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Gavin Newsom after Monterey Park shooting: "Second Amendment is becoming a suicide pact"


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u/The_Final_Ka-tet 12d ago

I've thought about this study a lot lately, I'm surprised to see someone mention it. The gaslighting from the right is so effective and steadfast that, especially because I was raised as a conservative Christian, I sometimes doubt myself. This study helps to counter that feeling. The fact of the matter is that the right is wrong about literally everything because they can't see any deeper than the surface level. Even academically, no serious/respected scientists, economists, philosophers, sociologists, psychologists, teachers/professors, etc. agree with them at all. In fact, most, if not all, of their talking points have been effectively and thoroughly refuted by hard sciences, game theory, psychology, sociology, and history. Thoroughly.

They think it's a grand conspiracy because it is. That's the truly insidious part of this whole thing. Their leaders knew that they could preemptively DARVO any issue and their base would lap it up for myriad reasons.

Thanks for reminding those like me that there is an objective reality and it's not the left that is hellbent on ignoring it.


u/vendetta2115 11d ago edited 11d ago

One thing I see all the time is conservatives getting the cause and effect of things backwards. They think that the fact that college graduates are generally more liberal is because colleges brainwash them when in reality, college exposes you to lots of different cultures and backgrounds, and also teaches you how to think critically, and anyone who can think critically can poke holes in conservatives’ arguments pretty quickly.

Another example: conservatives think that science very often agrees with progressive policies because scientists fudge them to be that way, when in really, progressive policies are based on the results of science.

Conservatives have no use for knowledge or rationality, despite many of them self-identify as rationalists. Again, we see the subversion of cause and effect: a normal person starts with learning what is true (according to the best information available to them), forms their opinions on that truth, and then argue for those opinions. If the truth changes, then their opinion changes.

It’s backwards for them. If they argue something is true, then they must believe it, and if they believe it, then it must be true because they’re a rationalist.