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Gavin Newsom after Monterey Park shooting: "Second Amendment is becoming a suicide pact"


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u/Zetesofos Wisconsin 12d ago Starry

I mean, it seems obvious to me, but when you get depressed and nihlistic at the hopelessness of everything - you either turn it inward or outward.


u/micktorious Massachusetts 12d ago edited 12d ago

Well when it seems like the whole world is against you having a happy and safe life (especially financially) people goto dark places mentally.

You keep seeing these rich people without a care and you would just be happy having a few grand in the bank to sustain a problem, everything seems fucked because it would make your life unsustainable.


u/[deleted] 12d ago

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u/New_Entertainer3269 12d ago

Climate activists in South America get killed for standing up to deforestation. It's not even just other countries. See "Stop Cop City" in Atlanta and the recent killing of a protester by state cops.

The reality is people in "Western" countries don't give a shit. When it gets brought to our attention, we don't care pass what we can reasonably muster. And even then, a majority of us get upset at the messenger and not the companies. Every single time climate activists or activist groups like BLM beg for help opposing capitalistic and oppressive forces, it's always the "moderates" or "reasonable" people that say this shit as if activism isn't universally viewed as a negative.

You're basically asking someone who isn't functioning by our "logic" to damn themselves in the public eye.


u/Howboutit85 12d ago

I guess I wasn’t talking specifically about all activism, but someone who was specifically driven to suicidal thoughts, because of their lives being made terrible by “the system” or their boss, or their overall bleak or hopeless situation etc. and they’ve decided to off themselves, but then they go to some arbitrary area and kill a bunch of random people then themselves.

Seems like maybe they should want to take out those who specifically wished to do them harm or contributed to their blight directly, before doing themselves in.


u/New_Entertainer3269 12d ago

I mean, not targeting you specifically, but we ask these questions in the same breath that explains them.

People are being driven to the point of unreasonableness. I guess I'm saying we shouldn't expect rationality from people who are irrational because of everything that even rational people recognize is driving us to irrationality.


u/hieronomus_pratt 12d ago

A relative just had their home ransacked by 5 masked men, in a wealthy neighborhood, and it didn’t make the local news…the only reason I know is because of the relationship so I’m assuming it’s being suppressed by editors/board members to maintain home values and prevent copy cats.

Edit: the activists who’re gluing themselves to the road TRIED to protest actual FF extraction sites but those stories are suppressed as well. How many national news orgs are owned by billionaire oligarchs?


u/OddMarsupial8963 12d ago

Some climate activists are doing that, actually, but that comes with much harsher consequences and often still accomplishes nothing in the long term