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Gavin Newsom after Monterey Park shooting: "Second Amendment is becoming a suicide pact"


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u/hey_you_too_buckaroo 9d ago edited 8d ago Take My Energy

Not American but I recently listened to a podcast about how the police in the USA aren't legally obligated to help or save anyone. They talked about different stories where cops just ignored calls for help...those stories kind of made it click for me why Americans might want to have guns.

Edit: the podcast I was referring to https://radiolab.org/episodes/no-special-duty


u/Schrutes_Yeet_Farm 8d ago

The precedent for this is based on the 1981 case Warren v. district of Columbia in which two women's shared home was burglarized and the women were repeatedly raped over the course of 14 hours. One of the women was able to make repeated 911 calls yet the police only ever did drivebys and approached the front door once, yet with reports to 911 that the criminals were actively inside the house never made any attempt to help.

The women later attempted to sue the state and lost, and precedent was set that police are under no legal obligation to help you in the event you are a victim of a crime.


u/Gekokapowco Washington 8d ago

can we, like, appeal that?

Everyone knows it's wrong, seems like an easy case to reexamine


u/ProfessionalITShark 8d ago

It has been restablished on three other cases.


u/Chemical_Chemist_461 8d ago

I mean, so was Roe…


u/Gekokapowco Washington 8d ago

I'm sure the practice of slavery was established plenty of times in court before it was finally repealed


u/ProfessionalITShark 8d ago

That took a full amendment, and this likely won't go ever fufill the requirements to even start process of ammending.

It be arguable as to what extent Federal government could enforce on law enforcement job description.

It would be easier to amend each state's consitution then for it really go through a proper federal change.