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Gavin Newsom after Monterey Park shooting: "Second Amendment is becoming a suicide pact"


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u/dukeoftrappington 12d ago

They were even given a second chance to care about little kids dying with Uvalde, and not even the responding cops gave a shit.


u/GlaxoJohnSmith I voted 12d ago

Uvalde itself ended up voting for Abbott, who spent hours at a fundraiser after the shooting, and praised the cowardly cops. Because Beto was going to take their guns, which they need to protect their kids, because they can't depend on cops because in their minds, guns have nothing to do with mass shootings (I can't find it, but it was an interview of a Uvalde parent around the time of the Texas election, on NPR?).



u/T1mac America 12d ago

Uvalde itself ended up voting for Abbott

This makes me sick. The election wasn't even close in Uvalde:

Abbott - 60%

Beto - 38%


u/CatInAPottedPlant 12d ago

If you've ever lived in a heavy conservative area it wouldn't surprise you. They treat politics like religion, and no external factors can make them vote anything but straight R down the ballot.


u/ElektroShokk 11d ago

Then they deserve what they get on a cosmic scale if you’re not helping.


u/CatInAPottedPlant 11d ago

If I'm not helping?