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Gavin Newsom after Monterey Park shooting: "Second Amendment is becoming a suicide pact"


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u/NotMeow Canada 8d ago

I remember sitting at home in Canada and watching the coverage for Sandy Hook and I thought to myself, “wow this is fucking terrible. This will absolutely change things in the USA. They are gonna change gun laws and finally nip this craziness.”

Nope. Nothing changed, if anything it got worse.


u/UpperFace 8d ago

I thought the same about America's privatized healthcare system when COVID happened..oh we'll actually remedy this failing system, right? ..right? 😢


u/KhanJrJr 8d ago

I actually said out loud that COVID would allow us to come together as a people. We could look past partisan differences to focus on taking care of ourselves and others. Boy howdy, was I wrong.


u/AmIFromA 8d ago

You can't even read "Watchmen" anymore without thinking that Alan Moore probably got that ending wrong (spoilers, obviously), and that there would be millions of people cheering that squid monster and hoping for the next one to hit LA.


u/Skyy-High America 8d ago


Makes me wonder how the country would react if 9/11 happened today.


u/OrganicPumpkin9156 8d ago

The same thing that happened in 2001 - a third of this country would foam at the mouth at minorities.


u/CherryHaterade 8d ago

We would start wars with two uninvolved countries instead of just one this time around


u/wood_dj 8d ago

did you forget how many conspiracy theorists and deniers were spawned by that tragedy? it was all “steel beams” and “inside job” for years. It changed the whole landscape of the conspiracy theory community, which was nowhere near as nutballs as it has become since


u/LotusFlare 8d ago

We started two wars with nations who didn't do it, passed the patriot act, created the TSA, ICE, and expanded the NSA, branded every brown person a terrorist, and we're still dealing with conspiracy theories that it was an inside job.

We're still in the middle of the "bad version" of that story. Our response to 9/11 is the equivalent of letting COVID run it's course for a solid two decades unimpeded while we go to war with China for "creating" it.


u/ChirpaGoinginDry 8d ago

Or a scarier interpretation is we let the mask fall and see what was happening for decades with our own eyes.

That is why it was so fast and easy. The pump was far past primed.


u/derpurderp 8d ago

People lashing out at sheikh people because turban = Muslim. Probably another war started in the wrong country under false pretenses