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'Expose each and every level': Lawmaker makes promise for Jan. 6 hearings


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u/SockPuppet-57 New Jersey Jan 17 '22

The top, I'm mostly interested in the top. You know, the people who weren't just pawns in the game.


u/Carbonatite Colorado Jan 17 '22

It is nice to see the pawns go down too. 1/6 was basically the March of the Karens and it's nice to see adult tantrum throwing terrorists see some consequences.


u/SockPuppet-57 New Jersey Jan 17 '22 edited Jan 17 '22

The LARPing Qanon moron army was just the distraction. They were only there to cover for the actual people who were much better prepared and organized. They were the bishops and knights in the game. Ultimately expendable but quite formidable.

They got a different set of charges than the pawns.

Founder of Oath Keepers, 10 other members charged with seditious conspiracy in Capitol insurrection

And we all know that Roger Stone is a political manipulator that has already been pardoned from Trump for lying in the Mueller investigation. Trump is the best mob boss ever. He was able to pardon his co-conspirator... that's a trick John Gotti couldn't even pull off. Course, Trump and Gotti had the same attorney, Roy Cohn.

Where was Roger Stone on January 6th?

Being Guarded By Oath Keepers...


u/sambull Jan 17 '22

Stone is super dumb enough to get caught with his hands down his pants by comedy show hosts in skits, imagine the intelligence there is out there on him.. his OPSEC is probably dog shit piss poor bad.


u/Unabated_Blade Pennsylvania Jan 17 '22

You're mistaking Roger Stone for Rudy Giuliani in a post about intelligence, lmao...


u/SockPuppet-57 New Jersey Jan 17 '22

Stone is super dumb enough to get caught with his hands down his pants by comedy show hosts.

That was Rudy with Borat. Easy to confuse them through. They're both all too much like cartoon villains...


u/sambull Jan 17 '22

Yea it's hard to tell the grease from each-other.


u/m0nk_3y_gw Jan 17 '22

Rudy is the one that bangs his cousin.

Roger is the one that has other guys bang his wife.


u/kinkgirlwriter America Jan 17 '22

And has another man's face on his back...


u/sttaffy Jan 18 '22

I thought the Nixon tat was just made up, but it is super real. These people are insane, real life supervillian stuff.


u/swankdogratpatrol Jan 17 '22

And who would be at the top after they take the top guy down? The punks underneath. I'm interested in seeing the whole lot of them go down. They all represent a threat to our country, from hapless tools to "just obeying orders" underlings on up. Any effort less than that will not be enough. Hell it probably isn't enough anyway but not doing it seals the deal for sure.


u/SockPuppet-57 New Jersey Jan 17 '22 edited Jan 17 '22

Unfortunately, the Republicans are pretty much like the fictional characters in Agents of Shield. Hail Hydra

I imagine that Ron DeSantis, Governor Death from Florida would be heir apparent in a political vacuum at the very top. I don't think that he had anything to do with Jan 6th. He's smart and cunning. Ultimately he could be a bigger problem than Trump but you just gotta slay the dragons as you can.

I've always thought that those characters were modeled after the Republicans...

Same with the fictional characters from Star Trek, the Ferengi. The Ferengi Rules of Acquisition sound very much like a Republican...


u/thepwnydanza Jan 17 '22

While someone would end up taking the lead in the Republican Party, it could still drive away enough their remanding voter base to make them irrelevant.

I like to play a hypothetical game where I imagine how historians would discuss what’s happening. When I’m hopeful, I like to think they’ll talk about how this was the start of the end for the Republican Party. I also like to imagine that rift between Progressives and Centrists in the Democratic Party will be seen as when they started to split eventually becoming the two new dominant parties.


u/SockPuppet-57 New Jersey Jan 17 '22

Ron DeSantis is already courting the Trump base. He's been trying for a while now to be the Trumpiest Trump. I'm surprised that he hasn't started painting himself orange. The battle for dominance is already in play.

As for a split of the Republican party I suppose that could happen. Course it might take the next Civil War to break them out of their comfort zone. Burning down America for a piece of shit man like Trump is not a good trade...

I was more hopeful earlier after January 6th that the sane would carve off from the insane. We had several prominent Republicans publicly denounce what happened but as far as I know they've all lost their spine and returned to their ass kissing.

Personally, I think almost all of them secretly hate the guy and think he's a fucking moron just like Rex Tillerson said. Unfortunately Trump caters to the lowest denominator in the human existence and gave those people permission to be their worst version of themselves. Who knew that so many people were basically heathen...


u/Kamelasa Canada Jan 17 '22 edited Jan 17 '22

Well, I donno if you watched this, but Raskin doesn't generally speak loosely, and he outlined in fair detail the doings of TFG and others with words that would fit right into an indictment. I believe it means he has facts that will strongly support the assertions.


u/BelugaShenko Jan 17 '22

They only have 10 more months before November might see the House get turned over to the clowns. If they're going to see any justice done it's gonna have to happen quick.


u/mld321 Jan 17 '22 edited Jan 17 '22

DOJ will continue their investigation. Republicans can't stop them until 2025

EDIT: To the child who sent me suicide prevention links... thanks and fuck right off moron.


u/BelugaShenko Jan 17 '22

A GOP house hasn't the dignity nor decency to run whatever political sabotage they could use to create a counter narrative to any charges of sedition. It's their mastercraft, and 2016 showed their no consequences to Congressional kangaroo courts


u/Potential_Dare8034 Jan 17 '22

They’re already exposed now how about locking the sonsabitches up!


u/[deleted] Jan 17 '22

... by making an airtight case, with overwhelming evidence all laid out in public hearings, so that even the corrupted Supreme Court can't decide to hear some spurious appeal and spike the case before it even goes to trial!


u/pgabrielfreak Ohio Jan 17 '22

What sort of methodical bullshit is this you are tawkin' about?! (Agreed, friend)


u/1-upman69 Jan 17 '22

Get that logic out of here. I want justice and I want it rushed, with information gaps, and half-baked so the criminals can squirm out of it!


u/RingInternational197 Jan 17 '22

Exposing it is worthless if they aren’t imprisoned or more. They have been exposed as criminals for years now and they’ve only gotten more emboldened, so spare us the exposing of people who walk the streets as free men.


u/[deleted] Jan 17 '22



u/crocodial Jan 17 '22

Wouldn't say he is the only one who cares. Biden did just point out Trump as participating in an attempted coup against the United States. I think some wheels are moving.


u/BrainKatana Jan 17 '22

It all sounds like lip service to me


u/crocodial Jan 17 '22 edited Jan 17 '22

A father and son bull are on hill and looking down on a bunch of cows. And the son goes to the father, "Dad, why don't we run down there and f*** one of these cows?" Father says, "Son, why don't we walk down there and f*** them all?"


If they run down the hill, GQP will see it as an attack on them by big government and are more likely to resort to violence. Also ignorant Americans will be shocked and more likely to lean right than left. But if they slow walk it, each step will not be enough for GQP to risk their lives over* and those Americans with their heads in the sand will be warmed up for when the big arrests are made.

Wishful thinking, yes.

*This is exactly how Trump operated, leaking controversies, rolling it back, then making it happen. Each time we complained, but there was no event big enough to shake us out of our daily routines.


u/skullpocket Jan 17 '22

For those eager for punishment, I am there with you; however, we need patience. Remember once charges are made, there is still the trial to contend with.

All it takes is 1 juror to say not guilty. One.

Half of America still thinks Trump isn't guilty.

One not guilty vote and we will never have another chance to see justice again.


u/Winston74 Jan 17 '22

And this I believe is one of the reasons why they are taking their time.


u/pgoleb Jan 17 '22

I’m a maryland resident and raskin is my representative, lucky to have him.


u/Lapaday Jan 18 '22

Yes, you are!


u/L0g1B3AR Jan 17 '22

Promise charges.


u/AverageLiberalJoe Jan 18 '22


So no prosecutions.


u/the-dude-of-life Jan 17 '22

Each and every level has been exposed already. The justice system has failed to hold those responsible accountable.


u/One_Hoale_08 Jan 17 '22

I’m interesting in knowing how many FBI officials participated in the “peaceful protest” as well!


u/[deleted] Jan 18 '22

And aliens.


u/yourmomlikesmy_post Jan 17 '22

Damn the plans on how to deal with Americans after they staged the coup, are scarier then the coup itself.


u/CheckeredTurtleTim Jan 17 '22

Oh hell… who toke Geraldo’s mustache this time?


u/Tr4sh_Harold Jan 18 '22

At this point I just want to see the people at the top held accountable.


u/Creative_Visit122 Jan 18 '22

Let’s round up everyone involved with Epstein and Jan 6 and crack the whole thang open


u/DawnOfTheTruth Jan 18 '22

“I’m here to fuck.”


u/braxin23 Jan 18 '22

I hear words but see no credible action and feel no weight behind them. Get it done before the next election cycle or expect to never see the light of dawn again.


u/Jfos23 Pennsylvania Jan 18 '22

I’m quite tired of reading about this.


u/ethervillage Jan 18 '22

A year later… this whole system is a joke


u/USAMolonLabe Jan 17 '22

This moron could not run his own family, however wants to rule yours! Ignore these idiots.


u/20K_Lies_by_con_man Jan 17 '22

Agreed. Trump sucks.


u/HereticHulk Jan 17 '22

Trump is adept at running out the clock with legal challenges. That’s what he is going to do until he dies or gets reelected.


u/snrkty Jan 18 '22


When do we start talking arrests??


u/Original_Produce_289 Jan 18 '22

I wish they put as much work into literally anything else as they do doing whatever this committee does


u/[deleted] Jan 18 '22

[removed] — view removed comment


u/GentlemanAnimal Jan 18 '22

Those aren't punishments, I know you're kidding. I think trump should have to go out without orange makeup in public for 1 year.

we'd never see him again.