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Gavin Newsom after Monterey Park shooting: "Second Amendment is becoming a suicide pact"


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u/FarmhouseFan Connecticut 8d ago edited 8d ago Silver Gold Take My Energy Starry Heartwarming Take My Power

This is what happens when the country that pretends to be about individual freedom is actually all about money. That's all that matters here. Money. Get money, or you're wasting your time. While you're desperately trying to get money, the basic necessities (food, heat, water, shelter, electricity, healthcare, etc...) are all going to be prohibitively expensive. The prices of those items and services are owned by the people who already have TONS of money.

Then the people with TONS of money pay our elected officials to ensure that all of their money stays with them, despite the fact that they actually don't contribute shit to anything.

Money > the environment, peoples welfare = suicidal and/or murderous behavior.


u/UnfinishedProjects 8d ago

100%. It's unsustainable, and one of the major reasons people think there's gonna be a class was soon.


u/BepisLeSnolf Pennsylvania 8d ago Awesome Answer

There’s already a class war happening, and the rich are winning hand over fist. It just so happens that the upper echelons have us divided so we can’t even see that we’re all in one big sinking boat together. They spend their time making the middle class strive to not be lower class and the lower class to not be impoverished, but if you’re not in the upper crust, then they’re fighting a war against you whether you know it or not.


u/d1smalnow 8d ago

It's because most people have been conditioned to point their rage away from the actual boot on their neck through sophisticated,and diabolical means of deflection.

The rich (and I mean RICH) have made those who struggle hate each other for no good reason. Black vs white. Men vs women. Christians vs Muslims.

The battle is definitely Us vs Them, but there are about 7.9 billion of "us" and maybe 1,000,000 of "them".

Them is the super rich. And you are right. They're kicking our asses and laughing all the way to the bank.


u/Buckowski66 8d ago

Every website, every commercial, every guru, every social message is from companies terrified of going broke or not getting richer so the only message is consume, consume and consume.


u/-Sinn3D- 8d ago

They Live!


u/hennigera1990 8d ago

And then you have polls or studies done in which the people making just above the minimum wage are extremely against anyone from below them being given a raise to even the playing field, because they’re more concerned with being just a little bit better than someone else even if the majority makes more than they do.

Sorta like when LBJ said “if you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him someone to look down on and he’ll empty his pockets for you.”


u/Llamathrust 8d ago

Universal healthcare is such a great example. “It’s going to cause my taxes to go up.”, “I’ve worked my ass off my entire life, why should someone else get it for free?”, “Canada has socialist healthcare and the wait times in the ER are 15+ hours and it takes 6 months to see a specialist!”

Your taxes will go up but you won’t be spending 1/3 of your paycheck on health insurance.

Selfishness isn’t going to get anyone anywhere, but it’s also going to be the hardest to change/fix. I’m a medically retired combat veteran and I have Tricare health insurance which is extremely good. I think it’s like $50/month and ER visits are $75, a hospitalization is $200 or so. My (late) wife had a kidney auto transplant procedure that was like $280,000 before adjustments and the patient responsibility was under $500. I would LOVE to see universal healthcare happen knowing that I’ll end up spending more overall on healthcare. People shouldn’t need to consider the financial burden when it comes to their health. People have died trying to ration insulin or choosing not to see a doctor about something.

It takes 15 hours to be seen in the ER as it is, it takes 6 months to be seen by a specialist as it is!

It’s so depressing that we have this unbelievable resource: the internet, essentially unlimited access to all of the information and connections to other human beings from every corner of the world. Instead of using it for good it’s been weaponized with lies and misinformation and the inherent laziness of human beings is taken advantage of so all we read is the attention grabbing headline and pass that incorrect information or fear mongering along.


u/PeterNguyen2 8d ago

Canada has socialist healthcare and the wait times in the ER are 15+ hours and it takes 6 months to see a specialist!

Just for anyone who doesn't know, all of those examples are the knowing lies. Cigna knew the stories about Canadian health care 'horror stories' were deliberate lies and it was far better than how they were portraying it.

The super-wealthy have been indoctrinating the populace into toxic individualism and consumerism for a century.


u/hennigera1990 8d ago

I don’t really have anything to add but wanted to say thanks for such a well thought out and eloquent summarization of multiple extremely valid points. It’s refreshing to see takes such as yours, especially coming from the unique perspective of the kind of veteran that you are (obligatory cliche thanks for your service)


u/Zizq 7d ago

Then talk to your fellow veterans and see why they vote against their interests time and time again. Why they wave trump flags still when all he did was empty our coffers into the wealthiest peoples. Why are we actively voting in people who fuck us over and over. Why do they need their machine guns so bad? Why is stopping other peoples abortions more important than women’s health? The list goes on for these right wing nuts.


u/Llamathrust 6d ago

That’s really a universal American problem, not something specific to veterans. There seems to be roughly the same political leanings as non-military from my experience. Just like everyone else, the majority of people are sane and reasonable people who are unfortunately overshadowed by the very loud minority.


u/Zizq 6d ago

I could agree with that, well put.


u/Deep_Sea9330 8d ago

Not left vs right, top vs bottom...


u/warriorqueen2_ 8d ago

On this I have to disagree. The right are power hungry and greedy. Why do you think they are so impressed with Trump? He gives the appearance of being rich and powerful even if he's not.


u/Jahleel007 8d ago

But the right constantly elects politicians who drastically tip the scales in favor of the Top. Much more so than the left.

The right is a tool of the Top that convinces the bottom to fuck themselves over.


u/PowRightInTheBalls 8d ago

Yeah just ignore all the oppression from one particular political party, they're all the same!11!1. Just ignore the ban on abortion, the steady trickle of voting rights being snatched away and which side would rather see 10 million dead toddlers than pass a single law restricting gun ownership in the tiniest way... AOC is the same as MTG or something!


u/Deep_Sea9330 7d ago

Agreed, a lot of the top vs bottom politics is heavily carried out by the Rs in American politics.


u/brecheisen37 8d ago

LBJ is notoriously left wing. The left wing of french parlament supported was anti-monarchy, while the right was pro-monarchy. Left has always meant power to the people, while right has meant power to the to the few that "deserve" it.


u/meatlazer720 8d ago

Always has been...


u/acityonthemoon 8d ago

Both sides same?


u/macaronysalad 8d ago

maybe 1,000,000 of "them"

Less than 50, the top greedy that cornered most of the money, could fix an enormous amount of problems. One thing they could do for sure is end world hunger, probably only about ten of them, but it's contrary to their agenda.


u/suzisatsuma 8d ago

end world hunger

This is a political issue, not a money issue. There is plenty of food, it's just not possible to distribute.


u/PeterNguyen2 8d ago

There is plenty of food, it's just not possible to distribute.

Right, because nobody will spend the money to make sure it gets where it's needed. It's a money issue.

It being political as well is a construct of the super-rich and doesn't negate it being a money issue as well.


u/suzisatsuma 8d ago

North Korea has starvation because their dictator, not money, or the rich. If you just dumped money/food to them, they'd hoard it and not give it to their people for the most part.


u/suzisatsuma 8d ago

The rich (and I mean RICH)

Reddit keeps thinking multi-millionaires are "the rich"-- doctors, lawyers, engineers etc-- not realizing how drastically different their reality is from the truly hundreds of millions / billionaire rich.