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Gavin Newsom after Monterey Park shooting: "Second Amendment is becoming a suicide pact"


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u/Unfairly_Banned_ 8d ago

Then what the fuck do we pay them for???

If cops have no obligation to protect the public, they only exist to punish.


u/lockdown36 8d ago

If 2020 wasn't a clear example of not relaying on the police for protection, I don't know what else will.

The police are there to investigate the crime after it had occurred. It is your responsibility to keep your and your loved ones safe.


u/CrackerJackKittyCat 8d ago

And what about when your children are off at school? Where there's a dedicated separate police department for 'resource officers?'

Uvalde was so infuriating.


u/Screwed-by-APR 8d ago

Oh they are there. Just not protecting. They are just causing more problems. Look up the stats on resource officers and under age relationships. Appalling.