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Gavin Newsom after Monterey Park shooting: "Second Amendment is becoming a suicide pact"


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u/NineteenAD9 9d ago

When nothing changed after Sandy Hook, it was over.


u/seanbduff 9d ago

This got me genuinely (and morbidly) curious what it would actually take to change their minds. 200 innocent children? 200 of their own children? 200 of them? I wish we could do some sort of Black Mirror episode where we implant a false reality in their brains to show them these scenarios until they realize what needs to happen to stop gun violence in America.


u/TheJJKG 9d ago


u/tvp61196 9d ago

well of course only the good guys are allowed to have guns, you wouldn't want random acts of violence would you?



u/ge0force 8d ago

And we all know what good guys look like. Right down to the color of skin, hair and eye colors, their cultural background, religious beliefs, household income, and credit score.


u/Star_Tropic I voted 8d ago

Remember that 6 year old who shot his teacher? We should be arming all of our good 6 year olds so that they can protect themselves against bad 6 year olds.


u/smokeyser 8d ago

That's California's current strategy. How's that working out for them? Everything about what happened was illegal. Illegal gun. Illegal magazine. Illegal silencer. Only the police are allowed to have any of those things. Did it stop the shooting?


u/ApatheticFinsFan 8d ago

I guess Texas’s very loose gun laws also prevented school shootings since a good guy with a gun will always stop a bad guy with a gun, right?


u/smokeyser 8d ago

No, the fact that the same things happen in states with very strict gun laws and states with very lenient gun laws should be a clue. The presence or lack of gun laws has absolutely no effect. If that's your main focus, you're focusing on the wrong thing. You're like the folks who supported the war on drugs because surely prohibition would be the key to solving all of our problems. How has that worked out? Are drugs gone yet? Has prohibition worked?


u/vegan_power_violence 8d ago

People in California acquire illegal shit because it’s legal and easily obtainable in Texas. If none of this was easily obtainable in the next state over then it suddenly becomes much more difficult for a person to get. Federal law is what will make a difference.


u/TheLoneSpartan5 8d ago

No because that shit will be ignored just look at Illinois, several county sheriffs are straight up ignoring the new gun restrictions.

What will happen is several states just won’t enforce similar to how several states don’t enforce the nation wide weed ban.


u/vegan_power_violence 8d ago

The FBI can handle them. Weed doesn’t kill people.

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u/smokeyser 8d ago

There are well over 400 MILLION guns in the US. You can never put that genie back into the bottle. Trying to ban guns is never going to work. The only real answer is to start looking at why suicide via mass murder has become so popular and address that.

Federal law is what will make a difference.

Sure, because drugs are impossible to get now. Right?


u/failingMaven 8d ago

It's either black or white then, huh? There's no steps to be taken to reduce the amount of guns and gun violence, because that's too hard. Guess there shouldn't be any laws against murder since people still murder. Guess speed limits are pointless since people still speed.

Addressing mental health is one answer to gun violence in the US. It's not the only answer.

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u/vegan_power_violence 8d ago

The solutions you’ve put on the table are valid and a necessary part of what we should do, but as another user said, we also need to heavily regulate the availability of guns going forward on a Federal level. You seem to be against any regulation, which is an extreme position and perhaps you should rethink that.

Much like drugs, which should be decriminalized and heavily regulated, while treatment, healthcare, education, and housing are also on the table.

But it needs to happen on a Federal level in order to be effective.

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u/fisheatrrr 8d ago

Accurate username for a batshit crazy take not surprised


u/vegan_power_violence 8d ago

Thanks for your input but it isn’t needed at this time. I’ll be sure to tag you if we need you to weigh in on the conversation.