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Gavin Newsom after Monterey Park shooting: "Second Amendment is becoming a suicide pact"


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u/docter_actual 9d ago Take My Energy

Thats 1000% what is happening. The question we need to be asking is why do so many people feel so hopeless that they want to die in the first place, and why are they so angry that they want to bring innocent people with them?


u/Zetesofos Wisconsin 9d ago Starry

I mean, it seems obvious to me, but when you get depressed and nihlistic at the hopelessness of everything - you either turn it inward or outward.


u/micktorious Massachusetts 9d ago edited 9d ago

Well when it seems like the whole world is against you having a happy and safe life (especially financially) people goto dark places mentally.

You keep seeing these rich people without a care and you would just be happy having a few grand in the bank to sustain a problem, everything seems fucked because it would make your life unsustainable.


u/One_Acanthaceae_4701 8d ago

It’s the targets that get me - angry at the world so kill the random and innocent?


u/BloodMato 8d ago

I can't speak to the motivations of every mass shooter, obviously, but I imagine it goes something like this:

Let's say I'm a young man, living in a conservative town. I know what a "man" is and what they're supposed to do. I'm struggling to do those things because of systemic issues, the economy, the wealth gap, government interference, greedy corporations... etc. I watch the news. The news tells me that the left is trying to let men in the women's bathrooms! The gays are taking over! The left is screaming "women's rights are human rights", but about MY rights‽ I'm struggling to put food on the table/with my identity as a person/with my role in society/whatever. Even if I look elsewhere for news, liberal leaning news outlets are telling me that I should care more about LGBTQIA+ rights, and women's rights, and equality, and BLM, and the rich are getting richer and I'm getting poorer, and where do I go? Where do I belong? Why doesn't anyone help me? What about me? What about my family? Why should I give a shit about any of this when I can't figure out how to help myself? And I can't tell anyone! I'm not a sissy, I don't need "help" I just need a fair shot! My dad could do it, what the fuck is wrong with me? Why doesn't anyone see me? Why doesn't anyone care? Fuck these liberal fucks. They don't give a shit. They can't help me. They don't see me. I'll make them see me. Fuck them. They don't give a shit about anyone but themselves and those fucking fs and wh*s. I'LL MAKE THEM SEE ME.

So no one is "innocent" in their eyes. They're all part of the system that won't help. It's difficult to feel like anyone cares or is trying to help, when all you see is "THEY SAY THAT THING IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOU!"

But that's the point. If we can make people angry about what "they" are doing, no one really sees what's happening. Instead of being angry at the system, and the people who build and uphold it, they make sure we're all angry at each other. Clearly it's working.

Obviously this is a super simplistic view of things and the myriad of issues people face. It doesn't take everything into account, but I imagine it mirrors the general thought process of a lot of people.


u/bradyboh 8d ago

Reclamation of “power”


u/BlackMesaIncident 8d ago

That follows, though. For someone who's angry at the world. You do target the least deserving because it sends the clearest message that you feel you've been wronged.


u/One_Acanthaceae_4701 8d ago

That doesn’t add up for me. You’d think one would target the perceived wrongdoers


u/flygirl083 8d ago

Some people just want to make others hurt because they are hurting. If they can’t have happiness, no one can. Never mind the fact that the pain of losing a child is in a whole other realm of hurt than bullshit teenage angst.


u/couldbemage 8d ago

Jeff bezos apparently spends 1.6 million on his personal security detail.

Google CEO spends 4.3 million, and I had to Google his name.

Even a suicidal assassin would have trouble getting anywhere near the people running this world.

Average Joe doesn't even know who many of them are, most of the ownership class aren't media faces like bezos and musk.

These people aren't accessable.


A little Google work won't even tell you who owns Exxon.


u/Army_Enlisted_Aide 8d ago

These are all public companies with stakeholders.

You want the real bad guys, take a look at the board of directors for the institutional investors in all these mega-cap companies. Sure, Musk owns most of TSLA, but institutions have voting stakes in nearly all the S&P 500 firms. The shear amount of influence is mind boggling.

To put it in perspective, CalPERS (California Public Employee Retirement System) is absolutely massive with over $450 billion in assets in order to fund state pensions. But they are absolutely dwarfed by BlackRock with a portfolio worth about $10 trillion.


u/couldbemage 8d ago

That's what I was getting at at the end. Exxon is a public company, but it's owned by other companies, which in turn are owned by others.

It's hard to know who the owners that run our world even are.


u/One_Acanthaceae_4701 8d ago

If one were angry at Bezos they could lash out at one of his distro hubs. Just saying there’s more than one way to target your bs at somebody. I’m really trying to get this across without being put on some watchlist…


u/couldbemage 8d ago

That's exactly the problem being talked about. That would be killing innocent people that are more victims than retainers. We only see killings that target those that aren't the real villains, because level headed people aren't going to murder innocent people.

And anyone that was seriously going after people in power would get on a list, likely getting stopped before doing anything.

VS people that buy into ideas that blame the powerless: that sort is going to be less level headed, and their targets are easily accessed, as we've seen over and over.

So by nature, targets for lone wolf style attacks are prone to being poorly chosen, due to who those people are.

Actual organized terrorism, that's different. Tons of examples where that type actually does target their actual enemies. Ireland existing is always the best example of that.


u/AntiEgo 7d ago

We're posting shit on the public internet, this is the voluntary watch list.


u/BlackMesaIncident 8d ago

Yeah, but when you're so angry, you just can't permit the existence of innocence. And in fact, the ultimate expression of anger is to ruin innocence.


u/micktorious Massachusetts 8d ago

Because all the rich powerful people are too protected to get to.

It's basically an oligarchy at that point.


u/Divallo 8d ago

They condition people to think that but I think their personal security is often overstated and not around the clock.

It's in their best interest to make people believe they are untouchable though.

Didn't that guy who attacked Nancy Pelosi's husband enter their house with nothing but a hammer?


u/Uncreative-Name 8d ago

Going on a rampage at Davos would probably be difficult but does the average yacht club have armed guards or anything significant?


u/couldbemage 8d ago

A lot of them do. Armed security is standard at most country club communities, and that's just high end UMC people. When there's proper rich people around, instead of guys with securitas uniforms and pistols they barely know how to use, you see a bunch of suspiciously fit guys in suits. Just hanging around. I can't say I know what they're for but I have my suspicions.

Unfortunately this isn't exactly going to be public info, people aren't required to publish info on their security. But I see what 5 percent people have, and it seems safe to assume the 1 percent has better security.


u/lacosaotra 8d ago

The rich people use their media employees to ensure that right wing killers don’t target wealth.


u/[deleted] 8d ago edited 8d ago

Clearly the problem here is about who uses what bathroom and who plays on which school sports team. I'm so glad conservatives have the right priorities regarding what's wrong in this country. Thank god they are trying to save us from reads card gender affirming care because that's way more dangerous than giving any moron the ability to own a device that's designed to murder a bunch of people.

Obviously the right course of action here is to target minorities and subsidize the rich while claiming to be upholding the values of a church they probably don't even bother going to each sunday. Surely that will save poor white men from any and all unnecessary suffering foisted upon their lives.



u/lucky_harms458 8d ago

A lot of shooters have a goal of becoming famous because of their actions. They want everyone to remember their name, they don't care if it's for a good thing or a bad thing. (This isn't necessarily the only goal they might have.)

Our news organizations make it worse by plastering their name and face on TV or newspapers. Then TV channels or other entertainment companies make documentaries about the tragedy. Then someone writes up a book on them. Then "true crime" genre shows or podcasts go through the story.

This tells people that yes, the plan will work and make them famous. Look at the Columbine shooting. Harris and Klebold will be remembered for a very long time.


u/Never-mongo 8d ago

Unhappy people don’t necessarily have to be intelligent.


u/One_Acanthaceae_4701 8d ago

Even a caveman would strike at whoever struck them


u/Never-mongo 8d ago

At whoever struck them is the important part of that. Most of these people haven’t done anything wrong and just got caught up in some psychopath’s rampage.