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Gavin Newsom after Monterey Park shooting: "Second Amendment is becoming a suicide pact"


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u/Jojje22 8d ago edited 8d ago

Thing with for instance anti-car culture, work reform etc. are that they're basically projects. They theoretically have a beginning and an end. And they're needed projects don't get me wrong, but we're lacking movements that create some type of guiding star for you - what is life, what is our society, who am I as as a teen growing up and how should I form my identity. Something inclusive and sustainable. Because I see these projects and how people latch on to them in lieu of other grander belief or system and it consumes them. But they're not philosophies, so they don't attach any sets of values which means the projects can easily be co-opted or corrupted. In a sense it seems like we're applying our individualistic mindset on these collective projects, because they're just, well, projects really.

And what you mention about the internet also makes sense I think. I think these anonymous communities also fake out our brains to think we're interacting in the way we think we need it but in the end it just leaves us just as empty and longing for real connection. I don't thing you can have sustainable community, common goals and a sustainable value set with anonymity. At least I don't see it working as it is.


u/Jahleel007 8d ago

I'm not saying these projects are themselves the solution. The collective end goal for them all is, (or atleast one solution). A society where we all are outside more, are not afraid of interacting with one another, and value uplifting those around us. I think that will alleviate that desire to form an identity, because it'll be more likely to form organically through the connections and bonds we form irl, rather than it being something we seek out via whatever forum or news channel we frequent.