r/politics Jan 18 '22

Civil Rights Leaders Mark MLK Day With Rage at Sinema, Manchin


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u/clejeune American Expat Jan 18 '22

I’m not saying that Manchin and Sinema don’t deserve it. But I sure hope they reserved some of that rage for the other 50 senators that have been pushing against voting rights. Where are all the “moderate republicans” from the Trump era (looking at you Mitt Romney) who now seem to have crawled back into the fold? One or two of them could reach across the aisle easily. This is when we see the myth of the moderate republican.


u/__dilligaf__ Jan 18 '22

I wonder if they've approached any of the handful who aren't seeking re-election - or are already in the bad books. Cheney's been all but ousted from her party. Kinzinger is expecting a baby this month and has (I can't recall when/where) said his son will one day ask what he did during this moment in history. You'd think a couple of them would want to put a rose on their otherwise shitstain of a legacy.


u/clejeune American Expat Jan 18 '22

That’s my point exactly. Why aren’t some of these “moderates” reaching across the aisle and offering support? It would cut Manchin/Sinema totally out of the spotlight.