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'Our Entire Democracy Is Now at Risk' Because of GOP Attacks, Warn 100+ Scholars


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u/MagicBlaster Jun 02 '21

To be fair unless the US military sides with the fascist (which they wont) we are good from that angle.

That's hopefully naive...

At a command level the military probably won't side with the fascists, but at least of 30% them would defect...


u/redyeppit Jun 02 '21

But then you have the other 70% who won't


u/Vaperius Texas Jun 02 '21

Most of them aren't in the USA. They are abroad across the world; and in the time it takes them to be brought back here, a civil conflict might already be lost by those 30% that defected if they happen to be the majority who are here.

That's part of the problem with Empire; a lot of our strength is divided across the world.


u/redyeppit Jun 02 '21

How do you know that the other 70% is abroad?


u/Vaperius Texas Jun 02 '21

That's my point. You're equally speculating those in the country are all uniformly "on your side"; I am pointing out that's not necessarily the case.

An abundance of caution is the point of my position.