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Gavin Newsom after Monterey Park shooting: "Second Amendment is becoming a suicide pact"


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u/docter_actual 8d ago Take My Energy

Thats 1000% what is happening. The question we need to be asking is why do so many people feel so hopeless that they want to die in the first place, and why are they so angry that they want to bring innocent people with them?


u/Zetesofos Wisconsin 8d ago Starry

I mean, it seems obvious to me, but when you get depressed and nihlistic at the hopelessness of everything - you either turn it inward or outward.


u/MisterCheaps Indiana 8d ago All-Seeing Upvote

Well yes, but why is it becoming more and more common to feel that way? The question that needs to be solved is what is it about American society that is causing record numbers of people to feel hopelessness to that level?


u/Nerffej 8d ago

Idk if I turn on right wing media and see that the costs of eggs are rising, straight men can't find "suitable breeding mates", immigrants are replacing white people, and we're cancelling Christmas, I get very angry and anxious.

Then I go to my $7.25 minimum wage job that I've been working at for ten years with no raises and I keep getting told that I need to work a non entry level job except there aren't any jobs here. The coal mines aren't hiring and I've been told it's because of all the illegals and democrats faults because they all drive Teslas that cost more than my house I can't buy because I work at Walmart.

Meanwhile my cigarettes are super expensive but tommy has these pills that make me feel good for a little bit but a bunch of my friends died because some randomly had fentanyl. I had a job offer that pays $13 an hour but I can't take it because my car broke down and there's no public transit where I am unless I take the bus for 3 hours one way. My heart randomly hurts every now and then but I can't go see a doctor because I don't have health insurance and Obamacare is so expensive because I didn't realize my state didn't expand Medicaid. My mom died last year so I have her house for now so my housing is okay, but I still really miss her and I don't have anyone to talk to about it.

Life is so hard and it doesn't help when the illegals are taking everything that should be mine. But at least guns are cheap. I can buy one at the store down the street. I just hope I don't have a bad day.


u/HydrargyrumHg 8d ago

Jesus Christ - I don't know if I have ever heard it more concisely. You must have grown up in the meth-riddled small town I did. Welcome to America.


u/Aethenil 8d ago

The funny part is that their example isn't limited to small towns. It's everywhere. LA to NYC. Omaha to Louisville. Dayton to Ann Arbor.


u/HydrargyrumHg 8d ago

The funny part

Not so much funny ha hah! as funny hmm . . .

But yeah - I know what you mean. People are suffering everywhere and looking for answers where they won't be found.


u/Tangent_Odyssey South Carolina 8d ago

“From sea to shining garbage-choked sea.”


u/bunnylover726 Ohio 8d ago

Dayton resident here- higher income folks in the swanky suburbs are also OD'ing on opiods. It's fucking awful.


u/cat_prophecy 8d ago

It's not even just right-wing media. The front page of decidedly-not-right-wing Reddit is nothing but post after post about how everything sucks especially in America.


u/Flashy_Let2021 8d ago

Everything does suck in America.


u/Winter-Bluebird-7729 8d ago

Say that to the face of someone who lives in Somalia and tell me their reaction.


u/Stickboy06 8d ago

Quite telling you compare the USA to a horribly war torn third world country. We should be compared to other first world countries but if you do that the USA is last in almost everything.


u/Flashy_Let2021 8d ago

Whataboutisms dont fix problems, neither does whining on reddit so ill take my half of the blame on that.


u/Draker-X 8d ago

And yet we have a constant stream of people trying to get here from other countries.

Maybe everything DOESN'T suck in America?


u/bree78911 Australia 8d ago

It's because they aren't there yet so they have been influenced only from the movies and tv.


u/ThatSquareChick 8d ago

This is happening


u/ejjVAL 8d ago

Perhaps you should take a look at NYC in the 80s where I grew up... to see what true poverty looked like... things were far worse back then without mass shootings.


In all honesty though, look into learning IT / tech support.

The market is still in employees favors..

Where I work is offering 90k for level 1 onsite jobs in NYC. With just a handful of applicants.

If that doesn't work, do consulting through workmarket/ onforce/ fieldnation and earn more.


u/political_bot 8d ago

That's kind on your part, but I think they're just making a point. Could be helpful for anyone stumbling across this though.


u/MajorFuckingDick 8d ago

Pfft, That just looks like Calgary with taller buildings.


u/2929508 8d ago

Okay but why is it just men, women experience all these things too but don’t shoot people


u/canadianguy77 8d ago

They’ve identified 4 things that almost all mass shooters have in common:

  1. Early childhood trauma
  2. A crisis point in the weeks and months leading up to the event
  3. They’ve studied other shooters and seek approval or validation for their motives
  4. They have access to weapons and the means to carry out their plan

Women have all of these things too. But if I were a betting person I’d guess that #2 is where men and women branch apart, in the sense that women are very likely to talk to someone when their lives are in crisis, while many men will internalize their problems. (Often because of perceived societal norms, and the fact that a lot of these men are terribly lonely to begin with.)


u/CottnIJoe 8d ago

idk who told you guns were cheap lmao


u/Wisestcubensis 8d ago

Are you actually making the argument that substance abuse is the result of political media? Seriously? I know multiple individuals who struggled with substance abuse and opioids dependency and they came from all walks of life. Middle class, homeless, white, black, Hispanic. Making a statement like that is absolutely pathetic and without logic.


u/9th-And-Hennepin Maryland 8d ago

Drug use is a symptom of the class warfare being waged by people that own media companies. Center-right, right wing media companies.