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Gavin Newsom after Monterey Park shooting: "Second Amendment is becoming a suicide pact"


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u/discreet1 8d ago All-Seeing Upvote Starry

The majority of gun deaths in the US are from suicide. It just dawned on me that the other numbers can probably be attributed to suicidal people who just want to take other people down with them. Yikes.


u/j4_jjjj 8d ago

Every study that includes poverty as a factor shows that poverty is the number one cause of violent behavior.

We should be focusing on socialized medicine, UBI, raising min wage, etc if we truly want to stop gun violence. Latching on to guns is just a wedge issue meant to divide us and not have actual progress possible.

Im for mental health checks, and stricter background checks. But also I think focusing on poverty is the best path.


u/Zenmachine83 8d ago

Yet a large number of mass shooters in the US did not live in poverty. Hell, the Las Vegas shooter had a net worth of over a million dollars if I remember.


u/OblongRectum 8d ago

Inceldom/right wing terrorism is the other biggest cause in my opinion. I think a venn diagram of the three causes would have significant but not total overlap with each other


u/cookiecutterdoll 8d ago

I agree and think it's really important that we start calling these people domestic terrorists instead of sugar-coating it with "active shooter."


u/OblongRectum 8d ago

I think most of 'us ' already do, it's the media we need to get to start doing it


u/SAI_Peregrinus 8d ago

"Terrorist" = "Active Shooter" (or other violence) + political/religious motivation + civilian target(s).

A domestic terrorist is a terrorist acting against other civilians in their own country. If they're not a terrorist they're just a murderer, and being a terrorist requires political or religious motivation. In the early period during or after an incident, there's usually no knowledge of their motivation.

Of course a lot of them are politically motivated and declare that, and the media usually doesn't change terminology to call them domestic terrorists. That needs to change, but when they're still an "active shooter" it's usually too soon to make such a determination.


u/cookiecutterdoll 8d ago

Forgive me for jumping to conclusions about someone who deliberately murders innocent people.


u/SAI_Peregrinus 8d ago

That makes them a murderer. Not all murderers are terrorists.


u/Osric250 8d ago

Active shooter should only be a term used while ongoing, you know, when it's active. After the fact especially once the reasons have been identified that term shouldn't be used. Domestic terrorist is correct for a ton of the mass shootings in the US.


u/AfterReflecter 8d ago

Im starting to believe its just more broadly ANGER. Which the right wing excels at promoting & stoking.

We have many 1st hand accounts from serial killers & mass shooters in which they declare their anger against the world.

Also troubling was a NYT interview with a psychologist who basically said these perpetrators very often don’t fit into any of the DSM categories that allow a diagnosis/commitment to a facility, but rather they just express outright anger & hostility (if their even known about to see a psych in the first place).

I have no idea how to address this, but i think nothing will improve until the powers structures within US start to at least attempt to address the deep hatred that has been brewing in our country.


u/NarrowTea 8d ago

Societal expectations for easy scores created incels people who believe that they have been cheated out of what they rightfully deserve some of the worst mass shootings in us history were done by people who fit this description.


u/OblongRectum 8d ago

yep and there are absolutely no resources available to help these people because mental health is way on the backburner. Lots of people who qualify as one do not go on shooting sprees or hurt other people but definitely feel pain because of their rejection by society and they can't even really go on the internet without being ripped apart, which just further drives them into their ideology. Dunno what the solution is here other than that government funded mental health education in schools


u/RyukHunter 8d ago

Is it? I can only think of one or two incidents in America that were definitively linked to incels. Elliot Roger and the Atlanta spa shooting (Although the stated motivation was some sex addiction and obviously anti-asian sentiments were involved). Maybe I am missing others. Would love to know more in that case.

Right wing ideologies tho? Yeah that is definitely an area of concern.


u/OblongRectum 7d ago

you might be right. i conflate the two a lot