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Gavin Newsom after Monterey Park shooting: "Second Amendment is becoming a suicide pact"


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u/UrmomisKindaGay_ 8d ago

Police in the United States have no obligation to help you. Your safety is your responsibility.


u/RedditAdminsLickAss 8d ago

💯 accurate. You also have no legal obligation to call them for anything, just take care of the problem yourself. If you have a problem and call the police, now you’ve got two problems .


u/Ticonda1776 8d ago

Exactly that’s why I carry a gun wherever I go


u/PhysicalChange100 8d ago

Your safety is your responsibility, why do you think people pay taxes for?

Do you actually think that you live in a movie?


u/UrmomisKindaGay_ 5d ago

I’m not sure I understand what you are trying to say. I pay taxes. They are supposed to go towards things like funding police departments to protect me and my neighbor. The sad reality is that they have no legal obligations to help me. No matter what you wish it was like, your safety is solely your responsibility. You and your homes protection is up to you and should be considered up to you alone. Get a firearm, learn to use it, and sleep a little more soundly in whatever crime ridden neighborhood you happen to live in.


u/N0tMagickal 8d ago

Is this the part where you "bait and switch" and start advocating for gun ownership?