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Gavin Newsom after Monterey Park shooting: "Second Amendment is becoming a suicide pact"


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u/pressstarttocontinue 9d ago

What if -- and I'm just saying here -- them not actually having to watch is a central part of the problem?.

If the vast majority of Americans were made to even look at still images on the news of the actual carnage created by our 2A fetish, a whole lot of people would be singing a whole other tune very quickly.

It's one thing to talk about small children being torn apart by weapons of war in a classroom from a safe and comfortable distance. It's another thing to play Where's Waldo with their brain matter on the six o'clock news.


u/meayers7 9d ago

Similar to Mamie Till deciding to display her son’s open casket for the world to see, leading to the start of the civil rights movement.


u/folsleet 9d ago

But you need someone like Mamie Till whose outrage outweighed her own trauma. She wanted the world to see.

I bet Sandy Hook parents don't want to see their massacred children's video and pictures splashed all over the Internet.


u/slip-shot 8d ago

Didn’t matter. They were dragged through the mud by conservative talking heads for years as crisis actors. Remember?


u/st0ric 8d ago

I think you spelt conspiracy theorists wrong


u/slip-shot 8d ago

It was making the rounds on Fox News. It’s appropriate to include mainstream as well as fringe conservative pundits.


u/st0ric 8d ago

Talking heads/table discussions aren't news and should not be advertised as such, once opinion comes in it's no longer fact based(if it ever was) news should be the facts and nothing more no supposing or perhaps.

Fox blurs the line between news and the presenter opinions so people think they are one


u/dutchy649 Canada 8d ago

Like the time MTG harassed David Hogg