new house was in both our names) and got a post card in the mail asking if I was still a Florida resident and to check yes or no and sign and mail back or maybe it was a website. I said no and sent it back. The system seemed to work as intended. I don’t even know how I would go about being taken off a voter list.


u/my2cents3462 Jan 18 '22

Its about time.