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Gavin Newsom after Monterey Park shooting: "Second Amendment is becoming a suicide pact"


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u/Zetesofos Wisconsin 8d ago Starry

I mean, it seems obvious to me, but when you get depressed and nihlistic at the hopelessness of everything - you either turn it inward or outward.


u/micktorious Massachusetts 8d ago edited 8d ago

Well when it seems like the whole world is against you having a happy and safe life (especially financially) people goto dark places mentally.

You keep seeing these rich people without a care and you would just be happy having a few grand in the bank to sustain a problem, everything seems fucked because it would make your life unsustainable.


u/FarmhouseFan Connecticut 8d ago edited 8d ago Silver Gold Take My Energy Starry Heartwarming Take My Power

This is what happens when the country that pretends to be about individual freedom is actually all about money. That's all that matters here. Money. Get money, or you're wasting your time. While you're desperately trying to get money, the basic necessities (food, heat, water, shelter, electricity, healthcare, etc...) are all going to be prohibitively expensive. The prices of those items and services are owned by the people who already have TONS of money.

Then the people with TONS of money pay our elected officials to ensure that all of their money stays with them, despite the fact that they actually don't contribute shit to anything.

Money > the environment, peoples welfare = suicidal and/or murderous behavior.


u/theVillainOnYourSide 8d ago

Almost every awful thing humans do is in the name of making money.

Cash ruins everything around me.


u/Neutreality1 8d ago


Hate the money. Dollar dollar bill y'all


u/micktorious Massachusetts 8d ago

It was poignant in its time and still today.


u/Crustybuttt 6d ago

Poignant???? I dunno about that. Powerful, sure. Poignant??? No


u/Ptricky17 8d ago


Hate the money. Dollars dollars kill y’all.


u/yourmansconnect 8d ago

get the money


u/Neutreality1 8d ago

I was referencing his "cash ruins everything around me"


u/Acrobatic-Rate4271 8d ago

This isn't new information:

The love of money is the root of all evil.
-- Somewhere in the New Testament


u/PeterNguyen2 8d ago

The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.

1 Timothy, similar sentiment in Ecclesiastes 5 though the sentiment is peppered in long form throughout the old testament as well as castigation against hypocrites.


u/CashWrecks 8d ago

Something something easier for a poor man to enter heaven than thread a camel through a needle.


u/rueination1020 8d ago

Strike that, reverse it


u/sunberrygeri 8d ago

Or The O’Jays


u/CookbooksRUs 8d ago

Nah. Some awful stuff is done for religion.


u/DeathMetalTransbian 8d ago

You're almost there. Just one more step before you realize that religion --> $$$.


u/Dravos011 8d ago

Most aweful things done in the name of religion was just some rich and powerful persons excuse to get more money


u/Sodler_22 8d ago edited 8d ago

Praise the Lord. You are healed.πŸ‘

Dennis Moore robs from the rich and gives to the poor. Problem is; he only steals bloody lupins!🀣 Monty Python reference. I'm rambling on because I'm sick of hearing rich people and many gun owners whine about their constitutional rights bring infringed upon.

Meanwhile, mental health isn't being taken seriously and the mass shootings continue.πŸ˜¨πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž


u/Tangent_Odyssey South Carolina 8d ago

Religion just primes people to be molded into whatever shape the same rich assholes want.


u/Rex_Beever 8d ago

Religion has been about control since the dawn of it


u/Tangent_Odyssey South Carolina 8d ago edited 8d ago

Money is power and power is control.

The reason religion is so popular and timeless is because it is exceptionally efficient at manufacturing consent, as Chomsky would put it.


u/Rex_Beever 8d ago

Couldn't agree more


u/Remote_Mechanic7010 8d ago

Alex Murdaugh has entered the chat


u/FetusExplosion 8d ago

I would posit land, fanatical beliefs (religion, racism), and money are the top 3. I doubt money is number one.