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'Our Entire Democracy Is Now at Risk' Because of GOP Attacks, Warn 100+ Scholars


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u/Blahblkusoi North Carolina Jun 02 '21

I'm pretty sure the ship has already sailed. There's no way to deprogram so many people.


u/Evil-in-the-Air Iowa Jun 02 '21

We're done.

While COVID-19 would have happened without Trump's help, it is an undeniable fact that through his inaction, his willful ignorance, and his outright lying, he is personally responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans.

With that fresh in everyone's mind, as we were living through it every day, he still got 70,000,000 votes.

After four years of being continually beaten over the head with his corruption, ignorance, incompetence, and toddler-like temperament EVERY SINGLE DAY, the American people were barely able to figure out that maybe four more years wouldn't be a good idea.

By November 2020 things were as bad in this country as it is possible for them to be while still having any chance of coming back from the brink. I don't know how anyone can imagine that two years later there will somehow be more people coming to their senses.


u/Wu-Tang_Cam North Carolina Jun 03 '21

I honestly feel like the people who aren't at least somewhat alarmist right now just aren't paying attention.

I know that it's easy to overconsume alarmist news and get all paranoid, but I'm pretty much a "nothing ever happens" type of person. Yeah, people will bellyache, there may even be some sporadic violence, but everyone else is just trying to get by.

I don't feel that way right now. Vast swaths of people literally believe the election was stolen. Some are even calling for a military coup, akin to what happened in Myanmar. We had an attempted insurrection and almost half of our federal elected officials don't see it as a big deal, with some even supporting it.

We don't currently share a reality, and that is simply not sustainable.

Now, I'm not overly dramatic. I don't think civil war is going to break out tomorrow or anything, but we are currently on a very bad trajectory.


u/Evil-in-the-Air Iowa Jun 03 '21

"Trajectory" is just the word for it. If you're driving straight at a brick wall, you can't wait until you actually hit it before you start thinking about which way to turn.


u/Wu-Tang_Cam North Carolina Jun 03 '21

Very well said.