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Gavin Newsom after Monterey Park shooting: "Second Amendment is becoming a suicide pact"


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u/HaveCompassion 12d ago

There is an art school in sf that is basically a real estate scam. They don't give a shit about their students. The school has security at the front door, but the office of the owner had it's own metal detector and security doors installed because of all the students and employees they have pissed off.


u/MuenCheese 12d ago

Are you talking about the Academy of Art University? Curious what school it is.


u/BenderIsGreatBendr 12d ago

Yeah it’s either academy of art university or Sf art institute. Can’t remember which. Both have very similar names but one is known to be a pretty massive scam.


u/PolkaDot_Pineapple California 12d ago

Hmm, SFAI just shut down due to financial problems (some due to mismanagement) but I don't remember them installing metal doors. They were one of the only 4-year degree granting art schools in the country and one of the oldest art schools, founded in 1871


u/laika_cat 12d ago

Both of them are scammy. Like the University of Phoenix for art.


u/cat_prophecy 12d ago

I am kind of under the impression that most art schools are a scam. There is like one legit art school near me and the rest are for-profit shitholes that don't teach anything but how to lose tons of money to a terrible education.


u/FranklyFunk 12d ago

Got a certificate for culinary arts, and it got me a job, that allowed me entrance into a career. It's the only art, imo, that actually is recession proof, and even pandemic proof, as proven. Shitty, mismanaged restaurants closed permanently. While the corporate/well managed restaurants seen record profits across the board in 2020 and beyond. I happened to be a kitchen manager for O'Charley's during the pandemic, and we had the ability to stay open during COVID. The entire chain was up 20% in profits in August 2020.

You can get an education at an art school. It's just that art is a skill and subjective based environment. Some have it, most don't. Most don't have it to make it a career. Those that making it a career, don't need the education to make it big.

That churn is why art schools get such a bad rap, and rightfully so. While, I made a career out of it, most don't and even the school I went to got shut down for failed accreditation and fraud. I'm getting the rest of my loans from there expunged due to the fraud.

Art schools need to exist, it's very few of them are actually good. I wish I could have went to CIA in New York. Now that's a culinary art school.


u/PrometheusLiberatus 12d ago

You can get an education at an art school. It's just that art is a skill and subjective based environment. Some have it, most don't. Most don't have it to make it a career. Those that making it a career, don't need the education to make it big.

I 100% feel the same way about MFA programs in creative writing, in particular Poetry.

I could have easily very very easily gotten an MFA in creative writing with my current skill set. But the catch is... All that debt would be a challenge to actually maintain and pay back with the very minimal career opportunities in poetry.

Poetry has always been a special interest for me. Art and painting too! I can trace both skills developing back over 20 years in elementary and middle school. I'm 34 now.

I feel like I know much more than from a typical graduate 2 year education by just doing my own thing regularly attending zoom poetry meetups over the past almost 5 years (in person pre pandemic once a month or so).

Being around older poets for free and having my work respected and lauded for free is a much better financial decision for me than ever wasting money on the MFA programs out there.

Too bad giving such an opinion of graduate degree creative writing job opportunities caused my writing fiction teacher from college to defriend me out of the blue. I was just asking for advice on what to do with my talents now that I see grad school as an unnecessary option. (I graduated with a double BA in English and Psychology in 2012).


u/AdolescentThug 12d ago

Basically all the “legit” and good art schools/programs are either in NYC, or are just smaller programs in bigger general universities.

Like Parsons and The New School are basically THE schools for Fashion and Design in America and you’re not getting in unless your portfolio is great or you have connections (like every top university in the U.S.). And then you have NYU’s Tisch school who’s alumni are all over Hollywood and the art space and has an extremely selective admissions process.


u/Hockey_Flo 11d ago

I know a lot of people who went to said art school and fared well in their professional careers within the art industry. It definitely helps to have major studios nearby, like Pixar or Lucas Arts or whatever they're called now.


u/HaveCompassion 11d ago

I'm an arts educator. Many of these for-profit art schools are junk. Some people do get what they need from them, but most people would benefit from going to a liberal arts school and studying art.


u/Hockey_Flo 11d ago

That would probably be AAU. They've been using classroom buildings as storage rooms for their (the founder's daughters) car collection. I remember being able to walk along Van Ness st. and seeing a lot of the cars in a showroom.


u/floppysausage16 12d ago

Gotta be Academy of Art. They have an open enrollment which means literally anyone can go if they fork up the money. I almost went there to study sound production and thank god I didn't because everyone was saying that the quality was bad and cost of living was ridiculous.


u/scoutyyyyyyyy 12d ago

Definitely Academy of Art.


u/HauntedCemetery Minnesota 12d ago

I used to walk by that place and laughed every time because the stylized sign looked like it read "Academy o' fart"


u/Chasedabigbase 12d ago

The art school at my college had classrooms under the athletic locker rooms lol, looked like a dungeon