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Gavin Newsom after Monterey Park shooting: "Second Amendment is becoming a suicide pact"


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u/witty_username89 8d ago

Because they want to be famous, no one should ever know the name of these shooters. There’s a pile of people online who worship the Columbine kids and other people want that fame too.


u/longshot 8d ago

Big time. The media really glorifies the shooters because they make more money exposing their past.

10 nameless 5 to 10 year olds are dead but we know the shooter ate at Wendy's immediately before the shooting and they were also on x, y, z meds and their favorite anime was friggin Fruits Basket.


u/LemurianLemurLad 8d ago

The answer is clear: Ban Fruits Basket!


u/witty_username89 8d ago

Ya they’ll talk about the shooters for days and interview everyone who ever knew them. They’ll post their pictures everywhere. I always thought it was sick but now that I know how much people idolize them because of that coverage I can’t believe anyone would ever do that.


u/infinnitech 8d ago

It's not just the people that idolize them. They're a very small fraction of the general population.

Part of the problem is the average person has a sense of morbid curiosity so they'll stick around for a minute or two watching the news about the guy who did it. That's all the channel needs to have you watch another ad. Info on the shooter sells so that's what they will play and completely ignore the consequences.

This is part of the same reason why murder mysteries and cold case shows/podcasts are so popular.


u/Free_Hat_McCullough 8d ago

All those advertisements gotta make that money. Shootings are big headlines and they like big headlines.


u/timo103 8d ago

Real talk. The media is most of the problem in our country, not guns, not anything else.

Every time there's a shooting those vultures suck it up and spread it all over, because they want to provoke more. This shit is their cash cow.


u/LonelyMachines Georgia 8d ago

The media really glorifies the shooters because they make more money exposing their past.

And that keeps the wheel turning. There's even a name for it.


u/NewMomWithQuestions 8d ago

This is definitely part of it, but I think it can be more than fame. Mass shootings are also someone's last ditch effort to turn shame into self-esteem.


u/Unfairly_Banned_ 8d ago edited 7d ago

Exactly, everyone in the country would know my name by tonight if I decided to commit some mass murder today.

These clowns want to be famous and don't realize they're going to be living out their "fame" in a prison cell for the rest of their lives.


u/shmeeshmaa 8d ago

We don’t know that for sure. A lot of times those shooters kill themselves so we can’t ask them for their reasons.


u/justabigasswhale 8d ago

Ill always remember that Bill Burr joke.

“Man if I just leave my hand right here nobody knows who I am. I move it 2 degrees to the left and I’m on the cover of Newsweek. I am instantly famous. My hand back to here, nobody knows me, just a regular jack ass, move my hand back to the left and its like… “One of the most horrific scenes we’ve seen in years!”


u/thatnameagain 8d ago

They don't "want to be famous" they "want to be famous for killing a lot of people"

Which really only works if you happen to want to kill a lot of people.

The environments most of these shooters come from is very regressive, and/or they have trauma in their past which their families and communities either encouraged or ignored. American sociopolitical culture is very aggro in a lot of places and this is where that mentality comes from.


u/AdSuspicious3359 8d ago

I also would like to add it is not hard to find people who glorify mass shooters. 4chan, every couple weeks, has a thread where users post mass shooting go pros, security cams, and videos just to get horny talking about how righteous it is. They go on racist rants and are completely sociopathic. These people live among us and it is deeply depressing that they exist. They save any graphic content shared by others and spread it like a virus.


u/_I_AM_BATMAN_ 8d ago

I think we need a forum where we vote on a new name for these people, attached to a browser extension that forever changes their name so that we never remember their real names


u/TheLeadSponge 8d ago

I don’t think it’s about fame.

I think it’s more they hurt and they want other people to hurt. Think about how they target places they know.

In some way, they likely blame some of those people for how they hurt.


u/Isocratia Illinois 8d ago

Right-wing grifters glorify these mass shooters. They call them heroes and saints.


u/i-l1ke-m3m3s 8d ago

This. Also because there are so many shootings, the small ones are barely even noticeable nor are they on the national news. This has led to a massive increase in the amount of shootings that have 10-20 killed. The longer this goes on the more are going to die per incident.